With a wide selection of unique skills and mechanics, Vindictus offers players an expansive world to explore. The game is also set in a modern-day setting with 24 playable heroes spanning different time periods/locales including medieval swordsmen, extraterrestrial lifeforms, ghost hunters and more. Players can choose from six main classes – Warrior, Ranger (Archer), Mage (Cleric), Dark Knight & Swordsman

The “vindictus letty release date” is the 20th playable hero in Nexon’s 12-year-old MMO, Vindictus. Letty is a new female character that was released on October 5th, 2018.

12-year-old Nexon MMO Vindictus just launched its 20th playable hero, Letty


Vindictus is a name we haven’t heard in quite some time. Nexon’s long-running action-combat MMORPG added a new hero — a female, to be exact – to the game this week. The 20th toon addition to the 12-year-old game is Letty, a “charming girl who fell in love with explosives.”

“Letty, a heavy cannon gunner, is now playable in Nexon’s popular MMORPG Vindictus, making her the game’s 20th hero,” the company states. “She’s a former Lyon Navy cadet who, despite her appearance, is fascinated with fire, devastation, and thrills.” As she moves from fight to battle, her big cannon, Cradie, keeps her company and causes huge explosions.”

“As a gorgeous heavy cannon shooter, Letty has unique skills that aid her in warfare. Her first main skill is Storm Smite, which fires a powerful shot after reloading her heavy cannon, dealing massive damage to enemies hit and causing chained explosions that activate Letty’s Thrill status effect. After reloading, her Beautiful Blaze talent unleashes focused flames. Additional damage may be done by scattering the leftover flames on the ground. Letty Bomber launches a massive shell into the sky, laden with Letty’s specialized bombs, towards the adversary. The enormous shell and her cluster of explosives will crash into the earth, wreaking havoc. Finally, D-Day suppresses the adversary and unleashes a barrage of rounds from her big gun, resulting in a spectacular chain of explosions.”

To commemorate Letty’s debut, Nexon is hosting a Carnival Party until April 26th, replete with gratis cosmetics and titles for your own Letty and Cradie duo.


The “vindictus new character letty” is a 12-year-old Nexon MMO that just launched its 20th playable hero. Letty is the newest addition to the game and has been in development for over two years.

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