We all have a certain level of expertise that we have accumulated over time. There’s no point in claiming otherwise. We’re not experts, we just know a lot of things. We know how to keep ourselves out of trouble, how to manage our time, and how to plan ahead. But we’re not experts at everything. In fact, there are a ton of things that we can’t even begin to understand, let alone master. So, how can we be experts at everything?

This is a short list of things that I learned over the past year. Hopefully they can help others. Army Enlisted Tips and Tricks

It’s a common thing for a gaming enthusiast to do, to show how much of a skilled gamer they are by showing off their “Ace” rank, medals, beautiful gaming videos, and other ways they show off their skills. But not all of them know how to properly go about it. Here are some tips and tricks you can show off in your “Ace” videos so that your audience can get that proper feeling when you are talking about your skills.

Enlisted is a free-to-play shooter from Gaijin Entertainment set during World War II. The game recently opened a public beta, and the player base has grown significantly. The current game guide is not very informative, so here I share my personal tips, tricks and recommendations for playing Enlisted .

1. Controlling the system of benefits and improvements

The benefits and improvements can seem a bit daunting at first, but once you understand how they work, they become as easy as breathing. Each soldier gains privileges as he rises in rank. When this happens, you can choose one of three random benefits. All soldiers have an attribute limit, but once you reach the maximum you can generate, you can place that soldier in the academy and his attribute limit will be increased. Here’s an example of what to look out for when receiving benefits.   word-image-6461 word-image-6462 The idea is that you really look at what benefits each class. For example, it would be a bad idea to add the perk More ammo to shooters, since they already have plenty of ammo. The same goes for the speed of the snipers, since they will be in the same place most of the time. In terms of improvements, there are three improvement trees: Environment, staff and workshop. Each update will differ depending on the class. Troop upgrades are intended to increase the number of soldiers in a given troop. As you upgrade your staff, you unlock additional accessories such as weapons, backpacks and a bonus for higher military ranks. Finally, there is the workshop update for weapon mods, increasing the number of spare parts and disassembling weapons. Continue working on the three upgrade trees, but make sure you reach the highest level in the workshop before you decide to take the weapon apart. Why? The higher the upgrade level of the workshop, the more spare parts you get from each dismantled weapon.

2. Exchange of military personnel

The AI in Enlisted is not very good yet, so instead of relying on it, find a safe place relatively close to the action and hide your AI team there to protect it. Then switch places with them as you fall. All you have to do is press the Y key on your keyboard, and voila, you’ve swapped with another team member. That way you can continue the game and don’t run the risk of accidentally losing your entire team.

3. Opening of reserves

If you change groups, make sure they are fully equipped. It is very difficult to keep all the teams fully equipped at all times. So once you’ve picked the teams you want, check your supplies and grab their first aid kits, grenades and other useful items you’ll need in battle. Image by Gaijin Entertainment word-image-17878 word-image-17879

4. Building

Many Enlisted players don’t know this, but there is a very good use for engineers on your team: build. That’s right, engineers can build a wide variety of structures, such as sandbag walls, heavy machinery and, most importantly, collection points. Cohesion points allow your entire team to spawn anywhere on the map, provided the cohesion point is built. This is a very OP structure that can give you an advantage in combat. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to build and it can be destroyed very easily. So make sure it is in a place that is at least somewhat guarded or well hidden. Collection points can be built by any team. So if you’re walking around the map and you hear a beeping sound – almost like a radio frequency – it means there’s an enemy rally point nearby.

5. Enemy Designation

TheEnlisted is realistic and will amaze your eyes and ears with constant crossfire, rumbling tanks, falling bombs and firing aircraft. The battlefield can be a difficult audiovisual mess to follow, just as it probably is in a real war. So when you see an enemy or a group of enemies, you should mark V on the map so your allies know where to strike. When you have a plane at your disposal, it can be very difficult for your team members to keep an eye on it, so having a marker is very useful.

6. Squatting for shooting

There is nothing new in this genre: Crouched shooting increases the stability of your target and makes it easier to hit. Image by Gaijin Entertainment word-image-17880 word-image-17881

7. Tank shot down

Taking out a tank in Enlisted is not easy, especially if you have no cover. Fortunately, I discovered by accident that the impact is stronger if you hold the ray for a while. And because you have prepared explosives, the tank has almost no time to react. But you only have a short time to get out of the blast radius, so be careful.

8. Maximum use of bronze, silver and gold medals

As you probably already know, there are three different types of orders in the logistics system Enlisted: Bronze, silver and gold. It’s up to you to decide how to spend it. However, some of these medals – especially the silver and gold ones – are hard to come by, so don’t waste them on unnecessary items. Lucky for you, I’ve written a comprehensive guide to teach you how to spend your Enrolled orders.No military training is complete without a firm grasp of Enlisted Basics. Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, in the field or the classroom, in the field or the classroom, you must be familiar with your squadmates and be able to communicate with and support them. In this article you will read about some of the best Enlisted tricks that you can use to your and your squadmates’ advantage.. Read more about enlisted best guns and let us know what you think.

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