The Elden Ring is a franchise of games created by the studio Troika Games. With such a variety of characters, weapons and classes to choose from, it takes time for players to get familiar with the game. Here’s how each one works!

The “elden ring classes ranked” is a detailed blog post that explains all 10 Elden Ring Classes. The article includes stats, builds, and more.

All 10 Elden Ring Classes Explained

Elden Ring is largely regarded as one of the finest games of the year, if not the best. It has a stunning and rich open world to explore, as well as superb combat and RPG components. Elden Ring, like many other action RPGs, offers a variety of classes to pick from, allowing players to customize their experience with each game.

But how many courses does Elden Ring have? What are the initial characteristics of each class? When you initially spawn into the game, what weapons and armor do they get? Is there a limit to how many distinct playstyles I can use? Which of these courses is the most appropriate for me?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address all of your burning questions and more by going through all of the Elden Ring lessons in detail.

The Elden Ring Classes are Described

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into this post for each of Elden Ring’s classes.

1. Hero: Melee-based on strength

20220405214658_1-1024x576 Hero: Strength-Based Melee Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Let’s look at the ax-wielding Hero as our first class on this list! This is the closest you’ll come to playing as a barbarian, something you may have done in previous games. They are the descendants of a badlands chieftain, according to his or her background.

What are the figures for them?

The Hero class begins at level 7, with great strength and vigor, enabling you to have more health and do more damage with some melee weapons. Because their intellect and faith are so poor, you won’t want to choose this class if you want to develop a magic-based character. They have strong durability as well, which is beneficial if you prefer to utilize your shield and block a lot in fight.

What Do They Begin With?

The Champion armor set is equipped to the Hero at the start of the game, as illustrated in the picture above. It’s a tough-looking suit of armor that’s definitely inspired by fantasy barbarians. They also come equipped with a battle-axe, which allows you to do massive damage to foes early on in the game. In addition, you’ll be handed a huge leather shield, which will help you defend yourself in combat.

What is their preferred method of play?

Hero is a fantastic class to use in melee builds. The ax and shield push you to approach near, and the high strength and vigor support this aggressive melee-based playstyle. However, since their dexterity is weaker than any other class in the game, you should only employ him for strength-based weaponry.

2. Bandit: Stealth & Ranged Combat

20220405214705_1-1024x576 Bandit: Stealth & Ranged Combat Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Following that is the Bandit class. Bandits may be utilized invisibly, but they can also be used in any form of battle. This is a class I don’t see many people playing, which is unfortunate since it’s a wonderful class for archer builds as well as looting enemies and gaining stuff faster.

What are the figures for them?

With good dexterity and arcane qualities, the Bandit class begins the game at level 5. Dexterity helps them to utilize speedier melee weapons, like as daggers, more effectively. The arcane stat boosts your “Discovery” meter, which influences how often you are to obtain an item from an opponent after defeating them.

Their strength, intellect, and faith are all poor, so if you like wielding magic or a good old-fashioned long sword, I wouldn’t suggest them.

What Do They Begin With?

Bandits are given a matched set of bandit attire at the start of the game. This “armor” is very light, making it much simpler to roll about and avoid assaults. It comes at the expense of less protection, thus being struck is considerably more painful. This shouldn’t be a problem if you know when and when to duck.

Bandits also come with a dagger, which may be used to deliver critical hits on adversaries and cause them to lose blood. If you prefer ranged combat, you’ll be pleased to learn that this class also comes equipped with a bow and arrow for spotting targets from afar.

What is their preferred method of play?

The Bandit Elden Ring class is ideal for those who like creeping up on adversaries and landing critical strikes. Their bow enables them to engage in ranged combat, which makes battles less perilous. However, this class struggles in boss engagements because to its lesser health and weaker protective armor, making errors very costly.

3. Best Magic Class: Astrologer

20220405214712_1-1024x576 Elden Ring Classes: Astrologer Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Let’s take a look at the Astrologer class, which is our first magic-based class on this list! This is one of the classes in the game that allows you to utilize magic early on. Astrologers may be transformed into powerful sorcerers or even magical knights who fight with a mix of magic and martial weaponry.

What are the figures for them?

The Astrologer class starts at level 6 and has 16 and 15 intellect and mind characteristics, respectively. Their dexterity is also rather good, with a score of 12 points. This allows them to cast spells and use dexterity-based weaponry, the latter of which might come in helpful if you don’t receive all of the spells you desire early on.

What Do They Begin With?

In my view, the Astrologer has the best-looking beginning gear of any other class. They wear a lovely pair of white and crimson mage robes that give additional protection against magical assaults. It also has a high level of attention resistance.

Astrologers are granted an Astrologer’s staff, a shortsword, a Scripture wooden shield, and two beginning spells as weaponry. You can send forth a tiny wave of magical energy that can attack many adversaries at once with only one spell, making it ideal for crowd control. The second spell is a simple magic assault that only does damage to one adversary but uses less concentration points.

What is their preferred method of play?

The Astrologer’s playstyle is completely centered on magic, although it does allow for the usage of physical damage as a secondary weapon. This workshop is ideal for those who like studying and performing various spells. Increased concentration points let you to utilize summons more often, which is especially important given this class’s lower beginning health.

4. Warrior: Melee Based on Dexterity

20220405214652_1-1024x576 Warrior: Dexterity-Based Melee Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Warrior, a more dexterous counterpart to the Hero class, is another melee class. Warriors are ideal for bleed builds and players who like dueling with their weapons. According to the class description, the Warrior is descended from a nomadic tribe that wandered.

What are the figures for them?

Warriors start the game at level 8 and have a very high dexterity level of 16. They even have a 12 mind stat, which is beneficial if you intend to employ magic or summons often early on. The remainder of their numbers are average, with the majority of their usefulness focused on better wielding their duel-blades.

What Do They Begin With?

As you can see in the picture above, the Warrior starts the game wearing a blue cloth attire. This suit of armor offers enough protection without weighting the wearer down excessively.

Warriors are the only class in Elden Ring that begins with two matching weapons, enabling them to duel-wield immediately away. They also come equipped with a Riveted Wooden Sword, which you should use to block assaults until you learn how to play more aggressively and timing your doges.

What is their preferred method of play?

Warriors are best played aggressively since their dual-wielding weapons enable them to hit opponents swiftly before retreating away or escaping counterattacks. If you like melee combat but don’t like slow-moving swords, this is the class for you.

5. Hybrid Magic/Melee Prisoner

20220405214730_1-1024x576 Prisoner Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular courses I’ve seen halfway down our list: the Prisoner! Prisoners are surprisingly useful for magic-based builds, and I’ve seen a lot of people utilize them to make spell blades, magic archers, and other playstyles that combine magic with another weapon.

What are the figures for them?

You will begin the game at level 9 if you pick this class. Prisoners are a more well-balanced group, but they still specialize on two skills: intellect and dexterity. They have a mind stat of 12, which is beneficial since it enables you to have more concentration points when you first arrive in the Lands Between.

What Do They Begin With?

A strange-looking iron mask and a pair of tough, ripped garments are the Prisoners’ armor. As you would expect, this gear provides minimal protection, but its lightness allows you to carry many weapons at once and move about much faster! I’m not sure I can suggest it to beginner gamers because of the low armor.

The Magic Glintblade spell, which lets users to instantly project a ranged magic strike against adversaries, is the class’s starting spell. It may even be charged to increase its destructive power! The Estoc thrusting sword, as well as a magic staff, are available to prisoners as main weapons. To top it off, you’ll be awarded the Rift Shield, which will protect you from hostile strikes. It’s a well-rounded package.

What is their preferred method of play?

Unless you’re an expert, you’ll find yourself dying a lot with the Prisoner class in the early hours of your game. It takes a lot of levels to get to a really good location, but once you do, you’ll have a superb hybrid character that can deliver physical damage with fast-swinging melee weapons while still having the intellect and mental power to inflict a lot of magic damage.

6. Magic Assassin Confessor

20220405214735_1-1024x576 Confessor: Magic Assassin Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

We’ll have the Confessor in our next session. This is a rather intriguing class, and it’s one of my personal favorites in the game! Confessors provide a unique and exciting playstyle by combining magic, stealth, and melee combat. For this class, sword sages are a common build.

What are the figures for them?

Confessors begin the game with high faith and mind (14 and 13 respectively), and they start at level 10. Users with high faith may cast incantation spells more quickly. Because he has a high mind stat, he may have more concentration points, allowing him to employ more magic, both for attacking and sustaining himself.

What Do They Begin With?

If you choose this class, you’ll get Confessor Armor as a set of gear. It provides enough protection for its user, but at the expense of adding to your overall weight. Aside from the stats, it’s one of the coolest-looking armor components I’ve seen. Its scary and assassin-like attractiveness comes from the black leather.

Urgent Heal and Assassin’s Approach are the Confessor’s first two spells. They may instantly regain any lost health with the first spell. It’s not much, but it’s still helpful. Assassin’s Approach makes him more stealthy by muzzling his footsteps for a brief period of time and lowering his fall damage. Confessors are also granted a broadsword and a shield to use in combat.

What is their preferred method of play?

Confessors will rely heavily on magic in their gameplay, particularly the incantation spells available to them. These spells may be used to heal yourself as well as correct status effects that have been applied to you, and there are some that can be used to boost your character. Incantations may also be very devastating, letting you to wreak havoc on whole groups of opponents.

Vagabond is the best starting class.

20220405214644_1-1024x576 Vagabond Class Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

When it came to the lesson, I decided to begin with the Vagabond! This class may be familiar to you from our Elden Ring: Best Build For Beginners Guide. This is a melee-focused character class that provides enough health for players to be forgiven for making battle blunders.

What are the figures for them?

With this class, you’ll begin the game at level 9. The Vagabond has a very high health at level 15, which is one of their best features. It’s perfect for beginners because of this. The increased health allows you to absorb more damage in fight, which is useful if you’re still learning how to parry and timing your blows.

Its 14 and 13 strength and dexterity, respectively, allow you a bit more flexibility in how you want to build up your character. Invest in strength if you like slower-moving weapons that do more damage. If you want quick-firing light weapons, dexterity is the way to go. You may also concentrate on defensive qualities like energy and endurance!

What Do They Begin With?

The Vagabond is outfitted with heavy metal armor that mimics that of a medieval knight. This armor provides decent protection against early-game adversaries, but it is somewhat heavy. Because you’re heavier, rolling about takes longer, and you’ll have to depend more on blocking in fight.

When it comes to blocking, you’ll be granted a longsword and a heater shield as your primary weapons, as well as a halberd for poking adversaries from afar. The Vagabond’s equipment is simple in comparison to the other classes in the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible!

What is their preferred method of play?

Because Vagabonds are great for pure-melee builds, you’ll be chopping and slashing a lot throughout the game. You may customize your character in a variety of ways, but on my first game, I went with a berserker. Since of my tremendous strength, I can duel wield two greatswords, and I don’t have to worry about playing aggressively because I have so much health.

8. Prophet – A Good Cooperative Play Class

20220405214718_1-1024x576 Prophet Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Prophet is the next class in our guide to every class in Elden Ring explained. This is the last class on the list that uses magic. If you like playing Elden Ring with your friends, this is a fantastic class to choose for the reasons listed below.

What are the figures for them?

With a faith score of 16 and a mind score of 14, the Prophet has a lot of faith and a lot of mind. They’re on level 7 of the game. While you may get away with employing strength and dexterity-based weaponry as a supplementary move set due of his numbers, I wouldn’t advocate it because of his stats.

What Do They Begin With?

Prophets start the game with a set of Prophet robes, which provide limited protection against physical assaults but provide adequate protection against magical attacks. They are lighter than other armors in the game, enabling you to move about with more ease.

When it comes to spells and weaponry, Prophets are granted a strong healing spell that may recover a significant amount of health for both you and any surrounding allies. Prophets also have the ability to cast a spell that sends a blast of flames at adjacent opponents, causing damage to them. You’ll also get a flimsy shield and a short spear for close-quarters melee combat if you pick this class.

What is their preferred method of play?

This is an excellent magic-user class that may be used instead of the Astrologer and Confessors discussed above. Personally, I would only choose the Prophet as my Elden Ring class if I were playing with a companion, since his incantations are very rudimentary to begin with. After a time, if you put enough points into strength or dexterity, you’ll have a strong magic/melee hybrid class!

9. Melee/Ranged Hybrid Samurai Class

20220405214722_1-1024x576 Samurai Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Let’s discuss about the Samurai, one of Elden Ring’s most fascinating classes. This class is a melee/range hybrid, making it very adaptable in battle. If you like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (a previous FromSoftware game), you’ll appreciate Elden Ring’s samurai class!

What are the figures for them?

Samurai start their adventure in the Lands Between at level 9, with 15 dexterity points. This is ideal for use with rapid melee weapons like the katana. This class has a 13 endurance level after dexterity. This is beneficial for greater equipment loads as well as more often blocking assaults. Magic is not recommended, but it is still possible if you level him up properly.

What Do They Begin With?

This class is equipped with the Land of Reeds armor set, a beautiful piece of Samurai armor that gives respectable physical and magical attack protection while being light in weight. But it’s the weapons, not the armor, that will entice you to choose this class.

A Samurai begins with a Uchigatana Katana and a longbow. The katana is a fast-moving weapon that may cause opponents to bleed. As a result, their health may deteriorate over time. The longbow is excellent at thinning out large groups of adversaries from afar, as well as wearing down high-health opponents. In addition to regular arrows, the Samurai start off with flaming arrows!

What is their preferred method of play?

Samurai are lethal warriors who may be played as such. One common Elden Ring build is to focus on inflicting bleed damage and playing the game by hitting opponents early then backing away and allowing them to lose health over time.

By default, the katana possesses the unsheathed ash of battle. This is a fantastic ability that enables you to hit opponents swiftly and cause a lot of damage.

Wretch – Make Your Own Class is the tenth game in the Wretch series.

20220405214745_1-1024x576 Wretch Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Last but surely not least, there’s the Wretch! This is the most unusual class on the list, since it isn’t truly a “class” at all. The Wretch lets you create your own character from the ground up, with few stats and nearly no beginning equipment!

What are the figures for them?

Wretches begin at level 1, the lowest level of any character in the game. They are not specialized in any manner since each of their attribute points is equally specced into ten. You have complete freedom to level up and modify this class as you see fit.

What Do They Begin With?

You’ll start the game with no armor if you select this class! You’ll only be able to strike adversaries with a basic club. It’s a flimsy weapon with little usefulness. There are no magic spells included with the Wretch class.

What is their preferred method of play?

This class is only suggested for advanced players, and it should not be picked for your first playing unless you want a challenge. However, starting with nothing makes obtaining gear more gratifying, and you could be tempted to choose this class for that reason.

Participate in The High Ground!

And with that, we’ve gone through each and every class in the game! What do you think of our comprehensive guide to every class in Elden Ring? Is it true that it answered all of your questions? Which of the 10 classes would you choose to play as? Let us know what you think in the comments area below!

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Have fun gaming!

Further Reading

There are 10 classes in the Elden Ring. These classes all have their own unique abilities and strengths. The best class for beginners is the Mage. Reference: best elden ring class for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 10 classes in Elden Ring?

A: There are 10 classes in Elden Ring, which can be chosen when you first create your character. Here is a list of the different classes and their skills:
Renegade- A hardened warrior trained from infancy to survive on his own using hit-and-run tactics and guerilla warfare. He has mastered stealth & camouflage making him difficult to detect within enemy territory or during construction projects. This class deals heavy melee damage with short range weapons including swords, hammers, daggers, spears etc., but he is also capable of performing special takedowns that prevent enemies from fighting back for long periods of time while they heal up slowly over time (for example by locking someones arm behind their head).
Champion – The Champion fights hand to hand combat as well as ranged weaponry utilizing all means available at her disposal both physically and mentally that allows her access into any situation regardless if she can carry it out or not due to sheer determination alone so long as help comes soon enough after being dealt with whatever obstacle in front of them was holding them down
Hunter – The Hunter utilizes precision firearms specializing in sniping targets efficiently before moving onto the next one until victory is achieved without fail even against superior forces due to quick thinking and tactical understanding coupled with skillful shooting

How many classes are in Elden Ring?

A: There are six classes in the game.

Are there different classes in Elden Ring?

A: There are different classes in Elden Ring, but you can only choose one to play as.

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