Anarchy Online, once a great game before it was taken from us by EA, has been given a much-needed second life courtesy of the community and those who have developed for and continually maintained the game over the years. For the next coming months, the Anarchy Online team will be bringing back characters from the original game, and actually giving the tools where you can create your own character and send it into the game, creating a truly unique experience.

The 20th anniversary of Anarchy Online, the first MMORPG developed by Iron kraft game, has come and gone. To celebrate, Iron kraft is releasing a retrospective video and a free mod pack, including several months of development, to their fans.

Last week, we talked about some of the first events Funcom is hosting for Anarchy Online fans to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To date, the studio has done much more and presented a full retrospective of the game, including a walk down memory lane video.

In its early days, the development of Anarchy Online began in Norway in 1995 as a research experiment, Funcom said in a statement. Back then, Internet access was not as fast (or ubiquitous) as it is today; dial-up modems were still the norm, and access to faster connections was prohibitively expensive. That’s why we wondered if it was worth creating a permanent online world. Some Funcom executives thought online games were the future. At the time, many in the company thought she was crazy. Both are true!

I love this sentence from the press release.

Anarchy Online has become the conqueror of many top spots. It was the first sci-fi MMORPG, it had billboards and in-game concerts long before battle royale games came into fashion. This was the first game available through online digital distribution. It revolutionized procedurally generated content, introduced hyperlinks to objects in chat, and implemented dungeons with instanced dungeons on an unprecedented scale. And it was the first MMO to release an expansion called Shadowlands.

MOP Archeologist took the opportunity to write a two-part article on the history of the game. The first part was released last weekend and the second part is expected tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a nostalgic video. Happy Birthday!



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