The Anne Pro 2 is a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, with RGB backlighting and a unique design that provides more than enough value for your hard-earned money. Its novelty makes it the perfect purchase for gamers who are sick of their old keyboards breaking down on them after just a few months of use.

The “anne pro 2 vs ducky one 2 mini” is a review of the Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard offers a lot of features and comes in at an affordable price.

Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

A decent keyboard is an essential component of any gaming setup. However, there are other aspects to consider before choosing one. For starters, you must ensure that it will fit in your location. One of the reasons why 60 percent keyboards have grown so popular in recent years is because of this. They’ve been pared down to the minimum necessities to take up as little room on your desk as possible, allowing you to move your mouse around freely.

DSC_0136-1024x683 Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review Cody Campbell’s photos courtesy of HGG

The Anne Pro 2 is one of the top-rated 60 percent gaming keyboards. It’s well-known for its wireless capabilities and high-quality output at a reasonable price. We thought it was past time for us to pick one up in order to provide a thorough and impartial assessment to our readers. Here’s what we discovered.


  • 60% of the form factor
  • Black or white are the two colors available.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless or USB Type-C connected connectivity (up to 4 devices)
  • Gateron/Kailh Box/Cherry are the brands of switches.
  • Change the color scheme to reds, blues, or browns.
  • PBT keycaps with two shots
  • RGB
  • macros created just for you
  • The FN key is a magical key.
  • Arrow keys for “Tap Mode”
  • The battery capacity is 1900mAh.
  • ObinsKit is a piece of software created by ObinsKit.
  • Cost: $75.00

Quality in Design and Construction

The Anne Pro 2’s design isn’t the most beautiful we’ve ever seen, but it’s rather good for the price. The keyboard, QuickStart guide, a bright red, rubberized USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable, a keycap remover, and a variety of colorful, pastel-colored keycaps to personalize the board are all included in the package.

DSC_0156-1024x683 Anne Pro 2 Unboxing

The keyboard is made of plastic and is available in black or white. The frame is a touch light, and although it has rubber grips on the bottom, it doesn’t hold up well on glossy surfaces. However, it is strong enough to be used on most PCs. The keycaps are composed of a sticky, matte double-shot PBT that lasts longer than ABS and provides a great typing experience. The USB connector is on the back left, and the Bluetooth on/off button is on the bottom.

DSC_0140-2-1024x683 Mechanical keyboard

The keyboard can also use the caps lock key as a secondary FN key, and has a feature called Arrow keys for “Tap Mode”. This allows the owner to use the right shift, FN, page, and control keys as arrow keys simply by tapping them instead of holding them down. This is a very clever solution to what we consider one of the trickiest aspects of the 60% design.

Gateron Switches are a kind of electronic switch.

There are nine distinct switch settings on the Anne Pro 2. Gateron, Kailh Box, and Cherry MX are three distinct brands that provide linear reds, tactile browns, and clicky blues. The Gateron reds were present in the version we tested. Gateron is the most affordable of the three possibilities, so we wanted to check how they compared to the others.

DSC_0145-1024x683 red switches

Overall, they had a nice action and reacted rather early on the keystroke. This is beneficial for games that need quick reaction times. However, there is less tension than in other brands, which might lead to more errors and inadvertent keystrokes.

Some users may find that trade-off desirable, but we believe it is more cost-effective for most users to pay the additional $10 for Kailh Box switches, which we believe are among the finest on the market. Cherry switches are now only available on the Anne Pro website, and they bump the price up to $127.00, which is clearly on the high end.

Gaming Capabilities

In wired mode, gaming on the Anne Pro 2 is a dream come true. Because the USB Type-C connection is so quick and sensitive, your keystrokes effect the game practically instantly. I put it to the test while playing Doom: Eternal and was blown away with the Performance and comfort. I wish the same could be said of the wifi connection.

DSC_0163-1024x683 color change keyboard

Bluetooth isn’t the quickest connection available, and consumers will undoubtedly experience some lag. Games are certainly playable via Bluetooth, but the difference between wired and wireless is noticeable, and it’s not ideal for competitive gameplay. It is, nonetheless, useful in some instances.

Players can alternate between utilizing the Anne Pro 2 with their desktop, laptop, console, or tablet using the four distinct Bluetooth profiles without having to link it each time. It’s also helpful whether playing games on a mobile device or on a television.

ObinsKit is a piece of software created by ObinsKit. and RGB

Mac and PC users can get added functionality from the Anne Pro 2 by downloading the ObinsKit is a piece of software created by ObinsKit.. It isn’t the most stylish or user-friendly software on the market, but it does add an impressive number of features. Users can adjust key sensitivity, mapping, and lighting, and create macros.

However, I did come into a few glitches. There’s an option to set a timer for the keyboard to go to sleep if it hasn’t been used for a certain amount of time. I discovered that no matter what time I set the timer to, the keyboard went to sleep after just two seconds of inactivity, and it only remained on when I turned the timer off completely. After being switched off in wifi mode, the keyboard would not connect to the lighting choices I had configured until the program was reopened and the keyboard was linked to it again.

Capture-1024x613 anne pro 2 software

Additionally, the illumination choices are restricted. Breathing, progressive breathing, rainbow, breathing per key, poptank, breathing trigger, and rainbow trigger are the only moving RGB possibilities.

There were no options for speed or directionality, however it should be noted that these are color-specific effects. You can choose which colors the different effects use, which is a unique feature we’d like to see more of. When caps lock is active, there’s also a feature that changes the keyboard to a different color, which is a lovely touch.

Is the Anne Pro 2 a good investment?

The Anne Pro 2 is not without shortcomings, yet it is reasonably priced. The HyperX Alloy Origins 60 and the Kinesis TKO are both better-built 60 percent keyboards, but they’re also more pricey and don’t have wireless capabilities. There are a few cheaper keyboards with comparable feature sets, such as the Royal Kludge RK 61, but they won’t be able to compete with its Create a high-quality product and mechanical switch alternatives.

The Arrow keys for “Tap Mode” are also the best solution we’ve seen to adding arrow key functionality to a 60% keyboard, making it stand out for productivity applications. Therefore, we believe the Anne Pro 2 is an appropriately priced middle ground.

DSC_0165-1024x683 Anne Pro II Space Bar `

Verdict (Zoom Out)

Create a high-quality product





The Anne Pro 2 is a moderately affordable 60% gaming keyboard with a variety of features such as Bluetooth connectivity and Arrow keys for “Tap Mode” that give it an edge on the competition. The software control is somewhat limited, however.

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • RGB color modification for particular colors
  • Three high-quality companies provide nine distinct switch possibilities.
  • The software’s capabilities are restricted and unstable.
  • It has a hard time gripping glossy surfaces.
  • For gaming, Bluetooth 4.0 is too sluggish.

Visit Amazon to see it. Visit Walmart for more information.

The “Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review” is a review of the Anne Pro 1. The keyboard offers a number of features that make it an attractive option for gamers. Reference: anne pro 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Anne Pro 2 good for gaming?

A: The Anne Pro 2 is a good choice for playing Beat Saber.

Is the Anne Pro 2 good 2021?

A: Yes, the Anne Pro 2 is a good 2021.

What is a good 60% gaming keyboard?

A: If you want to purchase a keyboard that is on the cheaper side, we recommend the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2. It has all of the standard features needed for gaming such as anti-ghosting and n-key rollover. And it also comes with LED backlighting which makes typing in dimly lit areas easier.

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