A new lawsuit was filed on Monday by a former female employee at Activision-Blizzard, claiming that the company’s “sexist culture” led to her being sexually harassed and discriminated against.

In a lawsuit filed in California, another worker has lodged a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard. The case is being heard by the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Read more in detail here: blizzard lawsuit explained.

Another worker lodges a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard


The litigation against Activision-Blizzard are still piling up. Readers may remember that in December, an Activision-Blizzard employee named Christine held a press conference with her lawyer to publicly explain many incidences of sexual harassment she’d experienced at the firm, including propositioning from her superiors. Her requests at the time were for ATVI to boost the victims’ compensation fund, offer a sincere apology, and employ an impartial third-party assessor to evaluate the corporation.

As the proto-unions and strikers will confirm, ATVI has not done any of that, thus the employee has filed a case in LA County Super Court under the name Jane Doe. More information regarding the harassment at Activision-Blizzard is included in the lawsuit. Beginning in 2017, she worked as an administrative assistant to IT department executives; she depicts a frat boy atmosphere, complete with drinks, improper games, groping, and sexual approaches, that has unfortunately become all too familiar in these allegations. She was urged to be quiet and repeatedly rejected from such responsibilities when she started to object, dress conservatively, and seek to flee the workplace by shifting to new departments. She believes in retribution. She eventually protested to J Allen Brack and accepted a demotion to get out.

The majority of the lawsuit’s requests haven’t changed, however Doe has added damages, lost earnings, and the firing of Bobby Kotick to her list of demands. In addition to the 25 nameless workers, Doe identifies Derek Ingalls, Danny Nguyen, Sonal Patel, Mark Skorupa, and Ben Kilgore, the last of whom was dismissed in 2018 and is referred to by title in the original California DFEH action.

This is the corporation’s second wrongful death case in March 2022; earlier this month, the family of Kerri Moynihan, an Activision-Blizzard employee who was reportedly hounded into suicide by her boss, Greg Restituito, filed a wrongful death complaint against the firm.

In other Activision-Blizzard news, a majority of Raven Software QA employees petitioned Microsoft this week in response to Activision-SEC Blizzard’s filing implying that ATVI would require Microsoft’s consent to recognize their union. Microsoft has previously said that it would not “obstruct” the process.

Microsoft VP and general counsel Lisa Tanzi told The Washington Post last night that “Microsoft respects Activision Blizzard workers’ ability to choose whether or not to be represented by a labor group, and we will uphold their choices.”

Activision Blizzard has been accused of sexual harassment and retribution in a new lawsuit. Despite investigations by the EEOC, FEHA, and SEC, as well as an internal “mea culpa,” the victims are still being neglected.

We demand that CEO Bobby Kotick be fired and that justice be served. https://t.co/A2DpfiFE1b

— Lisa Bloom (@LisaBloom) March 24, 2022


Activision-Blizzard has been hit with another lawsuit. This time, a worker claims sexual harassment and discrimination. The company is trying to settle the case out of court. Reference: blizzard lawsuit pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was named in the Activision Blizzard lawsuit?

A: Activision Blizzard was sued by the FTC in 2016, and they settled with them for $8.5 million dollars on May 3rd of that year so there is no information currently available

What harassment happened at Blizzard?

A: In 2017, a member of the Overwatch Leagues Dallas Fuel sexually harassed an OWL caster. The incident was brought to light by SilverName and led to some changes in policy.

What is the lawsuit against Blizzard?

A: A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Blizzards players by the group, Public Knowledge. The suit alleges that Blizzard had been in violation of various antitrust laws and should be investigated for this reason.

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