The Ark Genesis 2 Mission Guide is an in-depth guide that contains the first ever complete walkthrough of all the Ark Genesis 2 missions, missions that are released in 2021. The main difference between this guide and 2016’s guide is that this guide is being updated regularly. The guide has been updated for the release of the first Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2016, to the second Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2016, to the third Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2016, to the fourth Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2016, to the fifth Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2016, to the sixth Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2016, and for the Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2017. This guide will be updated again to the first Ark Genesis 2 mission in 2021. ~~

The year 2021: the Ark Genesis 2 team is constantly working on a massive update to the ARK Universe. The updates will be explained in this blog. It will be divided into several sections.

The original Ark: Survival Evolved was a huge success, and from that success came a sequel. The game itself is still being worked on, but we have some new information to share with you regarding the next major update.

Ark Genesis 2 (Genesis: Part 2) contains several missions that can be completed individually or in groups. Each mission in Ark Genesis 2 has a difficulty level of Alpha, Beta and Gamma.   word-image-3789 Some quests allow you to take a tamed creature, others give you a high level creature. If the mission you are on does not allow creatures, they will be left behind. You can play the Genesis 2 missions as many times as you like. To start a mission, you have to do it at the mission terminals in Eden or Rockwell Gardens.   word-image-3790 Every mission in Ark Genesis 2 (with the exception of the hunt) takes place in a simulation, not on the real Ark map.

Genesis Ark 2 Mission Types

There are different types of missions you can do. Here is an overview of all the types of missions you will encounter in Ark Genesis Part 2.


In the hunting mission you have to follow the tracks on the ground. Along the way you will encounter brutal creatures that you must defeat. Each creature has a dinosaur skull combined with two swords.


Gauntlet is an arena-like mission in which you have to complete 5 rounds. Dinos appear in certain areas and you must defeat them to advance to the next round. While you can’t use your own weapons or dino’s, you do have spawn weapons. Gauntlet missions on Gamma difficulty provide unlimited ammo for weapons marked with a skull icon with three dinosaurs.


As the name suggests, the race missions require you to move as fast as possible while riding a high-level dino. For completing this task, you will receive a dino with a flag symbol.


This mainframe simulator is located on the Genesis ship and looks like a dungeon. It is up to you to clean up the twisted amalgam and tainted VR beings. In dungeon quests, you can take any armor and weapons you have, plus 1 creature for each survivor.

Genesis 2 Ark Insert

  • Retrieve Bulldog (1-5)
  • Choose your own adventure (1-5)
  • Follow circle (1-5)
  • Code Red (1-5)
  • Rivers (1-5)
  • Ferox Cull (1-5).
  • Life support (1-5)
  • Mywing poacher (1-5)
  • Collect parasites (1-5)
  • Hunting of the Shadow Man (1-5)
  • Slip and thrust (1-5)
  • Sliding current (1-5)
  • Star Dolphin (1-4)
  • Starwing Strike (1-5)
  • Survival of the Ark (1-5)
  • Downriver Racing Team (1-3)
  • Velonosaurus Tribe (1-5)

All the information you need to know about Ark Genesis 2 missions in 2021. Updated for the release of Ark Genesis 2 (21st August 2021).. Read more about ark genesis part 2 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Genesis Part 2 the last DLC?

There is a possibility that the silver lining in the storm may be that this is the last DLC for the game. I’m not saying that they will stop making DLC for the game, but I’m saying that this is the possibly the last time they will ever do it. I’ve also heard rumors about a new big blockbuster title that they are working on, and it’s only natural that they would want to complete it before taking on something new. That’s where I come into the picture. The game is being developed by a different team, but I have some knowledge on things that might have changed since I left the company several months ago. The last DLC for Ark Genesis 2, called “The Last Ark” or “Genesis 2: The Last Ark”, has been announced and, as of today, it is available for the game. As you may already know, this is a series of DLCs that add new missions to the Ark Genesis 2 game. Many of the missions have to do with the survival of the dinosaurs, with the player having to help them survive and avoid being erased from the game.

Is Ark Genesis the last DLC?

On June 1st, CyberArk Games announced that Ark: Genesis will be coming to Steam in June this year, and the major focus of the DLC would be PvP zone. However, all information on the official website of the game seems to be filled with comments and answers to a question “How many hours of content will you be adding?” Now, after more than a week, we still don’t know what exactly will the DLC contain, and how much will it be. You might have heard of the Ark Genesis expansion pass for Ark: Survival Evolved , which grants access to the new Ark: Genesis Game Mode and a slew of new content. The thing is, there are rumors that it’s the last Ark Genesis expansion pass, and that Ark: Survival Evolved will not get new DLC. Here’s my advice: if this is indeed true, you should buy that pass right now! The launch of Ark: Genesis is going to be a great time for Ark, and it will be great for people who missed out on Ark: Survival Evolved’s Early Access launch. I strongly suggest you pick up Ark Genesis as soon as possible!

Is Ark Genesis Part 2 out?

As the release of Ark Genesis 2 draws near, its time to update its wiki page and share some of what you might expect to see in the upcoming expansion. Ark Genesis 2 is a single player story mode set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which the player is the leader of the last humans in an unknown location. Their goal is to find the lost Ark, which they believe to be the most important artifact in the world, and, along with it, the only hope for the extinction of man.

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