Space exploration game Astroneer has arrived on the Nintendo Switch and will be available for purchase in a few hours. In addition to new gameplay elements, the update includes space snails that can help players with tasks such as building housing, mining ore or breeding.

Astroneer launches on Switch today, delivering space snail pets in xenobiology update. The game is a sandbox survival adventure that will have players explore the surface of planets and build bases to survive.

Astroneer launches on Switch today, delivering space snail pets in xenobiology update


Astroneer wishes you a happy Switch Day: The charming multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox is now available on Nintendo’s portable device for $29.99 in digital form. Even if you’re already playing on PC, you’ll want to pay attention to today’s patch, since it introduces the xenobiology upgrade to all players. Do you want to become friends with a galastropod? Yes, mobible critters make their first appearance in the game with this release.

“‘Space Snails’ are now a part of the Astroneer world.” “Players will be able to adopt these one-of-a-kind, extremely adaptive animals as permanent companions who will also benefit their caregivers,” System Era Softworks reveals. “Each Galastropod enjoys treats, and when fed, they grow more happier and more energetic. When a Galastropod is full, players have a special advantage to help them on their quests. Galastropods have preferred meals that will help them endure longer if they are fed. […] Begin a new quest to recover rare Galastropoda specimens and learn more about the mysteries behind their existence.”

Players will not only embark on a space-snail-themed questline, but there will also be new newbie content, a new cinematic, new and more permanent prizes for select missions, performance and terrain updates, an enhanced orbital perspective, and improved flora cultivation. Yes, space snails are now available in creative mode.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Astroneer update?

A: Astroneer is an indie sandbox game of exploration and survival in a dynamic, procedurally-generated alien world. The update adds new content to the existing game including dinosaurs like Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, and Stegosaurus as well as exotic locations like Ice Worlds and Desert Worlds which have different biomes.

How do I get new pets in Astroneer?

A: As of right now, there is no way to buy new pets in Astroneer.

How do I get an Astroneer snail?

A: You can get an Astroneer snail by following the instructions on this wiki page.

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