This week I received a copy of the new Balan Wonderworld for the Playstation Vita. I have been very excited for a game that has been a long time coming, but when I was first shown it I was very skeptical about how much the game would really have going for it.

Balan Wonderworld is a free-to-play MMORPG that has come out for Android and iOS. Some would say it’s not that well optimized for mobile devices. As someone who has played it most of the time on my tablet, I can say it is not optimized at all. If you have an i7 and you want to play on a mobile device, you might as well play it on PC. However, if you don’t mind the graphics, this game is a lot of fun. The game offers a lot of variety, including a daily quest system, dungeon exploration, and PvP. I like this game a lot, despite the fact that it’s not exactly optimized for mobile.

The game is basically the same as the usual Power Rangers game, but with a few differences. This time, it has been set to a darker storyline with a bit of Suspense. The game has been set to a storyline similar to the Indy movie series and the original Power Rangers series, but with a few differences.

Balan Wonderworld looks promising. It’s bright and colorful, published by the Square Enix subsidiary of the creator ofNights Into Dreams andSonic the Hedgehog, and it contains more than enough classic 3D platformers. Even the opening clip, featuring Balan’s kinetic clown/maestro/god (?), is full of crazy energy and witty music. It’s hard to imagine this game going badly. So, uh… it happens. The opening film is the highlight here, unfortunately. There’s nothing wrong withBalan Wonderworld, but almost nothing works. The design and atmosphere are hopelessly dated, the controls are too simplistic and not manageable enough, and none of the elements live up to their potential.

Balan Wonderworld Review: Not much magic

word-image-13585 Although the plot is confusing and difficult to understand because very little explanation is given, either in terms of story or mechanics, the premise ofBalan Wonderworldis that you play as Leo or Emma, or both, when two players are going through a difficult time. Depending on the character you choose, the game starts a little differently. Emma starts to hear people whispering behind her back everywhere she goes. Leo starts dancing in the park, impresses people, then leaves without talking to anyone. Whichever character you play, they both end up in a rundown theater calledBalan Wonderworld. Inside, they are greeted by Balan, a well-dressed clown who performs a loud musical number and takes them into a magical world where they help others who are lost. Each chapter ofBalan Wonderworld focuses on a different person, such as. B. The man who storms. In each chapter, you’ll collect costumes with different abilities and use them to solve puzzles while collecting colorful gems and Balan figurines. If you have collected enough statues in the middle, new chapters will open. word-image-13586 The general idea is that each chapter has specific puzzles that you must return to; in the early chapters, you’ll encounter tasks that can only be solved after unlocking costumes in later chapters. This is a creative way to add complexity to the simplified puzzle and platform gameBalan Wonderworld. Everything else quickly goes off the rails. The controls are important to the success of any platform game, but in Balanthe controls are often loose and unresponsive. You can move, perform actions while wearing the costume, and change costumes. If you’re not wearing a suit, you can only jump, an action found on all buttons. For example, if you put on a dragon suit, this input turns into a fireball attack, but you won’t be able to jump. To jump again, you have to switch to another color: a color whose action is to jump. It’s a shame that such a basic action, which is crucial not only to the game but to the genre as a whole, can’t be used at will. GivenBalan Wonder World ‘s publicity for its wide range of costumes, it’s not surprising that some of them aren’t particularly useful. Box Fox, for example, turns you into a fox and occasionally into a box. If you’re on a slope when the suit decides to transform, you’ll probably have to start the level over. It’s as much fun as it sounds. I’ve found that I always choose a combination with good attack moves, a combination with good navigation moves, and a combination with a feature that helps solve puzzles. word-image-13587 The level design is great, but everything feels terribly dated, making it difficult to measure distances or even determine what is and isn’t a platform. The lack of focus is not just a source of frustration. There have been many instances where I have used the suit ability to get to a difficult place where I thought there would be a Balan statue, but fell on the platform because it was not but that was part of the level. Each area also lacks a clear sense of urgency and purpose. Balan’s images are oddly placed and don’t feel like targets, which takes away from the sense of accomplishment. Unlike the Jiggies inBanjo-Kazooieor any of the objectives in theMario games, the statues of Balan are there. They reach them, as do the colored gems scattered everywhere. This last point brings us to another mysterious aspect of the world of WunderBalan: Tim’s island. Tim’s Island is a hub inhabited by marshmallow-like creatures called Tims that connects all chapters ofBalan Wonderworld. You can feed them with gems you find in the levels, and they change color and sometimes lay eggs. In other cases they jump on a wheel which, after a certain number of revolutions, builds a huge tower in the middle of the central space. Different colored Tims are supposed to have different abilities, though the jury is still out on that. The tower they’re building? It’s something the game tells me to do, but there’s no indication of when it’s done or what it does when it’s done. Set up your teems, feed them and watch them spin the wheel until the tower reaches the next level. What a terrible life it is to be Tim.

Balan Wonderworld Test – TheConclusion



  • A sense of wonder and magic in the scenes and creations
  • The soundtrack is strong.
  • Lots of good ideas…


  • …but just as badly executed.
  • The camera and controls leave much to be desired
  • The animation and graphics are ugly and oversimplified
  • Incredibly disappointing.

Everything inBalan Wonderworldfeels unfinished. If the gameplay could convey even half the magic of the scenes, it would be a game worth playing. Each chapter ends with an extravagant musical number featuring the main character, the theme of the chapter and a host of costumed characters singing, dancing and clapping in a kaleidoscope of joy. Then head back to Tim’s Island to watch your favorite marshmallows build a mechanical idol. And that’s on top of the game’s strange sense of scale, where worlds scroll across my field of vision in a nauseating way that usually makes me dizzy. With a little (okay, a lot) of tweaking,Balan Wonderworld could become one of those delightfully weird games that become cult titles. Instead, it seems to be a serious failure for Square Enix, who apparently had high hopes that this game would be a big hit. It is impossible to recommendBalan Wonderworld. It’s too easy for people who grew up with 3D platforms, and probably too frustrating for newcomers. For every bold design choice or strong idea, there are countless mistakes. There is no real fun in playingBalan Wonderworld. Don’t think it’s likeKingdom Hearts,Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicootor any other nostalgic and colorful platform game. Balan Wonderworldis a game that not even patches and fixes can turn into something you want to play. His weaknesses run too deep. [Note: Square Enix provided a copy of Balan Wonderworld used for this review].The idea of a different type of game that combines RPG and puzzle games, where the player has to create heroes and recruit them to the guild, sounds really interesting. But, unfortunately the game does not deliver. In Balan Wonderworld, you start with a guild of up to seven heroes and you have to recruit heroes to expand your guild and complete the missions. The stages are in a maze like design that is quite hard to get through.. Read more about balan wonderworld review metacritic and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Balan Wonderworld really that bad?

Balan Wonderworld is a mobile MMORPG developed by a Chinese company. Balan Wonderworld is one of the best mobile games that can work online. However, for players who want to have a simple mobile mobile game, there are so many games that can play at home. That’s why there is no need to play the game like this. Therefore, if you are a mobile game lover, I suggest you play Balan Wonderworld. Recently, the Russian developer, Balan Entertainment, posted not one, but two videos showing off a new game they’re working on. The first video is just a trailer, but the second video shows the entire game in action. It’s a game that looks fairly standard for a mobile game, but it’s also possible to play the entire game for free.

Is Balan Wonderland good?

In Balan Wonderland, you start with a simple click. You improve your skills, learn the basics, and then eventually grow your creativity to become a master in fantasy art. Your masterpiece will be displayed for all to see and start sharing. Balan Wonderland is a refreshing, non-violent, non-stressful, and non-competitive game where the point is to improve your skill. When I reviewed the game, I mainly focused on its story and visual design (7.5/10), while I am not very fond of some of the gameplay mechanics (5/10).

What is Balans Wonderland?

It’s been a while since I have published a blog post, so I thought I should do something different. Well, here is a blog post about a game that is not what it seems, especially for the people who are not familiar with the game. One of the most anticipated indie games of this year, Balan Wonderworld is a 2D RPG that strives to be the most playfully magical and engaging experience a gamer could ever ask for. The game is set in a universe where the world is inhabited by numerous tribes, each with their own unique culture and set of customs. As a member of the Balan tribe, the player gets to be the leader of an army which will travel around the globe in order to conquer and subjugate the other tribes with a view to unite all tribes under the Balan banner and create a paradise, an all powerful and all knowing entity that will cause all life upon the planet to live in harmony and happiness.

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