We’ve been playing Battlefield 2042 for a month now, and since then, we’ve learned a lot. For example, we know that Specialists are much rarer than regular soldiers. This guide will tell you how to become a specialist in the game, as well as the first four marksmen. This guide is written by the four of us who have been playing Battlefield 2042 for a month now.

Battlefield 2042 is a highly anticipated multiplayer first-person shooter relaunched for the PC in 2015. It is often compared to the Battlefield series of games, but it has some significant differences as well.

We’ve added four new Specialists to our 2042 roster, and they’ll be available in Battlefield Hardline starting December 12. The first four Specialist weapons arrive on December 12: – The Engineer: The Engineer is a close-range Specialist that excels at repairing vehicles, with his Repair Tool being capable of restoring health and ammo packs simultaneously. – The Mechanic: The Mechanic is a defensive Specialist that can deploy a Repair Bot that can heal and repair teammates. – The Demolitionist: The Demolitionist is a close-range Specialist that can deploy a Trip Mine that explodes to damage enemies and leave a Trip Mine Charge that can be used to damage enemies. – The Angel: The Angel

word-image-4340 Battlefield 2042 has been officially introduced to the world as the next installment in the popular first-person shooter series. The return to modern combat, or rather close quarters combat, is also accompanied by a new approach to class management in the form of the new Specialists system. The four roles we know and love aren’t going away, but Battlefield 2042’s specialists are a sign of a more character-driven approach. Each character in the game has their own story, as well as active and passive abilities that determine their play style. While these two skills are immutable, the rest of their equipment is completely customizable. word-image-4341 word-image-4342 Battlefield 2042 will be a live action game with new specialists every season. According to the game’s Steam page, the characters will be available through the Year 1 Pass after launch. At this time, it is not known if players will also be able to purchase characters with some sort of currency they earn by participating in games. During the presentation of the game, the first four playable characters were also revealed. Read on to know more about them and their gadgets.

Webster McKay

Canadian-born stormtrooper described as a lone wolf , survives. Its grappling hook clings to surfaces, pulling it towards them and making it easier to move through its environment. Nimble, his passive ability, lets him move faster when he aims.

Maria Falk

Veterans support in the search for his son David. With Syrett’s gun, he can fire a syringe that heals allies and damages enemies. Combat Surgeon, his passive ability, allows him to revive healthy allies.

Piotr Boris Guskowski

A Russian-born engineer tries to rise above the chaos of the world and gain power and control. His SG-36 Sentinel System automatically strikes at nearby enemies. His guard passively notices the enemies to which his surveillance system is attached.

Wikus Kasper Van Dale

A boy scout and a loner fighting for a better world. His OV-P reconnaissance drone detects nearby moving targets, uses EMP explosions to disorient the enemy, and marks targets for lock-on weapons. The passive function, the motion sensor, detects the position of approaching enemies, both while walking and while controlling the drone. Six more Battlefield 2042 specialists will be revealed in the coming months. The competition takes place on the 23rd. Coming out in October for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.Who do you consider to be a Specialist in Battlefield 2042? I’m sure you think of someone like a Recon, Support, or Tanker/Medic. Well, these are the first four Specialist characters that will be available in Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s “Community Operations” multiplayer mode.. Read more about battlefield reveal date and let us know what you think.

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