It’s a good day to be a gamer! Everything is going great for the developers of Before I Forget ; they’ve just touched down on the last few bugs before the release date, and the game’s been Greenlit on Steam! Things are going well, too, with the game’s first trailer finally out in the wild. Things are looking up even more for the developers, as they have also announced that they have a new game in the works.

You play the game in the first person perspective. You play the role of an inmate Isaac looking at his past life. You have to survive your current situation and repress memories from your past. The game features elements from narrative and point-and-click games.

In Before I Forget, you take on the role of a soldier whose body has been left behind in a battle with the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the wreckage of a plane is all that remains of humanity. What was once a bustling city is now a barren wasteland—one that is still populated by ghosts of the past. You must first explore the wreckage in the hopes of finding items that will help you survive. As you progress, you’ll discover the true nature of the world you’re in, and the people of this broken world. You’ll also learn more about yourself and your sense of purpose as you journey deeper into the wreckage.

For decades, many critics have questioned whether video games can be considered art. The technical nature of games makes it a complex discussion, and artistic value is inherently subjective. There is no formula for success that covers everything, but I would say that good art touches human emotions directly. Of all the other media, games are unique in that they are an active medium and put us directly in the shoes of another person. In recent generations, we’ve seen games that have made a real impact and evoked strong emotions. Many remember the heartbreaking example ofThat Dragon, Cancer, , which featured a family dealing with the loss of their child to illness. The film Before I Forget, about the struggle of a woman with dementia, is now available. Before I Forget , developed by 3-Fold Games, is designed to be played out in one sitting; it can be completed in about an hour. The game came out on PC last year, and now 3-Fold has released it on consoles. Many people get offended when they hear about this problem, but they do themselves a disservice by not paying attention.

Before I forget Review: The adventure of deep compassion

word-image-15120 Before I Forgetis a sobering, deeply moving story that recognizes that dementia is often a slow, long-term illness that can take many forms. In its broadest sense, dementia is a term used to describe a range of neurological conditions that affect the brain. Most associate it with forgetfulness, but the patient may fluctuate between moments of lucidity, confusion and even hallucinations, among many other symptoms. While Before I Forget can never truly convey this reality and what living with dementia really means, 3-Fold Games has created a window through which we get a compassionate look at how this disease can affect a person’s life. In Before I Forget, you play Dr. Sunita Appleby, a well-respected woman with incipient dementia. She just tries to live her life, and events unfold like a mystery in her path. As players explore their home, they encounter two stories. One celebrates an eventful life, career and marriage with her husband Dylan. The other is a terrible story of loss. At first, Sunita’s memories are random and often meaningless, but as she explores her home and searches through these memories, a fuller picture gradually emerges. In an attempt to find Dylan, Sunita awakens her memories by examining various objects. Whether it’s the umbrella she was holding when we first met her, the scientific awards she’s received over the course of her career, or even a simple upside-down teacup, we’re slowly beginning to understand who Sunita is. word-image-15121 But it’s rarely that easy to walk around the house. There are a few moments when something goes wrong. A hole that suddenly appears in the ground, doors that lead to the wrong place you expect, telephones that ring incessantly and notes with harsh words that appear on the walls. As a player, your goal is clear. Like Sunita, your resources are not. If you have ever had to care for an elderly parent in this state, the reality is painfully familiar to you. Before I Forgetconveys emotion through great imagery that vividly displays color and detail, returning to Sunita’s world after exploring themes – all accompanied by a haunting piano melody. Before I Forget is not meant to make Sunita unhappy. Despite the challenges she faces, 3-Fold never lets dementia define her, which makes the journey incredibly exciting. From the beginning, I knew where this story was going, but by focusing on the ending, I missed the point; it’s the journey that brings it to life. Clearly, 3-Fold Games is confident enough to understand its limitations when it comes to playfully portraying such an ill-defined disease, but it does so with great compassion and offers a better understanding of the disease that affects so many.

Before I Forget review – The conclusion of



  • A very empathetic view on dementia
  • Deeply emotional.
  • Excellent presentation


  • Slight decrease in the refreshment rate in the canteen.

Many games take us on an emotional journey, but perhaps based on my personal experience, none of them hit us that hard. With its effective presentation and deep, compassionate understanding of this complex disease, Before I Forget is a truly remarkable play. She understands that people are not defined by their illness, and by focusing on Sunita’s life and accomplishments, she shows us an accomplished woman who has lived a life of prosperity. Until one of us is directly in those shoes, we can’t really understand what dementia is, but the game conveys its message so effectively that we can at least partially understand what dementia is and how to treat people with dementia. If I had to slightly criticize , there is a noticeable drop in frame rate when exploring the canteen, but it does not detract from the overall picture. There is literally nothing else. I have never experienced anything like Before I Forget, and I can recommend everyone to play it. [Note: The Nerd Pirates provided a copy of Before I Forget on Xbox Series X for this review].It’s been a great month for Before I Forget developer Tracy Fullerton; the game was funded on Kickstarter, and it’s now in final testing before its launch. The game casts you as a man who has lost his wife, and you find yourself controlling the memories of previous versions of the character, each of whom has a different take on the last year. We came away from our playthrough with a deeply compassionate tale of loss and the power of friendship.. Read more about before i forget game switch and let us know what you think.

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