There are many game guides that tell you how to play and what to do. This is a guide by someone who’s never played the game but wants to give some advice and help people find their way around the game.

One of the advantages of playing Kingdoms Reborn is that you can always start in the same location. Choosing a starting location will not only give you a quick introduction to the game mechanics it will also be where you will earn your first Achievements. Whether you want to start as a knight or a warrior the best starting location is always the same in the Kingdoms Reborn campaign.

I’ve been playing Kingdom Reborn for a while now, and I’ve been trying to find the best starting location. This is something that comes up often, and I figured I’d write a guide for how to do it.

Whether you’re new to Kingdoms Reborn or have been playing for a long time, where you start can determine the future history of your kingdom. When you start a new game of Kingdoms Reborn, in single or multiplayer mode, you must select your game settings. Note: This guide is based on the Kingdoms Reborn beta of May 24,… You can read our guide to changing the Kingdoms Reborn game branch to access the latest changes.   word-image-6586 I find the following settings work pretty well in a single player game:

  • Seed card: You can enter anything here or choose any option.
  • Card size: Medium
  • Sea level: Very low
  • Humidity: Wet
  • Temperature: Medium
  • Rock density: Medium
  • AI player: 3
  • Complexity: Very good.

This is an ideal single player setting for those new to Kingdoms Reborn, or for players looking for a more casual game with its own challenges.

Kingdoms Reborn Best Starting Position Revision

  1. Choose a county with a low incidence of disease (e.g., boreal forest).
  2. Find a location near water and rivers
  3. Explore the terrain for additional resources such as resource boxes and shrines.
  4. Choose a spot with bright, lush plants like tulips and cannabis.
  5. Consider the needs of the average game, such as coal and iron

Reborn Kingdoms First Province

When choosing a starting place, it is best to choose a province where the disease is less common (e.g. the boreal forest). This makes life much easier at the beginning of the game and reduces the risk of your inhabitants being prone to diseases and needing more healing potions or herbs.   word-image-18256 Also, at the beginning of the game, you need to find a province near a body of water. If you manage to find a body of water with a river nearby, prepare for the rest of the game. At the water’s edge, you can set up a fishing shack so your residents have access to a food source from the start. You don’t have to use the river yet, but rivers are useful for access to high-tech buildings. Why? Because a clay pit can only be placed near a river (not a body of water). The clay is used to forge the bricks needed for more modern buildings. You can import clay through a trading post or something, but that’s much more expensive than making it yourself. Another tip from Kingdoms Reborn is to explore your starting area before you get there. There are tiles that give you access to resource boxes. In these boxes, you can choose up to 100x resources, such as wood, coal, jewels, etc.   word-image-18257 Some tiles contain tribes of villagers; when these are unlocked, you will be asked if that tribe may join your kingdom. If you’re short on burgers, this is a quick and easy way to get some much-needed bodies on the floor.

Kingdoms Reborn Starting Resources

When choosing a county to build a town hall, you should also consider the resources available in the area. Cannabis or tulip beds are perfect for giving your citizens a sense of luxury.   word-image-18258 A cannabis or tulip farm would be enough to easily reach middle age. As you progress through the different eras of Kingdoms Reborn, you’ll need to evaluate what other resources you need. If you have trouble finding enough wood to heat your homes, consider coal, which is more efficient and, in some cases, more readily available. As your population begins to grow, you will run out of tools. If you don’t want to import steel tools at an exorbitant price, you need to find a region that has access to iron ore. You can then unlock a blacksmith who can make steel tools for your workers.

Housing level

The higher houses offer the opportunity for housing improvements. If you have 7 completed homes that meet Level 1 requirements, open a Level 1+ home.   word-image-18259 To increase the level of the houses from 1 to 7, you must meet the conditions for attractiveness of the house and luxury goods.

Home address

If you want to upgrade your house to level 5, you need to have at least 70% attraction and the associated luxury items. When you drop the house, the degree of attractiveness (in percentage) is displayed. I always try to aim for 100% curb appeal, but if you’re short on space to begin with, don’t put the house below 70%. If you meet the attractiveness and luxury requirements at the lowest attractiveness level (70%), your properties will automatically move to level 5. To exceed Level 5, a property’s appeal must be at least 80% for Level 6 and 90% or more for Level 7. Homes with higher curb appeal add more rooms to your income account. To further enhance the attraction, you can place the following decorations that will be available later in the game:

  • Shrub (increases the attractiveness of the area by 5 within 5 tiles)
  • Flower bed (increases the attractiveness of the area by 5 in a radius of 5 tiles)
  • Garden cypress (increases the attractiveness of the area by 8 within 5 tiles)
  • Garden (increases the attractiveness of the area by 5 within 11 tiles)

Luxury goods

If you click on one of your houses, you will see a list of luxury levels. The levels are as follows:

  • Fuel (Tier 1+ homes)
  • Level 1 (level 1+ houses)
  • Level 2 (houses of level 3+)
  • Level 3 (level 5+ houses)

Every luxury item belongs to a certain level:

  • Level 1: Beer, Cannabis, Furniture, Pottery, Tulip
  • Level 2: Clothes, wine, candles, vodka, mushrooms, coffee, glassware.
  • Level 3: A book, nice clothes, jewelry, chocolates.

To raise your house to a higher level, you need a certain amount of each luxury item in each level. In addition to the requirements listed below, you need at least 3 luxury items from the previous level. For example, Level 5 requires at least 3x Level 1 luxury items plus 3x Level 2 luxury items:

  • Level 2: Level 1 (x1)
  • Level 3: Level 1 (x3)
  • Level 4: Level 2 (x1)
  • Level 5: Level 2 (x3)
  • Level 6: Level 3 (x1)
  • Level 7: Level 3 (x3)

Fertility grade

Another factor to consider is fertility. The farm needs fertile soil for cultivation. The higher the fertility rate, the better your crows will grow. If you only have a small piece of fertile land, don’t be discouraged if you don’t place a farm. You can start your farm tiles on fertile land and spread them around 64. Fertility is calculated based on the area in which you work. You can view fertility by zooming in or out on a selected tile to see the average fertility of a selected province.Firstly, Happy new year to all you lovely people, and welcome to my blog! I’m ironkraftgame, and I’m going to show you my favorite housing location in Kingdoms Reborn.. Read more about kingdoms reborn brickworks and let us know what you think.

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