My name is Reuben and I play Blood Magic on the PC. I started to play Blood Magic in beta because I wanted to play a game that had a cool concept and was easy to pick up. I’ve now spent hundreds of hours playing this wonderful game. I’m not a professional, but I play every night with friends and my family, and even though I don’t enjoy it as much as I did when I started, it has helped me improve as a person. I’m also a big fan of deckbuilding, so this game nails that beautifully.

There are a lot of cards out there which focus on the Blood archetype, and in this article I am going to bring to light a few cards that are not immediately obvious.  These cards are not simply for casual play, they are viable cards for tournament play as well.

A blood deck is a deck that relies on the sacrifice of your creatures and/or creatures with benefits in order to make your creatures stronger. Blood is the life force of an undead horde. Though it is not the most common theme for a deck, sometimes the draw of fast creatures exploiting blood is too strong to not try out.. Read more about back 4 blood card list and let us know what you think.

Back 4 Blood is built on a card system. You may choose a few random cards from your deck each round to aid you in defeating the Ridden and completing the objective. We’ve put together this list of the greatest cards and deck combinations in Back 4 Blood so far to help you get the most out of the card system.

The most effective attacking cards

  • Confident Killer: When you or your squad kills a Mutation, you receive 2% more damage (up to 100%) until the level ends.
  • You may equip a main weapon in your secondary slot, however the switch speed will be decreased by 25%. The sacrifice is well worth it, given how strong main weapons are.
  • Broadside: Precision kills have a 20% chance of exploding Ridden, inflicting 15 damage to other Ridden within four meters.
  • Combat Training: Increased damage by 5% and bullet penetration by 50%.
  • Avenge the Fallen: For 10 seconds, when you or a teammate is disabled, all teammates receive 30% damage, 20% reload speed, and limitless ammunition.
  • With assault rifles and sniper rifles, trigger control improves accuracy by 25%.
  • Combat Knife: Turns your smash into a melee weapon that counts as a knife.
  • Ammo for All: Increase your team’s ammo capacity by 10%.
  • Secondary weapons have limitless ammunition but reload 20 percent slower than primary guns.
  • Ridden Slayer: Increases weakspot damage by 20%.
  • Shredder: Each bullet struck produces a 1% increase in damage to the victim for 3 seconds (stacks up to 50 percent ). This is great for shredding many kinds of mutations.
  • Precision kills give a 5% increase in reload speed for 5 seconds (stacking up to 10 times).

Cards with the best defense

  • Second Chance: 1 more life and 5 additional health.
  • True Grit: Heal 8 health over 5 seconds after you suffer a single blow for 15 or more damage.
  • Take 1 less damage from all Ridden if you have Scar Tissue.
  • +10% damage protection for motorcycle jackets.
  • Durable: + 15% trauma resistance and +5% overall health.
  • Overwatch: Kills from a distance of more than 15 meters give allies within 10 meters of the target 5 temporary health.
  • When you or a teammate is knocked out, all teammates recover for 25 health over 10 seconds.
  • Charitable Soul: When you heal a teammate, you are healed for 100% of the amount healed.
  • Medical Professional: Defibrillators and first aid also restore 10 trauma damage and 1 more life.
  • Wounded Animal: When a wounded animal kills while in critical condition, it recovers one health point.

Back-4-Blood-Aim-RifleBack 4 Blood Aim Rifle SQUAD took this screenshot.

Cards with the best usefulness

  • Hold E to break away from the clutches. This active card is particularly helpful since you can’t usually break away from grips on your own; you’ll need the assistance of another Cleaner.
  • Marked for Death: When you ping a mutation, it is highlighted, and your team does 10% more damage to highlighted opponents. This one is useful if you’re playing as a group, but it loses effectiveness if each Cleaner is focusing on a separate enemy. To highlight an opponent, press Q.
  • Knowledge is Power: Increases weak spot damage by 10%. Displays the amount of damage you do as well as opponent health bars, making it simpler to target Ridden who is low on health.
  • Shooting Gloves: Increase the speed of weapon swapping by 25%. When combined with Two is One and One is None and Ammo Stash, this card becomes even more strong.
  • Lucky Pennies: Every time your squad loots copper, you have a 35% chance of finding 35% more copper. Back 4 Blood’s primary mission resource is copper, which may be traded for weapons, accessories, upgrades, and cards.

Cards with the best mobility

  • +10 stamina for your whole squad as a result of mandatory PT.
  • Superior Cardio: Increased stamina by 20%, sprint efficiency by 20%, and overall health by 5%.
  • Energy Bar: Increased stamina by 20% and increased health by 5%.
  • When you take a hit that does 10 or more damage, you gain 20% movement speed for 3 seconds.
  • Cross Trainers increase stamina by 20%, stamina regen by 20%, movement speed by 3%, and health by 5%.
  • You can fire while sprinting in Run and Gun.
  • Precision kills give a 10% increase in movement speed for 5 seconds.
  • Stimulants: Pain relievers give you a 10% increase in movement speed, a 10% increase in reload speed, and a 10% increase in weapon switch speed for 30 seconds.

Back-4-Blood-VendorBack 4 Blood Vendor SQUAD took this screenshot.

How to build the ideal deck

To provide their benefit, certain active cards depend on particular mechanics. You may take advantage of this by building a deck around a few mechanics.

Broadside, In The Zone, and Pep in Your Step, for example, all depend on precise kills. Dealing a precise kill with these cards has a 20% chance of causing Ridden to explode and injure nearby zombies, as well as increasing reload speed to a maximum of 50% for 5 seconds and increasing movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds.

Ammo Stash goes nicely with Two is One and One is None. The first card allows you to equip a main weapon in your secondary slot, while the second gives your secondary weapon infinite ammunition. This implies you may have an infinite ammunition riffle as a side weapon, which is very strong.

Run and Gun enables you to fire while running, making it a must-have card if you intend on boosting your stamina with other cards.

Overall, the key to building the ideal Back 4 Blood deck is to think about the synergy between your cards.

These cards are among the game’s most powerful and may be used in a variety of ways. Each Cleaner has a unique playstyle, so use our Back 4 Blood guidelines to help you choose the perfect card for your Cleaner.

I’ve been on a Bloodfunden bloodborne kick lately, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all.. Read more about back 4 blood best cards and let us know what you think.

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