Genshin Impact is a top-viewed online shooter game, with characters designed by professional artists. In terms of popularity, it has become one of the most played games on Twitch. Here are the Top 10 strongest Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact ranked from best to worst:
10) Darkside Agent –
9) Bomber Man –
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The “best pyro characters genshin impact” is a list of the best pyro characters in Genshin Impact. The list will be ranked by popularity, with the most popular character being first.

Best Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact, Ranked

It might be difficult to choose which characters in Genshin Impact are worth yearning for since there are so many. There are several factors to consider and keep track of. Pyro is without a doubt one of the most beneficial pieces to have on your squad. 

So, if you’re undecided about which pyro character to add to your squad, we’ve ranked the greatest pyro characters!

You should have at least one pyro character in your rotation, whether you’re merely wandering and stumble across a torch problem or you want to take advantage of strong elemental reactions. There are lots of alternatives to match your requirements, regardless of your play style or where you are in the Genshin Impact narrative. 

This list will rank the current pyro powered characters, as well as their weapon type and most helpful function in your squad. 

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Ranking of Pyro Characters from Worst to Best

This ranking is based on how useful each character is in a group setting. However, depending on how you put up your squad, you can discover that characters further down the list are more useful than those higher up. 

Let’s get started with number 10 without further ado!


Amber is a girl who likes to (4 Star- Sub DPS)

Amber Amber Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Amber, the Outrider, is first on our list of the finest pyro characters in Genshin! Amber is one of the game’s default party members, as well as the first character you encounter in the game (not including the traveler and Paimon). She is a bow user who is quite useful when exploring Teyvat.

Amber’s skills were in making her elemental talent Baron Bunny simple to employ for beginner players and in gaining aggro from adversaries. Her elemental burst, which showers down fire arrows in an AoE, is also useful for monsters. Unfortunately, landing her blast in the perfect area may be difficult, and you may find yourself missing adversaries regularly. 

It’s crucial to consider Amber’s burst and Energy Recharge while creating her. That implies 4-piece 5-star Emblem of Severed Fate/ Noblesse Oblige artifacts or 4-piece 4-star Instructor artifacts will suffice. These will increase her burst DMG and allow you to have greater control over hostile hordes.

You may also use weapon sub stats to increase her Energy Recharge. The 5-star bow Elegy for the End is her greatest weapon, although the 4-star Favonius Warbow is also a viable alternative. Some players have had a lot of success with Amber builds, but she doesn’t do a lot of damage and has a low ATK stat, which is why she’s at the bottom of our ranking.


Thoma is a character in the film Thoma (4 Star- Support)

Thoma Thoma Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Next up comes Inazuma’s Problem Solver, the pyro polearm Thoma! Thoma is unique in that he has a combat style not seen in other Genshin characters, and his elemental skill/burst both produce a shield that scales dependent on his HP. His value as a support, as well as his simplicity of usage, earned him a better ranking on our list than Amber.

It’s usually a good idea to have a shield on your squad (unless you’re fighting husks), and Thoma is a solid pick for that. His shields also stack DMG absorption from previous shields, allowing you to re-energize them and make them more more powerful in combat. In addition to protecting your party, Thoma boosts your party’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks at level 6.

Thoma’s disadvantage is that his shields aren’t very powerful and are readily smashed through.

The 5-star Staff of Homa is the greatest weapon for Thoma, as it is for pretty much every polearm character. If you’re ready to do some fishing, you may also offer him the 4-star polearm The Catch. 

2 piece 5-star Emblem of Severed Fate and 2 piece 5-star Tenacity of the Millelith are the greatest artifacts to combine with Thoma. If you haven’t acquired the necessary domains yet, you may also change out 4-star The Exile. The primary goal is to increase HP and Energy Recharge so that shield strength and bursts are maximized.


Xinyan is a Chinese writer (4 star- Support)

Xinyan Xinyan Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Genshin’s OG Rock n’ Roller comes in at number eight on the list! Xinyan may have a frightening appearance, but she has a golden heart and a fiery spirit. Xinyan, like Thoma, is a pyro character that is ready to protect your team at any time. 

She swings her weapon and forms a pyro shield that grows according on both her DEF and the amount of foes she strikes for this rocker’s elemental talent. That makes predicting how powerful her protection will be if you miss certain adversaries a little tough. It’s also not ideal if you’re simply fighting one person at a time rather than a crowd.

After you’ve struck all of your adversaries with Xinyan’s talent, you may use her burst to blast them away. It sends off a short blast that deals both physical and pyro DMG. 

Xinyan’s shield or burst may be prioritized depending on what you want to do with her. To boost her DEF and shield strength, equip her with a 2 piece 5-star Husk of Opulent Dreams and a 2 piece 5-star Retracing Bolide. For her energy recovery, the 4-piece 5-star Emblem of Severed Fate is the way to go.

The tough part about Xinyan is that you have to concentrate on a variety of features when creating her. She’s a fun character to play, but there are lots of other shields to choose from. 


Yanfei is a Chinese character (DPS)

Yanfei Yanfei Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

You’ll want to contact our next number on the list if you ever need a lawyer in Genshin Impact. Yanfei is a skilled catalyst user who excels at delving into and solving pyro-related challenges. Elemental assaults on command are generally beneficial, but they’re especially handy for pyro.

Yanfei isn’t the greatest pyro, but she’s a solid mid-range character that delivers a lot of elemental damage. Her charged strikes also have a limited AoE, which is useful while fighting hostile mobs. If you’re not cautious, your stamina will be depleted before you realize it, and you’ll be unable to evade opponents when they approach too near.

Despite her strikes being mid-range, Yanfei’s elemental skill and burst attacks have a considerably lower range and are more likely to miss if you are too far away from the closest adversary.

The 5-star Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds catalyst will be most useful for weaponry, although the 4-star Oathsworn Eye may also be used. It’s advisable to concentrate on making the most of Yanfei’s elemental attacks and responses while she’s being built. She can deal a lot of DMG if she has the 4-piece 5-star Crimson Witch of Flame artifact set. If you’re having problems obtaining decent 5-star artifacts, the 4-star set Martial Artist is a viable option. 


Diluc is a character in the film Diluc (5 star- DPS)

Diluc Diluc Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Did you think we’d forgotten about the Dark Knight Hero? Diluc, the master of the Angel’s Share bar, is number six on our top pyro character list! Monstadt’s edgiest guy is a 5-star pyro claymore user with flaming red hair to match his fury. 

Diluc, like other claymore characters, has a slow attack speed. He compensates a bit with his elemental talent, which he may utilize three times in a row. When you reach his cooldown, though, he may seem to be swinging his sword at a snail’s pace. His basic Crit Rate does increase as you climb him, so even if he’s sluggish to hit, he’ll be more likely to make each one count.

Diluc’s elemental burst is a swooping phoenix that may push tiny foes back in a straight line while also dealing pyro damage to all enemies in its path. You should increase his pyro DMG rather than his Elemental Recharge, despite his tremendous burst. You may also increase his ATK numbers if you want to make him a powerful hitter. 

Crimson Witch of Flames, a 5-star relic, and Gladiator’s Finale, a 4-star item, are his greatest. Depending on how you want to play him, you may utilize two pieces from each set or go for a four-piece set. Berserker is also a viable 4-star option.


Klee is an artist that works in the field of (5 star- DPS)

Klee Klee Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Klee, Monstadt’s smallest demolitions specialist, comes in fifth on our list of finest pyro characters. She’s a pyro catalyst user who is enamored with things that go boom and is perfect for exploring Teyvat’s universe. Having a pyro catalyst user on hand may help with everything pyro, from elemental reactions to starting culinary fires. She’s especially useful when it comes to mineral mining!

Klee is an explosive character that possesses a high base damage when employed appropriately (or occasionally badly). With her bomb blasts, she can even knock little adversaries back. Unfortunately, if you’re not accustomed to leaping or dodging through her attack animations to cancel them, she might be a bit sluggish. Getting trapped in her animations might expose you to enemy assaults and is simply plain irritating.

For obvious reasons, you’ll want to concentrate on increasing Klee’s pyro damage, which means equipping her with four 5-star Crimson Witch of Flames artifacts. Wanderer’s Troupe is also a good choice for her if she wants to increase her elemental mastery and elemental response damage. The Sojourner’s Resolution is a good 4-star artifact option for increasing her ATK and Crit Rate.

Klee’s finest weapon is the 5-star catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, which increases her Crit Rate. It also increases her speed and elemental damage, helping to compensate for her lengthy animations.


Yoimiya Yoimiya Yoimiya Yoimiy (5 star- DPS)

Yoimiya Yoimiya Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

If you like effervescent personalities with a penchant for fireworks, our fourth position on the list is for you. Yoimiya is what we’re talking about! Yoimya stands out as a pyro bow user due to her strong single-hit potential and burst boost. Her passive ability to repay furnishing materials doesn’t harm either.

Yoimiya is a character that might be really useful to have on your side. For a limited period, her elemental talent offers her normal strikes pyro damage. The disadvantage is that she auto-targets foes, so if you’re fighting more than one, she could move to a new one before you’ve finished with the previous one.

When you’re up against a solitary adversary, Yoimiya is most effective. She has a lot of damage potential, but she struggles against mobs. You should concentrate on her normal attacks rather than her charged strikes, unlike other bow characters. Bows like the 5-star Thundering Pulse and the 4-star Rust will come in handy here.

You may choose from the 4-piece 5-star Shimenawa’s Reminiscence or the 5-star Crimson Witch of Flames for relics. You may also equip her with the Martial Artist gear for a 4-star alternative.


Xiangling is a Chinese character (4 star- Sub DPS)

Xiangling Xiangling Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Xiangling, Liyue’s top chef, is ranked third on our list! Xiangling is the only other character on our list who may be obtained without wishing. You may receive her for free as long as you can clear floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss. 

Many players overlook Xiangling since she is a free character, but she can carry a shocking punch as a Sub DPS for any squad in need of some firepower. Guoba, her bear companion, is summoned by her elemental talent and constantly spits fire at adversaries, doing pyro damage. When combined with her spinning “Pyronado” burst, which remains on the field long after she is swapped out, Xiangling is a force to be reckoned with.

When you unlock Xiangling’s skill “Beware, It’s Super Hot!” you will be able to advance her. Guoba will also drop hot peppers, which will momentarily increase your party’s ATK. (That’ll come in handy for your primary DPS!) Her rapid strikes and prolonged elemental burst also make her a valuable member of any squad.

You’ll want to concentrate on increasing either her Energy Recharge or her pyro DMG while constructing her so you can fully use her burst. That implies 4-piece 5-star artifact sets like Emblem of Severed Fate or Crimson Witch of Flame will be her greatest artifacts. The Exile is also a good 4-star option.


Bennet is a character in the novel Bennet (4 star- Support)

Bennett Bennett Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Bennet, a feisty adventurer who isn’t new to our Genshin ranks, is up next! This unfortunate lad may not be the luckiest person in Monstadt or the finest pyro character, but he is without a doubt the game’s best support character. He’s also a must-have if you want to put together the finest possible squad.

Bennet’s burst is a pyro attack that damages foes and produces a massive inspiration zone that restores party members up to 70% of their HP. If their HP is above 70%, it also increases their ATK (after constellation 1, ATK is boosted at any HP percentage). His HP scales both DMG boost and healing. This damage bonus is very beneficial to any team, regardless of the elements they utilize.

Because most people desire Bennet for his attack bonus, it’s advisable to create your Benny with Energy Recharge in mind. We propose giving him a 4-piece 5-star Noblesse Oblige with excellent Energy Recharge sub stats. You may also pick The Exile as a 4-star option to improve his Energy Recharge immediately. You may give him whatever weapon you want for his weapon, but it should have a high basic ATK stat.


Tao Hu (5 star- DPS)

Hu-Tao Hu Tao Image credit: Devin Dornbrock / HGG via miHoYo

Hu Tao, the Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, takes the top place on our list of the finest pyro characters in Genshin Impact! It should come as no surprise that Hu Tao is ranked first. Her distinct personality makes her stand out, and her DMG potential is incredible.

Hu Tao, like other 5-star characters, is a limited-run character, but she’s immensely strong if you get her. You should concentrate on boosting her HP and equipping her with the 5-star Staff of Homa polearm. Her elemental skill DMG grows with her HP, and the Staff of Homa enhances her attack with her maximum HP as well. If you’ve ever seen someone dealing 200k DMG in a single assault, it’s likely they were playing Hu Tao.

Hu Tao is a powerful damage dealer with some of the greatest basic stats in the game even if she doesn’t go extra meta with her build. A 4-piece 5-star Crimson Witch of Flames or 4-star Berserker set may very easily give her a boost.

Her elemental explosion depletes HP, which is the largest disadvantage. Because of this, she might be a high-risk, high-reward situation. As a result, if you want to put up a good Hu Tao squad, you’ll need to include a strong shield support for her. Healers should be avoided unless you’re willing to forego Hu Tao’s 2nd passive talent, which only activates when she’s below 50% health.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our list of Genshin Impact’s top pyro characters! Hopefully, this has given you an idea of which pyro character to add to your squad, as well as the fundamentals of how to put one together. Is there anybody on the list that you would rank higher or lower? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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