Starve the beast! That was the strategy for finding the answer to the puzzle in today’s Biomutant. With limited space, we had to take the time to look at the game’s map, and it wasn’t long before we noticed the key that would unlock the solution to the puzzle. You only had a little over a minute to figure this one out, and now that you’ve figured it out, you can go back and finish the rest of the game.

This week I’ve had an epiphany about the Biomutant cable puzzle. I’ve been steadily working on this puzzle for quite a few weeks now, and there are still some parts I can’t solve. So, my friends, I give you the Biomutant cable puzzle, version 1.0!

For the cable puzzle that is on the cover of Biomutant, there are 5 cables on the screen, and you have to connect these cables to a pathway. Look at the picture, and then find the correct way to make the cable path. The picture is for you to better understand the cable path.

word-image-1387 Biomutant’s cable puzzles are probably the most complex you’ll encounter in the game, and how exactly to solve them may not be immediately obvious. Whenever you come across one of Biomutant’s cable puzzles, you will always see an open switch box with many ports connected by cables. Below you see two rows of letters. One is gray, the other is green and yellow. word-image-1388 word-image-1389 The first thing you need to understand is how to read string letters. The grey below actually shows the solution. Your goal is to get an identical row of letters in the top row. As you may have guessed, the cables for this need to be connected to different connectors. These connections are available in various designs: Some have letters above and below, some only above, and some have no letters at all. The letters above the gate are added to your sequence and those below are subtracted. The solution to the biomutant cable puzzle is to connect the cables to the connectors in such a way that the folded and subtracted letters are in the correct order. The wrong letters in the top row are marked in yellow, so you always know what to aim for next time. Remember that you can change the connectors that the two ends of the cables are connected to. Trial and error plays a big role in Biomutant’s cable puzzles, but with enough patience you’ll eventually overcome them. For more help with the game, check out our guides to Microwave Oven Puzzles and Ankati Tribe location. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.So you’ve just been hired by a friendly (or not so friendly) megacorporation to work as part of a special task force (“Bioterror”) that’s been put in place to deal with this mysterious new threat on the horizon called “Biomutant”. Your task is to hunt down and fix the cables that serve the mysterious “BIOMUTANT” security system, which is a part of the in-game world setting.. Read more about biomutant cable puzzle xyyyyz and let us know what you think.

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