With the recent release of Black Desert Online’s massive Patch Notes, it seamed appropriate to take a look at some of these changes. These are just a few examples in regards to game development and patch notes- time will tell what else is coming for SWTOR or ARK: Survival Evolved.

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile game that was released in 2018. It offers players the chance to experience an MMORPG on their phone or tablet. The game has recently gone on sale for Lunar New Year, and Black Desert PC has been tweaked to add a new monster zone.

Black Desert PC tweaks a monster zone and goes on sale for Lunar New Year, Black Desert Mobile adds the Solaris class


It’s that time of week again, when Black Desert dumps a ton of information into everyone’s lap. The PC version of the game, which received a few new features in this week’s patch, receives the lion’s share of the changes. The Crypt of Resting Thoughts monster zone has been reworked, with the goal of making it “the most challenging monster zone in Black Desert,” as well as a Deboreka Belt drop to encourage players into the region.

In addition, the patch included the option to select a server as a guild’s home server, made further class modifications, and launched a number of events, including a treasure map event and doubled loot for specific world bosses. In addition, you may read the newest Conquest War report for January, and the MMORPG is presently on sale until February 3rd to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

This week, there’s also some news from Black Desert Mobile, as the axe-wielding Solaris class has been introduced to the game. There are a number of events going to commemorate the class’s launch, including a class-specific leveling event, daily and weekly objectives for all players, and a fortune cookie-making event with tangible prizes. More information can be found in the patch notes, and the video below shows the Solaris in action.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dvE3jzS tc


The “bdo ps5 review” is a game that has been released for PC. The game has received lots of praise from players and critics alike. In the new year, Black Desert Mobile adds the Solaris class to the mobile version.

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