In Legion, Blizzard introduced something new into their classic WoW formula: two-faction battlegrounds. These battlegrounds are set in the same scenario of a single-faction battleground, but instead of the opposing factions being played by the same players, the opposing factions are played by two separate teams. The objective is to beat the opposing faction to control the majority of the battleground. This is done by capturing outposts, pushing forward past the opposing faction’s strongholds, and taking out the enemy’s industrial and spellcasting buildings. The two-faction battlegrounds were put in storage for a long time, but were recently reintroduced in the Legion pre-patch.

Most of the exploration since the launch of WoW Classic has been focused on how to maintain our classic servers and systems. We’ve talked about an in-game auction house, level-scaling loot, and cross-realm zones. Now we’re going to focus on how battlegrounds will work.

Blizzard Entertainment is experimenting with a new way to play World of Warcraft’s classic battlegrounds. This is great news for players who prefer the tried-and-true methods of playing in a single-faction, or “vanilla” battlegrounds.


Implementing same-faction battlegrounds for some of WoW Classic’s outrageously imbalanced servers sounded like a no-brainer to us, but Blizzard isn’t quite satisfied with how the test runs have gone so far. While the studio claims that this update “dramatically reduced wait times,” problems like premades and Alliance vs. Alliance BGs (on Horde-heavy servers) indicate that the system still needs development.

As a result, Blizzard is experimenting with same-faction battlegrounds while testing this modification. Reduce Alliance-only battles, assist lone players in avoiding pre-made raids, enable players to sign up for same-faction BGs, and provide the minority faction on a server a prize for participation are just a few of the changes.

These changes are being implemented right now for a one-week trial period. The studio said, “We believe it’s important emphasizing up front that the most significant element of this test should be the limitation on premades, and we’ll be very attentive to how battlefield PvP feels for both players who normally queue up alone and players who would have organized raids before queueing.”


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