While Book of Travels has been delayed three times already, it’s not for a lack of promise. Rather, the game has been delayed because it’s moving into a ton of new territory with its Early Access launch. Because of this, the developers need to take additional time to ensure that the game delivers on its promises and is bug-free before its release.

The long anticipated Book of Travels is slowly coming closer to its early access release. So far it has been available to play in a closed alpha for quite a while now. Well, the developer has decided to extend that alpha in order to ensure it is as bug free as possible.

“Book of Travels” is a story-driven adventure game currently on its Early Access. The game sees you playing the role of a young boy travelling across the world with his dog. Part journal, part RPG, the game progresses as you take on quests, leveling up and learning new skills.


Book of Travels has been delayed once again by Might and Delight, but it won’t be for long: the new early access launch is set for August 30th. The studio said it would “take advantage of the extra time to ensure that the next build is in line with the team’s vision.”

“We’re in a good position right now, but the fine-tuning we’ll undertake in these additional three weeks will guarantee that the depth of the gameworld matches our goals, which we’ve described to our supporters and community. Our sole aim has always been quality, and we have confidence in our community, hoping that people would see that the end product will be greater if they wait.”


“Every last detail we examine now, every last touch we apply, will make your experiences more vivid, engaging, and gratifying. Thank you for your patience! Because of these final two weeks’ focus, Braided Shore will be much better.”

Readers may remember that the crowdfunded MMO’s early access was initially scheduled for last autumn, but was then pushed back to Q2 of this year, then to Q3 – specifically, August 9th for the “chapter zero” release. This is the third time it has been postponed. Readers may remember that there is some other major news coming up at the end of August, so let’s hope this game doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

For the occasion, the company released some new screenshots and an updated trailer:

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Book of Travels, an ambitious, adventure game set in 1920s France, has been delayed a third time. This time, the game’s developers have decided to push the game’s early access launch date back to August 30.. Read more about how many days until may 1st and let us know what you think.

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