Chivalry 2 is a PC game that has been around and available for months now, but for some reason the 2.0 update came out just yesterday. The update includes new maps, new rewards, and much more. Make sure to check out the link below to see all the new features!

The Chivalry 2 free update is the latest in the game’s impressive line of free updates. The update introduces a list of new maps, which includes a few remakes of old maps, as well as the addition of a new map. The new map is called “Heaven”; it’s a medieval town that you can transform during gameplay. You can also earn new items and items that weren’t in the original game during gameplay.

Chivalry 2 just got a huge boost today with the release of a free update. The Arena mode is now available, as is the new map the Siege of Orleans. The update actually started rolling out yesterday, but it’s only now hitting players, since the servers rebalanced the starting player count for Arena mode, and that’s something that needs to be done before the mode can be launched in full.. Read more about chivalry 2 update today and let us know what you think.

In our Chivalry 2 review, we said that the game’s maps were one of its strongest features, and we still think so. Getting free access to not one but two new maps is fantastic news, particularly as both of them seem to be well-designed.

The main map takes place in Galencourt, a highly walled city that serves as the Agathian Church’s capital. The city has a strong French feel to it, with the main keep resembling Notre Dame in appearance. A large port with lots of ships just ready to be blown up by the assailing crew is another notable aspect.

The Betrayal of Courtyard, which is playable in Team Deathmatch, FFA, and Arena modes, is a companion map to The Desecration of Galencourt, which is a Team Objective map.

Arena Mode is a game mode that allows you to

One of the other major features included in the latest version is the much anticipated Arena mode. Chivalry 2 was already a fierce game to begin with, but with the Arena, things are sure to heat up much more. The mode was created to be used in small-scale battles between two teams of three players. The match is declared won by the first side to win five rounds. Fighting Pits, Tournament Grounds, and Courtyard are the three maps available for the Arena mode.

Arrow Cam

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was one of the most realistic medieval games available at the time of its release, but it also had its fair share of goofy aspects. One of the most notable of them was the Arrow Cam, which is now available in Chivalry 2 thanks to the latest update.

The Arrow Cam is exactly what it sounds like: a cinematic shot that follows archers as they fire arrows at the enemy. Other projectiles may also be used with it. This is a useful feature since, like its predecessor, Chivalry 2 is inspired by medieval film fights, which often use a system similar to the Arrow Cam.

New Customization Possibilities

More than 60 additional customization choices for Chivalry 2’s different goods have been added by House Galencourt. Weapons, shields, armor, voice overs, and other items may all benefit from these. Some of the new personalization choices will be available right now, while others may take some time to discover. The new female armor skins (luckily no breast armor) and the Monk, a new playable character, are two of the more notable additions.

Torn Banner Studios has indicated on numerous occasions that they want to increase the size and breadth of Chivalry 2 after its first release, and that this would be done for free. Today’s update is a solid start in the right direction, and we’re excited to see what more the devs have planned for Chivalry 2.

The update also included a host of bug fixes and enhancements in addition to the new material. There are way too many to mention here, but the complete patch notes can be found on the official website if you want to learn more.

If you appreciate games like Chivalry 2, have a look at our selection of new and forthcoming medieval games. There are still a surprising number of excellent ones to come.


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Over the weekend, the Chivalry Free update for Chivalry 2 landed on the dev branch of Steam. The update adds a few new features, most notably the Arena mode, which was the first new addition to Chivalry 2. Arena mode is a new tournament mode that pits players against one another in a series of one-on-one battles. The battles take place in an enclosed arena, giving players a chance to show off their giant swords and axes to one another.. Read more about chivalry 2 steam and let us know what you think.

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