Every year, a new 10-day Dregs campaign is released. Players are challenged to bring in the spoils of their conquests for an expiring cause and return home before time runs out. This year’s Dregs has been called Wolfe by Crowfall developers, who have named it after one of its most notorious Lords that resides on the continent.

Crowfall has kicked off a 10-day custom Dregs campaign called Wolfe


Crowfall released the groundwork for “campaign configuration knobs” last week – basically, tools that would enable devs to fine-tune each campaign from the start with customized rulesets that cover everything from leveling to map economics. Wolfe, the first configured Dregs campaign, was supposed to start yesterday night, and it did.

This Dregs campaign, which will run until April 24th, will not allow vessels to be imported into or exported from the campaign at the end, though rewards will be carried over; all characters will start at level 1, with double experience gained from NPC kills; guilds and alliances will be limited to 12 members logged into a world at a time; there will be no keeps; forts will be easier to build; and crafting and resources will be significantly streamlined into “lite mo.”

It’s worth mentioning that there’s already a Shadow campaign, Hawke, that’s ongoing for a considerably longer time; it won’t conclude until May 8th and allows character imports and exports.

Crowfall, of course, is a Kickstarted PvP MMORPG that debuted last summer, but because to its poor player base, it was forced to lay off employees and sell the game. Our own PvP writer Sam Kash returned to the game a few weeks ago and found it to be still exciting and full of promise, but with a dearth of genuine players.


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