The latest in the medieval strategy game franchise has been a hit with players. It is rare for title to generate revenue even after selling 2 million copies, but it also shows that there are still some people who enjoy this genre and will pay money for quality games they can sink their teeth into.

The “crusader kings 3 sale history” is a game that has sold 2 million copies. The game was released in 2012 and has been one of the most successful strategy games ever.

Crusader Kings 3 Has Sold 2 Million Copies

Crusader Kings 3 Has Sold 2 Million Copies

Crusader Kings 3 has sold 2 million copies since its debut, according to publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Paradox Development Studio, making it one of the company’s fastest-selling games.

Royal Court, Crusader Kings 3’s first major expansion, has likewise done very well, selling one million copies in little over a month after its release.

Crusader Kings 3 Has Sold 2 Million Copies

Crusader Kings 3 Has Sold 2 Million Copies

“For the Crusader Kings crew, two million is a big milestone,” stated Game Director Alex Oltner. “It’s a huge vote of confidence from the community, and we’re ecstatic that our games can reach so many people.”

Oltner also said that the studio has “huge ambitions” for Crusader Kings III in the future, although he didn’t elaborate on what those plans are.

Because of its better UI and onboarding capabilities, as well as its immense potential for emergent narrative, the grand strategy game premiered to critical and fan praise.

By mid-November 2020, less than two months after its release, the basic game had sold over one million copies.

Despite its success, gamers were split on Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court’s increased base price, which some thought was too much for what it delivered. Later, the publisher affirmed that it will maintain “flexibility” in its price approach.

Apart from having lots of material to keep you occupied for hours, the basic game and its expansion also have a lively modding community with anything from little modifications to entire overhauls.

Crusader Kings III will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 5 on March 29.

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The “ck3 mods” is a strategy game that has been released by Paradox Interactive. The game has sold 2 million copies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies did Crusader Kings 3 sell?

A: In its lifetime, Crusader Kings 3 has sold close to 2.4 million copies across all platforms.

How many copies did Crusader Kings 2 Sell?

A: In total, the game sold 2,535,000 copies across all platforms.

Is there an end to Crusader Kings 3?

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