Making a secure, fair and fun gaming environment is the goal for DC Universe Online. To that end, it has banned ‘egregious’ exploiters and removed all existing XP gains from their accounts to ensure this happens in the future. This move aims to keep gameplay fair for everyone while giving power back to those who play fairly

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play MMORPG. It has implemented a new system that will ban and remove the XP gains of those who have been exploiting the game for their own gain. Read more in detail here: dc universe online.

DC Universe Online permanently bans ‘egregious’ exploiters and removes exploited XP gains

Online, fine.

DC Universe Online revealed steps taken against exploiters of a problem that hit with Update 119 in mid-December last year, indefinitely suspending over 800 accounts as a consequence. Daybreak’s sub-studio Dimensional Ink has detailed further precautions taken in the aftermath of the exploit, including permanent bans and the entire removal of XP gained from the vulnerability.

The experience gain reduction affects all sources “regardless of whether someone exploited a little or a lot,” and some players who haven’t been permanently banned will have their item XP erased. Permanent bans will be applied to the “most heinous” situations, such as serial offenders or those who create phony accounts.

“Because of the nature of the exploit and the quantity of first-time offenders with long playtimes,” the notice explains, “we are not pushing ahead with blanket permanent bans.” “Logging in to find your experience evaporated should be more terrible than just moving on in many respects, and we feel this move is a more fair reaction.”

Those who did not take advantage of the situation and assist in the investigation will get a gift package that contains 6500 Ally Favor, 35 Source Marks, and a Perfected Exobyte Mega Pack, among other things. Doing good may sometimes pay off.


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