Deep Rock Galactic is a multiplayer first-person shooter and adventure game set on the surface of an asteroid in the distant future. This expansive guide offers builds for each type of weapon, perks that help players stay alive, tips for playing as a team and picking up new weapons along your journey to find Oort stones and build bigger guns!

The “deep rock galactic tank build” is a guide for players in the game, Deep Rock Galactic. The guide includes information on what builds are good, how to get perks and what role you should play.

Deep Rock Galactic: The Gatling Gunner's Guide (Builds, Perks, Role)

It’s proven difficult to get mining rights for Hoxxes IV. Negotiations have been tough since the inhabitants are a bunch of dwarf-eating bugs/plants, and your business rivals deployed killer robots to the planet. Fortunately, the Gunner is an expert negotiator. With the use of violence.

The Gunner is your go-to pick for tearing a route through the soon-to-be dead with a flurry of bullets and explosives, since he is armed to the brim with a variety of heavy weaponry. A good Gunner protects their squad so they can protect the treasure.  

Because of the variety of dangers your team will face, understanding where to place yourself and which foes to prioritize will influence whether or not you survive. To that aim, we’ve put up the most complete Gunner guide in Deep Rock Galactic on everything Gunner-related.  

We’ll go through what’s required of you as a Gunner, the best builds for the job, how to use your equipment, and other helpful hints to help you defeat Hoxxes IV’s dangers.  

Let’s get this party started!  

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The Gunner’s Function

As the Gunner, you’re always on the lookout for a danger that can be eliminated. You’re in charge of turning everything threatening into a fine mist so that your colleagues may safely execute their jobs.  

You’re the team’s major source of damage, with the firepower and, more critically, the ammunition reserves to keep up a continual bombardment. As you may not be able to do as much burst damage as the others, your rifle should still have plenty of ammo while theirs runs out.  

Of course, this does not excuse you from being inefficient with your ammunition. When at all feasible, go for the weak spots. This is usually the enemy’s head, butt, or any other luminous feature. On higher levels, destroying the swarm quickly enough before it overwhelms you becomes more of a challenge.  

Priority-Kill-List-1-1024x637 Priority-Kill-List-1-1024x637 Putting the Menace ahead of all other dangers.

When it comes to deciding which risks to prioritize, this generic list should cover the majority of scenarios:

  1. Spitters, Menaces, and Turrets are ranged adversaries that do a lot of damage and are generally beyond of reach of your teammates’ guns.
  2. Spawners (Breeders, Brooder Nexus) – These monsters will continue to spawn lesser foes indefinitely until they are slain. If you don’t cope with the continual damage and squandered ammunition, your crew will perish.
  3. Mini-bosses (BET-C, Detonators) – These feature vast health pools as well as weak areas that need pinpoint accuracy. You have the aim and the firepower to eliminate them.
  4. Flying foes (Mactera) — Annoying dangers that can be dealt with by your teammates depending on their range, but if they stay their distance, you’re typically the best option.
  5. Grunts, Rollers, and Praetorians are melee adversaries. These should largely be handled by the Driller; only assist if they’re overpowering your crew. When your Scout can just flank them, breaking armor is typically a waste of ammunition.

Thankfully, you can give your crew some much-needed breathing space by using your Zipline Launcher and Shield Generator strategically. The first allows your squad to safely hang in the air away from melee foes, while the second offers a brief period of near invincibility that may be used to resurrect teammates or replenish shields.  

Overwatch-1024x576 Overwatch-1024x576 While high above on a zipline, taking note of your colleagues’ locations.

You’re often towards the head of the line clearing a route forward or serving as an overwatch in a vast area against any possibly spawning dangers while you’re not in direct combat. Unfortunately, your team won’t always be able to work together, so you’ll have to make snap decisions about where you’re most productive.  

To that end, concentrate on maintaining sight lines so you can see and attack foes, as well as being able to communicate with your teammates so you can help them if they’re in danger. By allowing your crew to cross high cliffs and gaping chasms, installing ziplines may be quite beneficial. Otherwise, use your leisure time collecting and transporting as many precious materials as possible. Especially Nitra, the ever-valuable ammo-maker.    

Perks, Gunner

As a Gunner, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to perk selection, and you may pretty much do anything you want. Though we do have a few suggestions to help him improve his game.  


  • Dash — As the least mobile of the four classes, it’s critical that you don’t get trapped and overwhelmed. This allows you to quickly exit a dangerous situation and get some breathing space.
  • Field Medic – Your Shield Generator isn’t going to survive indefinitely. It’s best if you can get someone up as quickly as possible. In addition, the free rez is always useful in an emergency.
  • Iron Will – Sometimes things simply go to hell, and everyone falls on their knees, attempting to help each other get back up. Activate it, then send out a Shield Generator and ask someone else to stand up. With this second opportunity, your squad could just make it.
  • Master of Beasts – It’s always nice to have a friendly creature take some of the aggro off you while you’re dealing with other foes. Especially because you’re generally standing still while shooting your main weapon.


  • Resupplier – Even if you have a lot of ammunition, you will ultimately need to restock. Return to the battle with renewed energy and vigor.
  • Friendly – The major weapons Thunderhead and Hurricane do splash damage. It’s best if you don’t lose your team in the process.
  • Born Ready — Your firearms reload a little slower than most. To reload everything at once, switch to Shield Generator and run away for a while.
  • Sweet Tooth – You can expect to get struck a lot when firing your main. This should assist to mitigate some of the harm.

Builds & Equipment for Gunners

Let’s take a look at the finest Gunner builds in terms of guns and gear.  

Primary Weapons & Builds

You like powerful firearms and are incapable of lying. As a result, the Gunner’s three options are all heavy guns that excel in mid-range combat.

Because of their huge ammunition stockpiles, they’ll be able to fire continuously for long periods of time, blowing through opposing ranks and armor. Just keep in mind that when shooting these firearms, your movement speed will slow to a crawl.  

1. Minigun Powered by “Lead Storm”

Lead-Storm-Powered-Minigun-1024x433 Lead-Storm-Powered-Minigun-1024x433

The Gunner’s default starting weapon and one of the greatest all-rounders in the game. This is the rifle for you if you want a versatile weapon that can be used in almost any situation.  

After a quick spin up, this minigun can spit nonstop lead, and the longer you fire it, the more accurate it gets. Furthermore, each bullet has a potential to stun for a limited period of time when it hits, making it ideal for halting larger foes in their tracks.  

This weapon’s sole true restriction is its heat meter (indicated by the filling circle on your gun). If you keep firing without stopping, it will overheat and shut down for a few seconds. However, by waiting and repositioning before shooting again, this problem may be avoided.  


It’s great for destroying weak places because of its constant spray of bullets, as long as you can keep line of sight. Just remember to account for bullet spread at longer ranges.  


This build is based on nonstop fire and adding piercing bullets to compensate for the minigun’s vulnerability in dealing with several adversaries. This construct becomes important for crowd management at higher difficulties due to the swarm’s increasing size and health.

  • (1) Magnetic Refrigeration – Heat management is less efficient.
  • (1) Extra-Large Drum
  • (3) Blowthrough Rounds – This is why you can take on several foes.
  • (3) Magnetic Bearings – Less precision is lost between cooling breaks using magnetic bearings.
  • (2) As icy as a grave
  • Overclock: Thin Drum Walls – More ammunition and quicker cooling with no downsides.

Blast Burn (Build B)

This is an unusual minigun build, since it transforms you into a close-range burst damage Gunner. This build needs you to be within close range of foes to burn them with the overclock, allowing you to do maximum damage as rapidly as possible. You’ll be overheating a lot more, which is a good thing since it means you’ll be able to unleash a large AoE explosion that will terrify foes every time it occurs.  

  • (2) Increased motor skills
  • (2) High Velocity Rounds – Ammo reserves aren’t as necessary while burst shooting.
  • (2) Improved Stun — Used in conjunction with Aggressive Venting to manage crowds more effectively.
  • (1) Chamber Pressure Variable
  • (1) Aggressive Venting — The reason this construction works is because of aggressive venting.
  • Overclock: Burning Hell – Enemies within 5 meters of your gun’s front end will combust as you fire. This is a significant rise in harm. When you get the opportunity, take advantage of it.

2. Heavy Autocannon “Thunderhead”

Thunderhead-Heavy-Autocannon-1024x432 Thunderhead-Heavy-Autocannon-1024x432

This is the only gun in the game that focuses on AoE splash damage. The Thunderhead, which is loaded with explosive rounds, causes direct damage before detonating and causing AoE damagez. Because the explosion’s splash radius is fairly vast, it’s ideal for dealing with swarms of foes. It’s also incredibly effective at destroying armor.  

This weapon, unlike the minigun, does not have a heating system and instead uses a regular magazine reloading method. The Thunderhead, on the other hand, has a similar ramp up in that it shoots quicker the longer the trigger is pressed. Because of the size of each magazine, you’ll frequently be able to use its maximum fire rate.  

In compared to the Gunner’s other major weapons, the Thunderhead, depending on its construction, is more of a specialist weapon. To compensate for whatever area you’re deficient in, you’ll want to strengthen your side arm.  

Thunderhead-Action-1024x443 Thunderhead-Action-1024x443 The caverns are filled with the sound of bugs bursting.

Carpet Bombing (Build A)

The Thunderhead’s AoE presence is amplified in this setup. You’re sacrificing even more direct damage in exchange for more explosive splash damage. You’ll be in charge of keeping the swarm in control, but it should be an easy task for you.

  • (3) Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity
  • (3) Lighter Barrel Assembly — Works in conjunction with the Feedback Loop
  • (2) Loaded Cartridges
  • Rounds that have been hardened – You already have a large enough splash radius.
  • (1) Loop of Feedback – Increases the amount of splash damage you get.
  • If you don’t want to give up any direct damage, overclock Carpet Bomber / Splintering Shells.

Build B is a fast-paced, high-octane assault.

This build focuses on direct damage in a more conventional way. The Combat Mobility overclock transforms the Thunderhead into the Gunner’s most mobile weapon, allowing him to fire at near full speed while maintaining a high fire rate. Simply keep an eye on your ammunition.

  • (2) High Capacity Magazine — Makes up for the disadvantages of overclocking.
  • (2) Improved Gas System – The overclock takes care of the increasing firing rate.
  • (1) Supercharged Feed Mechanism / (3) High Velocity Rounds — Shoot harder or quicker.
  • Rounds that have been hardened
  • (1) Loop of Feedback
  • Overclock: Combat Mobility – The sole reason this build works is because of the overclock.

3. Guided Rocket System “Hurricane”

Hurricane-Guided-Rocket-System-1024x433 Hurricane-Guided-Rocket-System-1024x433

The Gunner’s last major weapon, and by far his most accurate weapon. This is because the weapon’s rockets zero in on whatever your reticle is aiming towards. By just aiming about before smashing the rockets into any hazard that appears, you can keep them up in the air for a long.  

This weapon is best designed for direct single target damage, despite minor splash damage on hit. You should be able to strike the enemy’s weak place with every shot since you have so much control over the rockets (as long as you have line of sight).  

Because the weapon takes into consideration depth perception, it may take some time to become accustomed to managing the rockets and not squandering them by accidently smashing them into the terrain. Shoot over an Oppressor’s head so the rocket goes behind it, then aim at its face to 180° the missile into the weak place on its behind.  

Hurricane-Action-1024x617 Hurricane-Action-1024x617 Ramming missiles into the vulnerable areas of a Brood Nexus.

Build A: Apply to the Forehead Directly

This build focuses on highly rapid and accurate rockets to target adversaries’ weak places. While you won’t be delivering much AoE damage, most foes should be killed in a matter of seconds with only one or two bullets to the head. It’s ideal for dealing with opponents that are a long way away.

  • (1) Missile Belts – Ammo is too valuable to be thrown away.
  • (1) More powerful jet engine – faster and more maneuverable
  • (1) Nano Missiles / (2) Improved Feed Mechanism — This is a personal preference, however reloading is a headache.
  • (1) Load of Shrapnel
  • (2) Decompression that is uncontrolled
  • Overclock: Overtuned Feed Mechanism / Jet Fuel Homebrew – Both are excellent for doing direct damage. However, the second one demands significantly more control over your missiles.

Shotgun Pain (Build B)

This setup is entirely reliant on the overclock, which effectively transforms your missile launcher into a 33 shotgun barrage. This is ideal for dealing with tougher opponents and large audiences. Just make sure you have enough ammunition in your sidearm to cope with more solitary animals.

  • (1) Missile Belts – This requires a lot of ammo.
  • Anti-Tank Missiles (ATMs) are a kind of anti-tank missile that
  • (1) Nano Missiles – If you shotgun blast often, you’ll shortly run out of ammunition.
  • (1) Zip Fuel – This isn’t a construction for perfectionists.
  • (2) Decompression that is uncontrolled
  • Overclock: Salvo Module – While you can still fire one guidable missile at a time with the gun, you can now hold down the trigger to fire nine rockets at once, destroying everything in your path.

Side Arms & Builds

For his side arm, the Gunner has two choices. Both are strong pistols that can do a lot of damage, but they need a few seconds to get their accuracy back after each fire. These are best for finishing off single foes or when accuracy is necessary.  

1. Heavy Revolver “Bulldog”

Bulldog-Heavy-Revolver-1024x433 Bulldog-Heavy-Revolver-1024x433

The Gunner’s default side arm. It fires forcefully but slowly, as one would expect from a hefty revolver. Most foes will be 1 or 2 tapped by a well-placed shot to a vulnerable location. While the initial shot is usually exact, you’ll need to wait for it to settle before moving on to the next. Standing motionless will improve its accuracy even further.

Build A: A single shot, a single kill

This modification transforms your revolver into a lethal hand-held sniper. You cannot afford to miss with a concentration on pin-point precision shots to vulnerable places. Use this to rapidly and effectively deal with high-priority threats.

  • (2) Perfect Weight Distribution
  • (3) Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity – We’re taking at least one ammo upgrade.
  • (3) Bullets with a hollow point
  • (2) High Velocity Rounds — At least one damage improvement is in need.
  • (2) Coating of Neurotoxin – has a 50% chance of poisoning your opponent. It may be the difference between needing a second bullet and not. To line up a shot, you’re normally standing stationary.
  • Chain Hit / Elephant Rounds – Overclock Chain Hit just offers free ricochets into adjacent foes, since this build centers upon weak places. On the other hand, Elephant Rounds accentuates the sniper-in-a-handgun role even more, supercharging your bullets at the expense of ammunition and fire tempo.

Ammo Revolution (Build B) This build uses your revolver to compliment a more bullet-based strategy by allowing you to perform AoE damage and not have to worry as much about weak places. If your main is constructed for single target, this is a great way to aid with swarm management.

  • (1) Quickfire Ejector — This build isn’t about precision.
  • (3) Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity
  • (2) Explosive Rounds – Less direct damage, but your bullets now explode in a wider area, causing AoE damage.
  • (1) Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity
  • (2) Coating of Neurotoxin
  • Overclock: Six Shooter / Homebrew Powder – The AoE from the Explosive Rounds will take care of the job as long as you can strike a target. Overclocking in either direction is beneficial.

2. Burst Fire Gun BRT7

BRT7-Burst-Fire-Gun-1024x434 BRT7-Burst-Fire-Gun-1024x434

The second secondary of the Gunner. When you pull the trigger on this pistol, it shoots three rounds in rapid succession. While the rounds all follow the same spread pattern every burst, if you fire too quickly, the bursts will begin to travel in random directions.  

The gun causes less damage overall than the revolver, but it may be fired significantly more often. In terms of performance, this pistol is more suited for crowd control than damage, and it makes it easier to cope with mobile foes.  

Spray and Pray for Build A

This build is built for when an attacker comes too close for comfort, since the Gunner is most effective at mid-range. You’re simply shoving this rifle into your target’s face and pressing the trigger as quickly as you can, with no concern for accuracy or bullet spread.

  • (1) Rounds with a High Velocity
  • (3) Safety for the Disabled
  • (2) Rounds with a larger caliber
  • (3) Bullets with a hollow point / (2) Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity – Personal choice of damage or ammo.
  • (1) Burst Stun — Protects you from taking too much damage when being point blank.
  • Overclock: Lead Spray — Destroys accuracy, but you’re shooting point blank for a reason. Makes up for the gun’s lack of damage.

B-B-Burst Fire (Build B)

This build is for individuals who simply want to clear out any stragglers with their side arm and not worry about running out of ammunition very soon. You’re basically utilizing the gun to stun creatures so you can finish them off with a pickaxe attack (particularly excellent if you’re running the Vampire perk for the health restoration), with an emphasis on increasing accuracy so you don’t waste bullets.

  • (2) Accuracy of the Floating Barrel
  • (1) Accuracy of the recoil dampener
  • (2) Rounds with a larger caliber
  • (2) Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity
  • (1) Burst Stun — This build’s most important feature.
  • Compact Mags / Composite Casings – Overclock It’s a matter of personal preference as to how much additional ammunition you want to carry.

Zipline Launcher & Build  

Zipline-Launcher-1024x434 Zipline-Launcher-1024x434

The environment might be the most dangerous menace at times. Cliffs that drop to the ground and unsuitable terrain are regular issues. Fortunately, you’ve got your Zipline Launcher.  

Set up a zipline for your squad if you need to cross a location where the Driller can’t simply create a connected tunnel. This is particularly beneficial when you need to go back and forth between two regions often. The ziplines are likewise impervious to damage.  

You may utilize the zipline and carry big goods at the same time (amazing for retrieving Aquarqs on Point Extraction missions). If you’re on a zipline, holding down the forward button will allow you to speed significantly. But no luck with going up; you’ll have to wait for that one.  

Carrying-Zipline-1024x537 Carrying-Zipline-1024x537 Using a zipline to deliver an Aquarq and avoid having to negotiate this hellscape.

Because you can fire while riding a zipline, it’s an excellent approach to deal with melee adversaries while keeping out of harm’s way. But be warned: if you take too much damage, you’ll tumble off the zipline. Always take down ranged and flying foes first if you utilize this tactic.  

You may even utilize ziplines to halt a fall by connecting to them in the middle of a drop. Just remember to press the interact button while you fall. You could even create a zipline jungle and leap from one to the next (useful in boss rooms like Dreadnought hunts).  

There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to Build

Designed to allow ziplines to be built up at steeper angles and for quicker movement along them.

  • (2) Upgraded Joint of Connection
  • (1) Cable Reinforcement
  • (2) Increased Motor Traction – You’re doing something wrong if you’re sliding off.

Shield Generator & Build

Shield-Generator-1024x431 Shield-Generator-1024x431

For a few precious seconds, the Shield Generator is probably the greatest feature of the Gunner’s equipment, giving a dome of near-perfect protection. Simply throw it out, and it will deploy as soon as it comes into contact with anything.

Any dwarf within the bubble will take 50% less damage and their shield will begin recharging instantly throughout those 6 seconds of protection. Moreover, practically all enemies and attacks are unable to penetrate the barrier.  

There are, however, a few caveats to the shield’s protection:

  • Acid spray by Praetorian
  • The seismic strike of oppressors
  • The stomp strike of Detonator
  • The stroke of the roller
  • parasitic organisms (only appear during certain mission modifiers)

Aside from those few strikes, your squad is practically indestructible within the bubble and may take advantage of the extra time to recover. Before you may deploy another shield, you must wait 12.5 seconds for it to recharge.  

Shield-Action-1024x576 Shield-Action-1024x576 Regroup, resuscitate, and reload.

The most frequent use of the shield is to safely resuscitate a fallen teammate. To prevent getting downed in the first place, you should practice deploying the shield when you detect a large hit approaching.  

Build A: We Only Need 9 Seconds

Designed to allow you to keep your shield up for as long as possible. Use that time to resurrect, protect yourself, and destroy everything in your path before it vanishes.

  • (2) A better projector is required, and it must be big enough to accommodate your full crew.
  • (2) Capacitors of a larger size
  • (3) Increased Productivity


All of the Gunner’s grenades are straight out of a first-person shooter.  

Sticky Grenade is a kind of grenade that clings to

Sticky-Grenade-1024x431 Sticky-Grenade-1024x431

This youngster will attach to every surface or adversary it comes into touch with, making it the Gunner’s default grenade. If you become attached to an opponent, they may flee in horror before the subsequent explosion sends neighboring adversaries fleeing in fright (provided they’re still alive).  

With six of them in your possession, you can effectively disperse a mob and get some breathing space. As soon as it clings to anything, the fuse on it will start ticking down, so be careful!

2. Explosive Grenade

Incendiary-Grenade-1024x433 Incendiary-Grenade-1024x433

This is the grenade to use if you want to transform an area into an unpleasant flaming pit. The area where it falls will be engulfed in flames, and any adversary struck by the first explosion will explode into flames instantly.  

Surprisingly, it does not explode when it bounces off walls or other objects. It will only explode after it reaches the ground, so plan ahead where you want to throw it since you only have four of these.  

3. Grenade Cluster

Cluster-Grenade-1024x433 Cluster-Grenade-1024x433

Due to the massive area coverage and devastation it creates, this grenade is perhaps the strongest for the Gunner. When the grenade lands, it will send additional 9 micro clusters in random directions before exploding.  

These 9 clusters, when combined, provide massive damage and may also stun opponents. You can easily take out large groups of opponents with four of these on hand. However, keep an eye out for your pals.    

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our Gunner guide – thanks for taking the time to read it! Please subscribe and leave a comment below if you have any more tips or tactics that you believe we should include in our guide. Have fun gaming!  

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