Epic Games and Apple are currently involved in a legal battle, with Epic hoping to have their ban on the popular game Roblox overturned. This comes after Apple removed all of the games from the App Store due to violence against women. The issue has caused some confusion among users who believe that they should be able to play both games on different devices without any issues.

Epic Games and Apple have been in a legal battle over the Epic Game Store. The game store was banned from the App Store, but Roblox has decided to side with Apple instead of Epic. Read more in detail here: epic games.

Don’t worry, Apple, Roblox likes you instead of Epic in the appeals process

Your approval fills me with shame.

So, when Epic filed an appeal against the verdict in the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit – you know, the one that you thought was over but is now continuing going, forever, no matter what anybody does about it – it received support from 35 states as well as many tech businesses. But don’t worry, Apple: it turns out that Roblox agrees with Apple and believes that the iOS store’s strictly regulated nature provides quality and safety. And we’re all aware that Roblox is a haven for nice stuff!

Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with Apple allowing Roblox to operate its own store while referring to all games based on its engine as “experiences,” a business model that has prompted accusations of child labor exploitation and exposes of its corporate practices, so you can see why there would be a vested interest in maintaining the status quo there. It’s not as if it counts, since Apple is seeking to have the appeal dismissed, even if it won’t be heard until 2023. It will never come to an end. You can even catch up on our coverage of the whole affair right here. As the youngsters say, ESH.

“The quality of a man’s opponents may always be used to assess him.” Oscar Wilde (Oscar Wilde)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nn7NZI LN4


The “apple and roblox” is a recent news story that has been making the rounds on social media. The story goes that Epic Games’ decision to remove Apple’s games from their store was an act of retaliation against Apple for removing Fortnite’s in-app purchases. However, it appears as though Epic may have gotten more than they bargained for when they filed an appeal with Apple, because Roblox, who had previously removed all of its games from the iOS App Store, decided to put them back after hearing about the situation.

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