The sequel to 2016’s Dead Light is a legitimately satisfying zombie game with some issues that are hard to ignore. There are far too many quick time events, the story doesn’t make sense or provide much incentive, and there’s no customization options for weapons which could have been cool. Despite these faults, Dying Light 2 remains an enjoyable experience in its own right.,

The “dying light 2 review reddit” is a review of the game “Dying Light 2”. The game has been released for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Dying Light 2 is an open world zombie survival horror video game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Dying Light 2 Review

70 percent in total



Dying Light 2 is on the verge of becoming fantastic, but it’s hampered by a slew of technical flaws. If you’re planning on playing alone, I’d recommend waiting for some updates. However, if you’re playing with pals, the difficulties are worth it.

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Techland Games’ Dying Light 2 is finally out, seven years after the phenomenally popular Dying Light. Will the sequel be able to maintain the same level of excitement as the original game, or will it crash and burn? Here’s a link to our review.

Review of Dying Light 2

You begin Dying Light 2 by looking for a guy who can help you locate your lost sister. You eventually get a unique key that allows you to access old-world vaults and technology. You are helped by a guy called Hakon, but you are bitten by an infected. UV light may help, but you’ll also need a Biomarker. The key and that bite pull you away from your search for your sister and into these people’s concerns. After an hour or two, you are eventually let go to explore the city at your leisure.

The issue is, I wasn’t all that interested in the plot. Aiden’s primary objective is to locate his sister. However, you wind yourself aligning with some of The City’s residents and completing their quests in search of further information. Every time you think you’re going to obtain something genuine, it turns out to be a maybe, or I believe it’s still there. The options were my greatest concern. Some decisions make a huge influence later in the game, but it takes a long time to get there. There are a few small conversation or character adjustments, but the most of the options fall flat throughout the plot. To be honest, I wasn’t there for the plot; it’s a zombie game. It’s basically always in your face.

Dying Light 2 Honest Review

In contrast, some side storylines have significant consequences as a result of their decisions. One of the very first side tasks, for example, has you assisting a young guy who is assisting his brother. You complete the goals, but things go wrong. When you finally approach the mission giver, you must stop him from dying. After you’ve saved him from death, make sure he doesn’t turn himself in or he’ll be hanged. The mission is just around 20 minutes long, yet it has a greater effect than the rest of the tale. It’s almost as though the main tale came first, then the options, and then the side tasks were built around them.

Aiden is a weak character that has a limited offensive arsenal at the start of the game. As you level up and obtain new fighting talents, you’ll most likely be spamming fast attacks for the first few hours. There is parkour fighting, although in my experience, it is rather difficult to master. You deflect an adversary’s strike, hop over it, and then kick another enemy. However, the targeting when jumping is shaky and not as accurate as it should be. In the end, I seldom did, although the choice is there. Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned about parkour combat to enjoy the fights. You’ll enjoy bashing zombies with melee weapons just as much as you did in Dying Light.

The strikes are powerful, and you get that lovely slow-down effect when you score a crit. You may acquire power attacks and spin attacks after you progress. Mods are back, allowing weapons to do elemental damage like fire or poison. This time, you may customize it such that you receive a charge-up attack that you can use whenever you want, as well as modifications that add effects to crits like burning. Because I usually employed one-handed weapons, I like the crit builds. It feels great after you start slaying zombies with two bullets.

Dying Light 2 Honest Game Review

The bow is another fighting choice. I’m not happy with how long it takes you to obtain the bow. After an hour or two, you should have it, although it seems like three to four. It starts off weak and goes ridiculous as you advance, much like your melee skills. You can’t change the look of your bow, but you can change the sorts of arrows you use. Even though they did summon enemy infected to the area, I preferred the exploding arrows. If stealth is more your style, you may utilize it for that as well. Just keep an eye out for men wearing helmets and face masks.

Let’s speak about another gaming high point: parkour (insert “Parkour!” from The Office here). Do not purchase this game if you do not like leaping and climbing. You’re always climbing buildings, leaping over fences, reaching the tops of windmills, and scaling the city’s tallest structures in search of some antenna. Climbing is virtually constant at this point. It’s difficult at first because of your frailty. After a few hours, you earn some abilities and stamina, and you’re off to the races, just like real fight. It also helps that the automatic grab is rather liberal, which I like. You’re about to lose your balance. You’re going to fall behind. You’ll go down the cliff and have to start all over again. Accept the situation and move on.

In Dying Light 2, nighttime is less terrible than it was in the original game. You still have the particular infection and may be overwhelmed, but the Volatiles aren’t as ruthless in their pursuit of you. At night, you earn more experience, so I loved sitting up high and taking out foes below for the extra experience. Of course, certain tasks must be completed at night. The biggest benefit of nighttime is that most structures are devoid of infected. You may take use of this chance to search for guns, armor, and treasures.

Dying Light 2 game review

Molotovs, mines, sound makers, UV lights, and even a homemade rifle are among the various toys available thanks to an in-depth making system. All of them may be upgraded to do greater damage or just enhanced in general. The majority of crafting supplies are clearly highlighted on the map, making them simple to locate. Because the map includes so many question marks to investigate, practically everything is simple to find. It gives the game a more Ubisoft vibe, but I like simple crafting supplies.

This game, in my opinion, is much better in co-op. I spent around 25 hours playing alone, and it may be tedious at times. With a friend at my side, I didn’t have to clear nearly as much as I would have had to do on my own. Just remember that in co-op, the host is the one who makes the decisions.

Review of Dying Light 2 1

Dying Light 2 is plagued by several serious issues, as much as I liked it. Of course, there are the standard open-world elements such as floating objects and glitched character motions. Then there are bugs that cause strange interactions. To interact with a button, for example, you must hold square, yet the button prompt only appears at an odd angle. Then there are the wrecks, which are the real killers. I never slowed down much, although ascending the same tower three times is a pain. Also, with a game like this, there are no numerous save spaces, which is absurd.

Dying Light 2 is on the verge of becoming fantastic, but it’s hampered by a slew of technical flaws. If you’re flying with pals, it’s great, but if you’re flying alone, you’ll need to wait for some fixes.

This Dying Light 2 review was conducted on the PlayStation 5. The publisher gave me a digital code to use.


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Techland Games’ Dying Light 2 is finally out, seven years after the phenomenally popular Dying Light. Will the sequel be able to maintain the same level of excitement as the original game, or will it crash and burn? Here’s a link to our review.


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Dying Light 2 Review is a game that was released on the PlayStation 5. The game received mixed reviews from gamers, but it has been praised for its visuals. Reference: dying light 2 review ps5.

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Is Dying Light 2 a good game?

A: Dying Light 2 is a fantastic game, and you should definitely play it!

Is Dying Light 2 worth buying?

A: Dying Light 2 does not appear to be worth purchasing. The game has a list of bugs, many reported and un-reported, which can make it difficult for the player to enjoy playing through this title that much.

Does Dying Light 2 have guns?

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