Elden Ring is an interactive storytelling game based in a dark fantasy world. It is the first story-driven, co-op multiplayer RPG on PC that combines procedurally generated content with handcrafted quests and puzzles.

The “ring of oath elden ring location” is a video game that was released in 2018. The game takes place in a fantasy world, where the player must fight to protect their home and family.

Elden Ring Ring of Oath

Combing through Elden Ring is a trip full of unexpected turns. You’ll come across so many things on your journey that you could lose sight of where some of them need to go. For certain endings, you’ll need to collect keys and tools from all throughout the Lands Between. One of Elden Ring’s endings requires the Ring of Oath, often known as the Dark Moon Ring. It’s one of the game’s most crucial components… It is, nevertheless, quite inconvenient to get! We’ll walk you through all of the procedures you’ll need to locate this important item so you can finish your quest properly!

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! Several story aspects in Elden Ring are discussed in this guide. Please read this with caution.

Where to Look for the Oath Ring (Dark Moon Ring)

errennalla-640x360Elden Ring Ring of Oath Darkmoon Ring

The Dark Moon Ring, also known as the Ring of Oath, may be found in Rennala’s Chambers, near the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, which is a place of grace. To open this chest, you’ll need to collect the Discarded Palace Key. This key is part of Princess Ranni’s questline, and you must be almost through with it before you may receive it. This item is also required to finish the quest.

So, if you haven’t yet reached this stage in the quest, we can assist you!

The Adventures of Ranni the Witch

To begin Ranni’s questline, you must first defeat Royal Knight Loretta, Caria Manor’s last monster. This will give you entrance to Liurnia of the Lakes’ Northwestern side. Head northwest after leaving Caria Manor until you reach a tower guarded by a dragon and two hounds. Ranni, who lives in that tower, will begin your adventure by informing you about Nokron. To begin her quest, speak with her servants and her.


  • Enter the Siofra River location, which is accessible via eastern Mistwood near the Minor Erdtree, to speak with Blaidd. On the eastern side of the valley, the knight will be near a bridge. Speak with him.
  • Return to Preceptor Selvius, who is located south of Ranni’s Rise, at Selvius’s Rise. Speak with him.
  • Look for Sorceress Sellen. She’s at the Waypoint Ruins, slightly west of Mistwood on the east side of Limgrave. Speak with her.
  • To go from here, you must beat Radahn. Radahn is a mid-to-late game boss that can be found in Redmane Castle in the south east of Caelid. If you defeat him, you’ll get access to Nokron, Mistwood’s Eternal City. The Mimic Tear summon item may also be found in Nokron.
  • Get the Fingerslayer Blade by traveling through Nokron. Ranni would like it if you give it to her when she rises.
  • Use the Carian Inverted Statue in eastern Liurnia of the Lakes’ Carian Study Hall. The hall will be transformed into a dungeon as a result of this. Remove the Cursemark of Death from Ranni’s body and clear the dungeon.
  • Renna’s Rise is located east of Ranni’s Rise. To teleport to the Ainsel River Main, go through the top. Once you’ve arrived, plunder the area for a Miniature Ranni. To chat to Ranni, talk to the doll many times.
  • Nokstella, the Eternal City, is crystal clear. You’ll acquire the Discarded Palace Key after you’ve cleared the level.

How to Get the Dark Moon Ring

erduskringchest-640x360Elden Ring Ring of Oath Darkmoon Ring

Rennala’s apartments include a chest containing the Ring. Simply snap that sucker open once you have the Discarded Palace Key! The Dark Moon Ring is only a key item with no statistical value. This isn’t a prize for completing the mission.

Return to the Ainsel River’s Lake of Rot, particularly to the Grand Cloister in the southwest. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, must be defeated in the coffin. This will take you to the Moonlight Altar, where you may battle Glintstone Dragon Adula for a new dragon incantation in Caelid’s Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

After that, you may go to Ranni’s corpse. To get the Dark Moon Greatsword and a new ending choice, use the item to release her.

Return to Ranni’s Rise once you’ve completed the task. Blaidd may be fought there for the Royal Greatsword and his armor set. The weaponry is impressive.

Once the task is finished, the Snow Witch Set may be found in a chest on the top level of Renna’s Rise. Ice sorceries are boosted by this set.

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