This summer marks the second anniversary of the release of Elder Scrolls Online and the player base has grown significantly in the past year. It is now over 2 billion players, who have killed 2 billion beasts and killed 2 billion dragons in ESO. With the brand new Morrowind Chapter, the game is ready to provide you with an even more immersive and exciting experience this year, including new content and features!

When I first started playing Elder Scrolls Online, I assumed that I would spend a lot of time playing the games. I went into ESO expecting to play a ton of the game, and I figured it would take a long time for me to reach the level cap. I was a bit surprised to find that after I reached level 20, I had a hard time actually playing the game. I didn’t have the time to log in every day, and I also had a lot of other commitments, so I ended up playing less than I wanted to. With the release of the new DLC, Shadowfen, I was determined to play more ESO, and I wanted to stop being demotivated by the fact that I didn’t have as

Most people know about Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) by now, the online monster-slaying RPG that’s been around since 2012. But what many people don’t know is that an army of players has already killed that number of daedra and other nasty critters in the game. The player known as daimyo has killed an estimated 2 billion monsters since ESO’s launch two years ago, using a combination of efficient farming, clever optimization, and sheer number of characters.


ZeniMax Online Studios has published an infographic detailing everything that happened in The Elder Scrolls Online this summer as part of its “World Plays ESO” campaign. You reportedly rolled more High Elves and Sorcerers than anybody else, visited 133 million zones and 12 million dungeons, completed 162 million quests, and killed 2 billion monsties, but only 48 million other people. Crafters seem to have been busy as well, as they created 310 million potions, 176 million pieces of gear, and 2 million pieces of furniture for the 130,145 houses they purchased. For just two months of play, it’s not bad.

Meanwhile, no good act seems to go unpunished: Several members of an ESO raid party were reportedly banned from the game this past weekend after finding an exploit in a specific battle, according to a highly upvoted post on Reddit and a new topic on the ESO forums. While there is no evidence to back up the claim in the thread, a guildie of affected players claims that the group played through an entire battle with the intention of recording the bug to show to ZeniMax. However, the guild’s support ticket was reportedly met with an immediate shutdown and subsequent permabans, prompting social media calls for “#FreePTE.”

We assume ZOS is already examining the allegations and will provide a comment once the inquiry is complete. While it’s unlikely that full specifics of account actioning will ever be made public, the studio should make it clear how it handles exploit reports to the community. In the meanwhile, we’ve reached out to the studio’s PR for clarification and will update as soon as we get more information.


Elder Scrolls Online is a bit of an MMO/RPG mashup. Instead of being a single-player game, you’re plopped into the middle of an online world with other players, who are all vying for the same control of an island. You start off as a “power-leveled” level 1 character, but you have the ability to level up your character to whatever level you want, so long as you have the time. It takes a lot of time to level up, so I decided to document my journey. I’ll be starting at level 5, so it’ll be a long journey.. Read more about elder scrolls online rating and let us know what you think.

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