The fourth update to the Elite Dangerous title brought back the ability to run your own private servers (a.k.a. player-vs-player servers) as well as a new ship, the Type 9 Heavy. These updates were accompanied by a host of fixes and performance improvements, and the developers have already begun work on the next update.

VR is still extremely popular among gamers, especially those who are new to the gaming world. There are a number of games on Steam and most major VR platforms available. However, new gamers are quickly beating the games and sending all developers into a panic. The latest developer to go on a VR rant is Frontier Developments.

word-image-10309 More bad news for Elite fans. Expansion Dangerous’ Odyssey. First, Frontier Developments announced Tuesday live on Supercruise News that work on VR for the expansion is on hold; VR will still be supported and current bugs will be fixed, but the flat screen in Odyssey VR will remain for the foreseeable future. It was also announced at the same event that Odyssey will include additional content, but it was not specified what that content was. It said that the game’s lighting is too dark, and talked about fixes planned for the game’s fourth update. You can watch the entire broadcast below, or if you just want to see the highlights, you can check out YouTuber ObsidianAnt’s recap The fourth update has already been released and contains a new set of improvements, including a huge list of UI updates for the game map and a new set of optimizations, as well as many other fixes. The update also caused numerous Orange Sidewinder connection errors, especially for Steam users, forcing FDev to restart the servers at 6am. EDT, and although the developers initially claimed victory, many players continue to report connection issues on Twitter and the official forums, although a workaround currently exists. Greetings, commanders. We continue to prioritize the Orange Sidewinder bug reports. We will keep you informed as soon as a solution has been found. Some players have noticed that the steps listed here have solved the connection problems: – Elite Dangerous (@EliteDangerous) 17 June 2021


. Sources: YouTube (1, 2), official forums (1, 2), Twitter, Give Stewart a hand! View

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