The PC version of Elite Dangerous was supposed to allow players to transfer their wealth from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions into its own. However, a decision has been made for now to hold off on these transfers until more information becomes available about how this could play out with console economies.

The “elite dangerous change commander name xbox” is a recent news story that has put the console to PC wealth transfers on hold. The developer of the game, Frontier Developments, announced that they will be assessing possible changes in the feature.

Elite Dangerous puts console to PC wealth transfers on hold to assess possible changes


Prior to Frontier Developments’ decision to stop developing content for consoles, Elite: Dangerous allowed players to make a one-time wealth transfer from one platform to another, moving only credits and the credit cost of any owned ships but leaving behind all other items like purchased Arx, DLC, in-game progress, and more. However, in the not-too-distant future, that policy will be altered in some way.

The following automated message from FDev was uploaded on Reddit by an Xbox gamer (understandably) wanting to make the switch to PC:

“This is a bulk response to everybody who has lately contacted Frontier Support to seek a platform asset transfer.

“We’re actively evaluating our platform asset transfer policy and determining what modifications are feasible in the near future.” We will defer completing platform asset transfer requests until an updated policy is in place while we evaluate these possible changes.

“Once the new policy is in place, we will respond to each ticket individually to explain the new policy and answer each request under the amended conditions.” There is no timetable for when this will happen, but we want to change our conditions as soon as feasible.”

Naturally, this answer has sparked a lot of conjecture about what the new conditions may imply in the future, especially for console users who want to move from a platform in maintenance mode to one that is actively developing. According to the Reddit thread’s responses, the great majority of individuals are hoping for full character transfers but simultaneously not holding their breath.

Meanwhile, FDev is set to return to regular livestreams today, March 17th, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. If the responses to the tweet are anything to go by, the chat for this one could be particularly… spicy, we’ll say.

Commanders, buckle up, we’re back!

🔴 This Thursday at 16:00 UTC, join the brand new Frameshift Live broadcast on and

There will be new Twitch drops available!

🎨 Screenshot credit CMDR Juseppe

— Elite Dangerous (@EliteDangerous) March 16, 2022


The “elite dangerous support” is a gaming company that has decided to put their console-to-PC wealth transfers on hold to assess possible changes.

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