This is it! The day has finally come. We have been waiting for this moment and everything we’ve seen in the past 3 years of ESO has led up to this one event: High Isle. As you know, High Isle will be a major reveal that promises to change everything about how MMOs are made forever. It’s a culmination of all our hard work over the last three years and an incredibly exciting time for everyone involved with Elder Scrolls Online .

The “eso high isle” is a new zone in Elder Scrolls Online that was announced at the 2022 Global Reveal. The zone will be available for all players to explore starting on May 1st, 2022.

ESO 2022 Global Reveal: Everything You Need to Know about High Isle

Here’s all you need to know about Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls Online chapter, which will be released on June 6th. If you just want to watch the video, here’s the link to the complete twitch feed (the content reveal begins 45 minutes in if you want to skip the trivia and go right to the meat and potatoes):

What does the New Zone entail? Greetings, High Isle!

Jousting-View-1024x579 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 1 HGG/Bethesda/Bethesda/Bethesda/Bethesda/

Bretons will constitute the majority of the population on High Isle. This year’s adventure is titled “The Legacy of the Bretons,” and it will span four major updates this year, covering Breton mythology and culture. You will have earned the Barnacle-Back Coral Crab non-combat pet if you were able to view the twitch broadcast live. If you missed out, don’t panic; pre-ordering High Isle will still earn you some really amazing items. 

When Can I Pre-Order High Isle and When Will It Be Released?

High-Isle-Release-Date-1024x575 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 2 Bethesda/Twitch image courtesy of HGG

High Isle is currently available for pre-order, and it will be released on the following dates:

  • 6/6/2022, PC/Mac, Steam, Stadia
  • 6/21/2022 Xbox / PS Systems

*With the release of High Isle in June, Spanish language support will be accessible as well.

What’s available to buy and pre-order right now:

Pre-order-bonus ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 3 Pre-Order Collectors-Edition ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 4 Collector’s Edition Merch ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 5 Merch

Pre-order bonuses include the Palefrost Elk Mount (available with any pre-order) and the Paleforst Elk Fawn Non-combat Pet (available exclusively with a pre-order before April 4th!)

You’ll get a new mount, non-combat pet, clothing style, emote pack, and memento if you purchase the collector’s edition. They didn’t say much about them, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about them shortly. 

Pre-orders for an Ascendant Lord statue, a High Isle t-shirt, a key art lithograph, and more will be available at the Bethesda Gear Store.

What Should You Expect?

Jousting ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 6 Tournament Grounds Amenos ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 7 Amenos

The main goal of High Isle is to put an end to the Three Banners War. This isn’t to say that PVP isn’t alive and well in Cyrodiil, but it seems like there will be plenty of political intrigue and power struggles. Expect it to be nothing like the previous Daedric invasion in Blackwood and the Deadlands, which included Mehrunes Dagon.

Rich Lambert, ESO’s creative director, said that they are “returning to our narrative origins,” implying that we would be receiving story-rich material with engaging characters, dialogue, and political deception and backstabbing. Not that the material won’t be tense, but at least there won’t be a Daedric deity marching through the towns. Yet. 

The emphasis of this new area will be on Breton mythology and culture. Lambert depicts the Bretons as “this genuine medieval feudal society with knights, aristocratic families, and, of course, all the politics that accompany it.” Bretons, who are ancestors of both elves and humans, have a special affinity for magicka and are members of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Redguards and Orcs are two more DC races. I recommend visiting these DC locales if you want to brush up on Breton lore before the arrival of High Isle:

Stros M’kai, Betnikh, *Glenumbra, *Stormhaven, *Rivenspire, Alik’r Desert, Bangkorai, Stros M’kai, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh, Betnikh,

(*Locations with a strong concentration on Breton lore.)

What is the location of High Isle?

It’s one of the Systers Archipelago’s four islands, situated southwest of Daggerfall and northwest of Summerset. Because this has only ever been recorded by a single map in Redguard, there is a great deal of mystery to be unearthed. This will offer up a lot of possibilities for both digging deeper into ancient mythology and inventing new lore. Expect stunning coasts, cliffs, and waterfalls in this location, which was influenced by the Mediterranean.

High-Isle-Map-1024x575 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 8 Bethesda/Twitch image courtesy of HGG

Along with the stunning scenery, the architecture and culture will be reminiscent of “historical and feudal Europe,” easily blending into the Breton style. The dangerous jungle island of Amenos is north of the gorgeous sceneries and elite of High Isle. Criminals from High Isle are taken to Amenos to die, and it serves as a prison island to rival Alcatraz.

Amenos is a jail, yet there are “no guards, no law, and scant prospect of escape,” as ESO’s art director CJ Grebb defines it. The two sides of the same coin that is known as the High Isle will be made up of these places. Throughout the year, more islands in the Systers Archipelago will be published. Ideally, one new place will be added for each of the four big upgrades, although that may be wishful thinking. 

What is the plot of the game High Isle?

High Isle is described by Grebb as a “resort destination for Tamriel’s rich,” however everyone enjoys the tournament grounds and other events that take place there. High Isle, being far from the mainland, is an appropriate place for Three Banners War peace negotiations. The “Society of the Steadfast,” a new group headed by the exceedingly rich aristocratic Baron Vacaro, controls them.

Ascendant-Lord-1024x436 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 9 Bethesda/Twitch image courtesy of HGG

However, since peace isn’t always lucrative, there will undoubtedly be opposition to these peace discussions. The Ascendant Order, commanded by the Ascendant Lord, is directly opposed to the peace and its aims and backstory will be revealed as you play through the new territory.

The Ascending Tide DLC, which will bring two new dungeons to the game, will be published in March of this year. The tale for the High Isle Chapter, which will be published in June, will be established here. They claim that this section will be accessible to both returning and new users.

Ascending-Tide-DLC-Dungeons-1024x573 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 10 Bethesda/Twitch image courtesy of HGG

This being said, you may wish to have a basic understanding of ESO before diving into High Isle, although it is not required. It may be challenging for a beginner player, especially when new DLC chapters feature material that is more difficult than the original game content. However, since every material in ESO is leveled to you, you may take this on even if you’re at level 1!

Some of our favorite characters from both High Rock and Elsweyr will appear in the primary missions of High Isle, according to Loremaster Leamon Tuttle. This will feature Jakarn (the ever mischievous ladies man), who was originally seen in Stros M’kai, and Captain Za’ji (the clumsy pirate turned hero), who was first encountered in Southern Elsweyr. Assisting in the struggle against the Ascendant Order’s attempt to create a paradise by rejecting monarchy and traditional forms of leadership seen across Tamriel. Consider ESO crossed with the French Revolution. Along with these well-known classic characters, we’ll meet a slew of new characters, including two brand-new friends!

Ember and Isabel are two new companions.

With the introduction of High Isle, you’ll be able to meet Ember and Isabel, two new prospective companions! Ember, a Khajiit who grew up on the streets and is “morally flexible” and has an aptitude for magic, is the first of the two mentioned by Lambert. Isabel is a Breton who aspires to be a knight.

New-Companions-1024x576 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 11 Bethesda/Twitch image courtesy of HGG

Ember will most likely be like Mirri in that you can get away with stealing, but Isabel may be more like Bastian in that the more you take, the less connection you have with him. They’ll each have their own narratives and rapport systems, so ideally none of them will be offended by you gathering bugs for alchemy or making cheese. As you gain their trust via increasing rapport, you’ll be able to unlock additional personal objectives for them, providing even more variety to the ways you play ESO. 

Tales of Tribute the Collectible Card Game is a new game system.

This will be a card game in ESO that can be played with both NPCs in taverns and other players in a similar way to how a duel is started, as well as discovered via a group game-finder UI similar to dungeons/battlegrounds. This game has a narrative that you may follow by confronting NPCs around Tamriel at increasing levels of difficulty. There will be ranks in the PVP system, matching you against people of similar skill levels, as one would anticipate from battlegrounds matchmaking.

Tales-of-Tribute-1024x573 ESO 2022 Global Reveal Stream Image 12 Bethesda/Twitch image courtesy of HGG

After completing the tutorial, you’ll receive four decks; however, if you want to earn more, you’ll have to challenge NPCs and seek them out through questing. It will most likely play more like Catan than Magic: The Gathering, since it is a resource-building game in which both players strive to reach the victory point objective. You may gain cosmetic items, furnishings, cash, crafting supplies, and more by completing this mini-game inside ESO, similar to the Scrying system. 

Another noteworthy characteristic is that this card game will be very well balanced for both skilled and novice players. They do this by having both participants submit two decks, which are then mixed together for each player to use. This implies that if you have a deck full of common cards while your opponent only has mythic rares, you’ll get to play some of the more exotic cards while your opponent sticks to the more common ones. Whoever has the greater skill level will win, essentially eliminating any pay-to-win issues that may come in the future if cards are DLC locked or even sold in the crown shop. 

Be a part of the High Ground

High Isle seems to be chock-full of exciting new material, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. What component of High Isle excites you the most? I’ll be focusing on getting my Breton character ready to explore High Isle, and I’m really looking forward to meeting new people. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on ESO and your other favorite games. 

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