This build is aimed at the Deadlands Trials and Dungeon in ESO. It is a tanky build with an emphasis on Dragonknight abilities such as Flames, Claws of Agony, and Inferno Breath to deal damage while also providing mitigation.

The “eso dragonknight tank build sword and shield” is a meta PvE build for the stamina Dragonknight class in ESO. It utilizes the Sword and Shield skill line to provide some of the best overall damage mitigation out of any other class. The build can be played on both the Deadlands and Cyrodiil campaigns.

ESO: Stamina Dragonknight Tank Meta PvE Build (Deadlands)

Stamina Dragonknights are the meta tanking option, and when used correctly, they may be the most effective tanks in ESO. DKs have a variety of class skills that make them difficult to defeat, as well as access to key buffs that help their whole group. This meta Stamina DK is an excellent one to utilize if you want to start into tanking or if you want to change up your existing build. Here, we’ll go over the stats, abilities, and other elements of the Stamina Dragonknight tank build.

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Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls is a decent but pricey choice (4620 health, 4250 stamina / magicka, and 462 health recovery) | Race: Imperial (or Nord) | Mundus: Atronach (magicka sustain) or Lord (more health) | Race: Imperial (or Nord) | Mundus: Atronach (magicka sustain) or Lord (more health) | Food: for comparable data but without the health recovery – Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce (4462 health, 4105 stamina / magicka) or comparable (4462 health, 4105 stamina / magicka) | Attributes: 44 health, 20 stamina

Imperials will be the finest race for making tanking simpler, with 2000 extra health and stamina and a whopping 6% cost decrease across the board (includes blocking, roll-dodging, etc.). Nords are the second best choice if you don’t have the DLC Imperial race option because of their excellent resistances and ultimate generation. StamDKs may also be made from other races that give stamina.


DK-Skills ESO DK Skills Screenshot

SWORD/SHIELD OF Remedy for Puncturing (MAIN BAR) Assault with Strength ICE STAFF (BACK BAR)
Armor by Pierce Blockade of Elementals
Slash Heroic Vigorous Resolving
Giant Stone Talons of Choking
Shield of Igneous Blood of the Green Dragon
Silver Leash or Unrelenting Grip Armor that has been hardened
Shell of Magma Warhorn with an aggressive tone

The signature DK specific skills that really set them apart as the best tanks start with the skill Giant Stone. While you’ll have to consistently reapply stacks of Stagger on priority targets, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 65 for 5 seconds. As you summon three stone orbs to throw, you’ll be applying this 195 increased damage from all sources all the time, boosting up your group’s DPS.

The Shell of Magma ultimate is the other most influential reason that DKs are such strong tank candidates, they’re just damn hard to kill with this skill active. When active, you’ll have 10 seconds where you are super charged to take basically any hit. Any damage you take will only deal up to a maximum of 3% of your max health, making certain high damage mechanics much easier to manage.

1-DK-Action-1024x663 DK Action screenshot Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Plus, the shield Shell of Magma gives allies when activated equal to 100% of their max health isn’t bad for helping get your team get through some tough situations. You do want to prioritize using Warhorn with an aggressive tone whenever you can for its great group DPS boost, but popping a Magma Armor can be more important if it means avoiding a group member death. 

The other DK specific skills are very strong as well and help maintain the DKs health, shield, and manage ads as well. Unrelenting Grasp or Silver Leash help move enemies to where you need them to be, while Talons of Choking lock them down in place. The Atronach Mundus stone that gives magicka regeneration will make using Unrelenting Grasp much easier, as the magicka cost of that ability can drain your magicka quickly.

Another benefit of using Choking Talon even when enemies are invulnerable to immobilizations is that it applies Minor Maim to them, reducing their damage done by 5%. Armor that has been hardened is your Major Resolve source that increases your physical and spell resistance while also providing a decent shield, while Shield of Igneous gives you an amazing shield to prevent any damage from getting through.

If you do find yourself sustaining some heavy blows, Blood of the Green Dragon will heal 33% of your missing health and also give you Major Fortitude and Endurance (30% increase to health and stamina recovery) along with Minor Vitality (8% increase to healing received). 

Let’s get down to business with the stamina Dragonknight tank build.


1-DK-Stats-1024x711 Dragonknight Tank Stats Screenshot Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

There are two main approaches to design a StamDK tank: one that focuses on boosts and the other that focuses only on defense.

Sets may be mixed and matched, and you should switch them out based on the content you’re running. I favor buff builds since they help the group get through content quicker, which means I take less damage as a tank. When you’re dealing with frequent group wipes, defense-focused builds are ideal since you can roam about and revive your teammates as required. 

Head The Behemoth of Encratis Sturdy Health
Shoulder The Behemoth of Encratis Sturdy Health
Chest Yolnahkriin’s Claw Reinforced Health
Legs Yolnahkriin’s Claw Sturdy Health
Feet Yolnahkriin’s Claw Sturdy Health
Hands Yolnahkriin’s Claw Sturdy Health
Belt Yolnahkriin’s Claw Sturdy Health
Jewelry Assault with Strength Healthy Recovery of Magicka
Weapon 1 Remedy for Puncturing One-Hand Decisiveness and a Sturdy Shield Stamina should be absorbed.
Weapon 2 Assault with Strength Infused Crusher

5 Ebon Armory (from Crypt of Hearts), 5 Plague Doctor (from Deshaan), 2 Monster Set / Endurance Set is an easy beginning set option.

Yolnahkriin’s Claw

The first buff set we use is (Perfected) Yolnahkriin’s Claw (from Sunspire). This set gives yourself and 11 group members Minor Courage for 15 seconds after you taunt an enemy. This is very strong for trial groups, but still great for dungeon groups. Minor Courage increases weapon and spell damage by 215, helping each party member crank out stronger damage, heals, and shields in some cases.

Minor Aegis is also included in the set, which reduces the amount of damage you receive against Dungeon, Trial, and Arena enemies by 5%. If your healer is using Magma Incarnate, which grants Minor Courage, switch to Aegis of Galenwe (from Cloudrest). Aegis of Galenwe grants you and 11 other members of your group Empower for 3 seconds, increasing the damage of their light and heavy strikes by 40%. 

Assault with Strength

The other buff set you can use purely for damage is Assault with Strength (from Imperial City coffers). It will grant you and up to 5 group members 307 weapon and spell damage after you cast an assault skill. Vigorous Resolving is the easiest way to accomplish this, but the ultimate Warhorn with an aggressive tone will also activate it. Because you can activate this set by back-barring PA on your ice staff, it frees up some space to use an arena set on your front-bar Sword/Board. (Perfected) Remedy for Puncturing (from Dragonstar Arena) is a set I find to be very effective.

You heal depending on your maximum health and acquire physical and magical resistance equal to the amount healed every time you use your pierce taunt for 5 seconds. This usually indicates you’ve reached the limit of essential resistances, but it also means you may put more durable qualities on your armor instead of reinforced.

If you need extra protection, I recommend Leeching Plate (from Imperial City Prison). When you take damage, you summon a leeching cloud that heals you for 100% of the damage the attacker delivers. This is a wonderful cure if your healer is more concerned with keeping the DPS alive than with you.

Your monster helm set should be switched regularly depending on what your overall group looks like. Magicka based groups work best with The Behemoth of Encratis (from Black Drake Villa), which increases the group’s flame damage by 5% while also giving the group 5% flame resistance. DK’s proc this set very easily.

Tremorscale (from Volenfell), which decreases an enemy’s physical resistance by an extra 2395 anytime you taunt them, is great for stamina-based parties. If your party is dying often, pick a more defensive monster set, such as Lord Warden (from Imperial City Prison), which provides resistances, or Troll King (from Blessed Crucible), which has a group heal slot.

Points for the Champion

Ordering the Essentials:

20 Hours of Tireless Discipline, 20 Hours of Preparation, 20 Hours of Warfare 50 Duelist’s Rebuff (slot), 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Invincible (slot), Enduring Resolve (n.d.) (n.d.) (n (slot), 20 Insights from the Eldritch Realm, Hardy (20), Elemental Aegis (20), and Blessed (20)

20 Hero’s Vigor (slot), 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Fortified (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 20 Tireless Guardian, 30 Fortification, 30 Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 50 Strategic Reserve (slot) OR 50 Bracing Anchor (slot) when you don’t need to travel for mechanics.

Craft: 50 Steed’s Blessing (slot), 75 Liquid Efficiency (slot), 30 Rationer (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Steadfast Enchantment (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot),

Be a part of the High Ground

This stamina DK tank build not only makes you difficult to kill, but it also makes you a valuable asset for enhancing any group’s damage output. We hope you have fun tanking with this build and that you succeed in clearing all of the vet content you attempt. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all of your favorite games and everything ESO.

The “best race for dragonknight tank” is a question that is asked often. The best race for the stamina dragonknight tank meta build in Deadlands is Argonian.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dragonknight build in ESO?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as there are many different builds for the dragonknight. However, one of the best and most popular would be wearing gear with some amount of Critical Strike or Spell Damage on it in order to deal high amounts of damage.

What is the best race for stamina dragonknight?

A: This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons. The main reason being that each race has different strengths and weaknesses, so its hard to say which one will be the best at everything. For example, if you like playing melee DPS as a DK or ranged/melee/healing as an archer, then maybe your race would not have been good in those roles because theyre suited more towards other classes of play than these specific ones are. It was also said earlier that some races may have had their stamina reduced due to racial passives such as Argonians having the tenacity passive active on them by default.

What is the best build for a tank in ESO?

A: The best build for tank in Elder Scrolls Online is a Heavy Armor Templar with 2 pieces of medium armor, and 4 pieces of heavy.

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