EverQuest II’s latest patch, GU 119 Coffers and Coffins is live on July 4th with new dungeon content. This update features a brand-new level cap of 70, as well as Marked for Death reward system which will grant players the chance to receive unique rewards such as Darnassus Backpack or even an Epic Weapon Token when completing quests in this zone.

The “EverQuest II’s GU 119 Coffers and Coffins is live with new dungeon content” is a website that has information on the new dungeon content in EverQuest II. Read more in detail here: everquest 2 expansions free.

EverQuest II’s GU 119 Coffers and Coffins is live with new dungeon content


We joked on this week’s MassivelyOP Podcast that Daybreak had managed to release an EverQuest II patch name and begin its beta without revealing anything about what was within. That’s changed now, as Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games published the upgrade to the live servers last night, complete with a splash page and patch notes that provide somewhat more information on what’s in the patch for those of us who didn’t participate in the beta last week. Listen, we’re simply glad the game is receiving updates, no matter how little they are; we’re not going to obsess on the sequence of operations.

In the patch notes, you’ll find the new Akashic Incursion Raid in Forlorn Gist, the new Haunting Presence Raid in Castle Vacrul, The Merchant’s Den mission, multiple new achievements, an update to the in-game browser, a new housing vendor, itemization tweaks, new rewards for solo and heroic missions, a new Overseer season, alt perks for some quests, UI tweaks, and more.

“With the passage of time, we’ve uncovered the truth about Castle Vacrul, deep in Vetrovia’s heart. However, something even more evil and terrifying has surfaced. Those courageous enough to listen have heard whispers of undead witches, notorious vampires, and armies of murderous minions terrorizing the land. Return to Forlorn Gist if you dare to face the hazards and wonderful rewards that await you. Vikana, a Freeport businesswoman, is hoping to open a store in Forlorn Gist, but she is finding the competition in the settlement to be fierce. She isn’t afraid to put in the effort required to be a successful businesswoman. Are you willing to get your hands filthy to assist her?”


The “eq2 mystery of camp” is a new dungeon that has been added to EverQuest II with the release of GU 119. The new dungeon will be available for about two weeks and then it will be removed from the game.

  • eq2 warpwood cairn
  • eq2 dakshesh, the displaced
  • eq2 visions of vetrovia resolve
  • eq2 eyes on vacrul throne
  • eq2 head over heels
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