The Reaper job is a versatile, crowd-pleasing melee DPS class that can easily handle all the content in FFXIV. With this guide, we will go over leveling as an endwalker, rotation strategies and more!

FFXIV Reaper Job Guide: Leveling and Rotation (Endwalker 6.x)

On the surface, the shadow-cloaked, merciless Reaper seems to have its beginnings among the poor farmers of Garlemald. The Reaper, born of dislocation and despair, feeds into the void’s darkness and the demons who dwell inside to gain limitless power. The scythe is no longer a tool for harvesting crops; it has been transformed into a weapon for collecting souls.

The Reaper is one of two new occupations introduced in the Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. It can be obtained by picking up the quest “The Killer Instinct” from the Flustered Attendant in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x12.8,y8.6). To do so, you’ll need the Endwalker expansion and another combat job that’s at least Level 70.

Reaper is quite simple to play, and if you’re a high-level player who has never tried a melee DPS profession before, we strongly suggest it!

Basics of Melee DPS Role

Because Reaper is a melee DPS profession, you’ll need to be within melee range of your adversaries for most of your attacks to be effective. This leaves you susceptible to AoEs and point-blank assaults. Furthermore, you will not be able to strike the monster with melee attacks while moving to avoid them. This implies that understanding how to quit and enter fight effectively is an important component of playing melee DPS. Later, we’ll go over some cool Reaper-only methods that will assist you with this.

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118193020-1024x576 FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118193020-1024x576 No trouble killing the boss quickly. © Square Enix via HGG

All players should be familiar with combat mechanics, but DPS players in particular should learn how to move about the dungeon/arena and use equipment. Tanks and healers have extremely concentrated tasks, thus the DPS must go off to the side and click the button or pull the lever as needed. When you’re ready to enter uncharted terrain, we suggest consulting subject guides—or at the very least, asking your party members whether there’s anything you need to know to prevail in a specific combat.

You’ll do a lot of damage as a Reaper, but you’ll have very little party usefulness. The greatest way you can aid is to eliminate the boss as quickly as possible.

Role Abilities of Melee DPS

melee-dpsmelee-dps These handsome gentlemen may be familiar to you. / HGG / Square Enix

Melee DPS get a standard set of skills to go along with their job-specific skills. Second Wind (LVL 8) is the first of them, and it heals a chunk of your HP instantaneously. This is important in tight circumstances when your healer’s first priority may not be you. Bloodbath (LVL 12) works in a similar way, restoring your HP as you do damage for 20 seconds. This ability is more beneficial than Second Wind since it does more damage and restores a lot more HP. If you’re having health problems, crack up a bottle of Bloodbath and start swinging that scythe!

Leg Sweep (LVL 10) stuns your enemy for 3 seconds, making them unable to defend themselves. Feint (LVL 22) reduces a target’s physical and magical damage delivered by 10% and 5% respectively for 10 seconds. It may be beneficial when used in conjunction with your tank’s mitigation abilities.

Most knock-back and draw-in effects are countered by Arm’s Length (LVL 32), but not all. Finally, True North (LVL 50) removes all 10s’ action direction constraints, often known as positionals. There are only two positional requirements for Reaper, thus you don’t even need to add True North on your hotbar unless you really want to.

Leveling and the Reaper’s Job

Here, we’ll go over all you need to know about the new Reaper career, as well as some useful tips for leveling a Reaper.

Avatar of a Reaper

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118194105-1024x576 FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118194105-1024x576 Excuse me, but he didn’t ask for pickles! / HGG / Square Enix

The notion of forging a deal with a voidsent avatar—a monster from the void that feeds on the souls of the dead—is central to the Reaper employment. Several of your skills will summon your avatar, and you may later ask it to Enshroud you to strengthen your assaults. This essential mechanic is connected to all of the employment resources we’ll discuss in the following section.

This may lead you to believe that Reaper is a pet class, however your avatar is not self-contained and does not need any further care on your side. It just enhances your strikes, keeping Reaper a straightforward melee DPS role.

Job Resources for Reapers

The Soul Gauge, the Shroud Gauge, and the Death Gauge are Reaper’s three resources.

reapergauge reapergauge The Soul Gauge is the red bar, while the Shroud Gauge is the teal bar. / HGG / Square Enix

The Soul Gauge opens at Level 50, so you’ll get it as soon as you get the job. You may boost your Soul Gauge by destroying foes while under the impact of Death’s Design, a damage enhancement that can be delivered by a few different abilities that we’ll explore when we talk about rotations. Blood Stalk (LVL 50), Grim Swathe (LVL 55), and Gluttony (LVL 60) all require the Soul Gauge to summon your avatar (LVL 76).

At Level 80, the Shroud Gauge is unlocked, and it is utilized to perform Enshroud (LVL 80). The Soul Reaver state may be obtained by using the aforementioned Soul Gauge avatar attacks, which enables you to execute Gibbet, Gallows, and Guillotine (all LVL 70 skills). Your Shroud Gauge will begin to fill as a result of these three strikes.

lemureshroud2 lemureshroud2 The Death Gauge is this nasty guy. / Square Enix via HGG

Finally, the Death Gauge and the Shroud Gauge are unlocked. It shows how long Enshroud will last and how many stacks of Lemure Shroud you have (which are given to you by Enshroud). Enshroud is the Reaper’s burst damage phase, which we’ll go into later. It enhances your current strikes and allows you to use Communio, a devastating AOE finisher gained at Level 90.

Positions of the Reaper

Reaper has the fewest positionals out of all the melee DPS roles. Gibbet and Gallows are two assaults that they are linked to. From the flank, Gibbet should be done, and from the back, Gallows. These skills may only be used immediately after summoning your avatar, and they are not part of your standard combination.

circle-980x496circle-980x496 From the front and rear, an overhead view of the aiming circle. / Square Enix via HGG

These positioning requirements aren’t anything to be concerned about or base your gaming on for Reaper. If you want to attack them quickly, try to position yourself in the boss’s rear corner so you can slip between the open “behind” section of the target circle and the closed “flanks.”

The positionals on Reaper’s body fit into a very particular area of its rotation. Once you’ve gotten a feel for things, you may pre-position yourself depending on whether your next strike will be Gibbet or Gallows. Because it will be marked with a dotted-yellow edge, you will know which one to press next. Just make sure you don’t run into any AOEs while attempting to get into position!

Tips for Playing Reaper in General

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118192934-1024x576 FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118192934-1024x576 Dressing in complete black is an important component of Reaper gaming. / HGG / Square Enix

Though Reaper seems to have a lot of resources to manage, the gameplay is really rather easy. To fill your Soul Gauge, you’ll repeat your basic combination (single target or AOE). To fill your Shroud Gauge, use the Soul Gauge to conduct avatar attacks that lead to Gibbet, Gallows, and Guillotine. When it’s ready, use Enshroud and enter your damage burst phase, when you’ll execute improved versions of your abilities until Communio closes things off.

It’s straightforward and straightforward to follow, since all “next step” assaults will be indicated when they’re ready. You can’t go wrong if you stick to the dotted yellow outlines!

Rotation of a single target

giphygiphy Square Enix through HGG / It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

The Reaper’s Rotation of a single target follows a typical three weaponskill combo: Slice (LVL 1) into Waxing Slice (LVL 5) into Infernal Slice (LVL 30). All three of these will increase your Soul Gauge.

But hold on! Shadow of Death is a powerful ability that you should use to start every encounter (LVL 10). Death’s Design is applied to this strike, increasing the damage you give to a target by 10%. Death’s Design lasts 30 seconds and may be extended to 60 seconds. Make careful to re-apply this boost anytime it slips off a victim to ensure that you’re dealing the most damage possible! It’s sometimes a good idea to apply it twice, for a total of 60 seconds.

1642799899_677_giphy1642799899_677_giphy With the touch of a button, you can get a lot of DPS! / Square Enix via HGG

Soul Slice (LVL 60), an additional attack that generally fills your Soul Gauge far enough to perform an avatar attack, may be used at any moment in your basic rotation.

When you’ve filled your Soul Gauge enough to bring forth your avatar from the void, you will want to use Blood Stalk for your Rotation of a single target. After this, pick Gibbet or Gallows depending on whichever positional is easiest for you to hit (or whichever is highlighted). There are certain situations where those positionals can be hard or impossible to hit, so you have a few options:

  • To get rid of the positional need, use True North.
  • Forget about positional advantages and focus on causing less harm. It isn’t the end of the world as we know it.

You’ll activate Enshroud and begin your burst damage phase once the Shroud Gauge is full. Use Void Reaping (LVL 80) and Cross Reaping (LVL 80) as needed to replace Gibbet and Gallows, respectively. Between those strikes, weave in Lemure’s Slice (LVL 86), which substitutes Blood Stalk. Communio brings the burst phase to a close, and then it’s back to square one!

Remember to keep re-applying Shadow of Death as needed, and weave in OGCD assaults (which we’ll go into later) as needed.

Rotation of AOE

Reaper’s Rotation of AOE is nearly identical to its Rotation of a single target. You just have to swap out some abilities for their AOE versions.

When fighting many enemies, you should start with Whorl of Death (LVL 35), which applies Death’s Design to all targets inside the circle AOE. Then, for your fundamental combination, utilize Spinning Scythe (LVL 25) into Nightmare Scythe (LVL 45). Soul Scythe (LVL 65) is an additional AOE attack that, like Soul Slice before it, may be mixed into your rotation to immediately enhance your Soul Gauge.

1642799900_560_giphy1642799900_560_giphy Reapers perfected this method after years of fiercely picking wheat in Garlemald. / HGG / Square Enix

Use Grim Swathe (LVL 55) or Gluttony when your avatar is ready (LVL 76). When using Grim Swathe, aim to target an opponent in the pack’s center, since this is a cone-shaped AOE that will extend outwards to the flanks. Because Gluttony is a ranged, circular AOE, the same advice applies: it will emanate from a point centered on whatever you’re targeting, not yourself. Guillotine will be used after that. Guillotine is another cone AOE that shoots forward, but it doesn’t have any positionals, so make sure you’re shooting towards the middle of the group.

When Enshroud is ready, spam Grim Reaping (LVL 80) and Lemure’s Scythe (LVL 86), which replace Guillotine and Grim Swathe, respectively, in your AOE burst phase. Finish with Communio, and then repeat as needed!

As with the Rotation of a single target, remember to use Whorl of Death to reapply Death’s Design when it falls off and weave OGCDs in where you can.

There are a few additional high-level AOE strikes available to Reaper. Harvest Moon (LVL 82) is a high-potency, long-range circle AOE that can be thrown with Soulsow (LVL 82). Plentiful Harvest (LVL 88) is a high-damage line AOE that can only be used after performing Arcane Circle, an OGCD that can be found below.

Abilities of the OGCD

There are two types of abilities in Final Fantasy XIV: those that are on the global cooldown timer (GCDs) and those that are not (OGCDs). The GCDs all reset at the same time, so you can’t utilize one after the other. That’s where OGCDs come in; since they cooldown on different durations, you can weave them in amongst your GCD abilities.

Harpe (LVL 15) is a short-range spell with a cast time of 1.3 seconds. However, by casting it after either Hell’s Ingress or Hell’s Egress, you may make it an immediate cast (both LVL 20). Both of these skills enable you to teleport forward and backward. They’re great for avoiding AOEs, closing gaps, and just getting someplace quicker. Regress is unlocked at level 74, and it allows you to teleport back to the Hellsgate you left behind.

1642799902_140_giphy1642799902_140_giphy Square Enix through HGG / Where did you come from, where did you go?

Arcane Crest (LVL 40) is a mitigation talent that grants you a 5s damage reduction barrier. It offers you and adjacent party members a healing bonus once it is destroyed. Because the barrier only lasts a brief period, timing is crucial while performing this talent.

1642799903_352_giphy1642799903_352_giphy You’re now essentially a tank! / HGG / Square Enix

Arcane Circle (LVL 72) is a damage boost that increases damage done by 3% for 20 seconds and applies to you and surrounding party members. When you or a party member attacks while this buff is active, you have a chance to acquire a stack of Immortal Sacrifice, which enables you to cast Plentiful Harvest after the damage boost has worn off.

Pulls from the Dungeon

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118193116-1024x576 FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118193116-1024x576 I researched the scythe while you were studying how to tank. / HGG / Square Enix

Of course, your Rotation of AOE is your go-to for Pulls from the Dungeon. In its current state, Reaper can work up some huge DPS, so make your tank’s job easier by letting them initiate the pulls. This will avoid starting the battle for aggro too early. You will probably get close to pulling enemies off of them at some point, so don’t do it right at the start.

Apply those damage buffs, spin that scythe, and reap those souls! Get into the rhythm of your Rotation of AOE and let the spirit of the void carry you and your party through the dungeon.

Trials, raids, and boss fights in the dungeon

You’ll be using the Rotation of a single target for these types of content, so make sure you’re familiar with how Reaper moves through its different phases. Again, this is really easy, as everything gets highlighted for you as you collect the necessary resources to perform your next round of attacks.

Knowing when to employ the OGCDs we described before is the most crucial skill to learn. The cooldown on Arcane Crest is just 30 seconds, so don’t be hesitant to use it if you fear the monster is coming to hit you hard. The cooldown for Arcane Circle, on the other hand, is longer. There isn’t a certain moment when it’s best to utilize it. Just make sure you don’t use it at the same time as another reaper in your party, since buffs that are similar don’t stack.

1642799905_610_giphy1642799905_610_giphy Your party members may experience what it’s like to cause as much damage as you do with Arcane Circle. / HGG / Square Enix

And we can’t stress how important it is to maintain Shadow of Death on the boss! As a Reaper, the 10% damage bonus is crucial to doing maximum damage.

Stats and Materia Combination

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118193132-1024x576 FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220118193132-1024x576 Show them the cutting edge of your scythe if they label you edgy! / HGG / Square Enix

Even if you aren’t looking for Best-in-Slot items, you should start fusing materia to your gear once you reach Level 90. Finding Materia Melder NPCs in large cities or requesting melds from other players who are capable of melding enhances different stats. If you have a crafting class of Level 19, you may learn how to blend your own materia by completing the quest “Waking the Spirit” in Central Thanalan.

At this moment, Reaper is primarily bothered with Skill Speed, so don’t worry about merging Quicktongue materia to your gear. At the present, the stat priority is as follows:

  1. Critical Success (Savage Aim materia)
  2. Determination (Savage Might materia) OR Direct Hit Rate (Heaven’s Eye materia) – whatever is lowest for your gear should be favored.

Be a part of the High Ground

We hope that this tutorial has helped you connect with the void and have a better understanding of what it means to be a Reaper. Endwalker has introduced several new features to Final Fantasy XIV, including this job. To make sure you don’t miss out on future FFXIV material, sign up for our email and follow us on social media.

Have fun gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reaper a good DPS ff14?

A: Reaper is a melee DPS. This means that the characters damage comes from close-range attacks, such as swords and spears. They are not very good at doing ranged or magic damage (damage done with spells). The only exception to this would be when they perform special skills which take some time to cast.

Do you need Endwalker to play Reaper?

A: No, the game is easy enough that anyone can play!

How do you power level in Reaper?

A: To power level in Reaper, you will have to increase your damage and health. This is done by leveling up the skill trees that are available for each class.

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