Gamigo, a leading game publisher and developer of free-to-play games in Europe, including RIFT: Planes of Telara and Dungeon Fighter Online, has released its latest content update for the highly anticipated MMORPG. The new patch brings us our first look at what is to come later this year with Budgie Carnival Celebration!

Gamigo actually pushed out that RIFT update – it’s called the Budgie Carnival Celebration. The update includes a new mini-game, a new map, and more. Read more in detail here: rift shutting down.

Gamigo actually pushed out that RIFT update – it’s called the Budgie Carnival Celebration


So remember how Gamigo promised a big RIFT update in Q1, then missed the game’s anniversary, then suffered a major round of layoffs that were only tangentially acknowledged, and then showed up on April Fools’ Day and said the update was delayed but still coming? It’s been a wild voyage, to say the least. And now that the journey is nearly over, we may be on our way to our goal, or at least a destination, according to Gamigo’s patch notes for the Budgie Carnival Celebration, which were released today.

“We celebrate RIFT’s Anniversary with the Carnival Event & a lot of mini-games!” Gamigo says. The return of the Carnival of the Ascended belatedly celebrates RIFT’s 11th birthday, with decorations in major cities, themed questing, and minigames live during the four-week period, while Budgie Madness is a birb extravaganza of mote-hunting to buy skins and mounts.

Datamining from the venerable Ghar Station reveals that most of the new stuff is just retextures of previous models, which isn’t surprising considering that the patch was likely being developed at the same time as the layoffs. It also mentions additional titles and a new battlepass for 2022, which aren’t mentioned on Gamigo’s home page.

So, this was unexpected. Largest @Riftgame datamining in over a year has landed! New stuff for Carnival + Budgie CTA, and a variety of in-progress stuff. All new models are recolors.

— Clowd of the Ghar (@TheGharStation) April 13, 2022


Gamigo actually pushed out that RIFT update – it’s called the “Budgie Carnival Celebration”. The new update includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. Reference: rift maintenance schedule.

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