Gloria Victis has had an interesting year. With the latest major update, the team has been working hard to make the game better, and they’ve been doing so in smaller steps, which has led to some rather interesting changes.

It’s been some time since the last update on Gloria Victis, but that doesn’t mean that the game is dead. The developers decided to spend some time to make some improvements, so now the game is optimized and the performance is even better than before.

The latest update for Gloria Victis, the RPG-based MMO from independent developer  ARCHER KOTOR Studios , has finally seen the game’s first major update. The update, which was originally announced back in December, has now been made available to everyone who owns the game. “As we have been doing with each update, we have been collecting data on how our players are performing, what they want to see in the game, and how they are playing,” said game producer Ilya Krasilshchik. “Based on this feedback, we have been making a number of adjustments to the game.”

word-image-564 Gloria Victis – a true sandbox MMO, not a spin-off game – recently released an update that makes a number of changes to the game’s resource gathering and economy to encourage resource gathering and competition for resource-rich areas. First, collectors can now find information on location specialization in resource points in the open world and national castles to get a better idea of the types of resources found under a particular location flag, with larger locations offering specialized resources. The update also introduces a new resource type, vein, which allows multiple players to collect goodies at once, and regular collection points will contain ten times as many resources as the old nodes, but with a longer respawn time. By the way, the resurgence of random nodes is now a thing of the past. The changes in the collection don’t stop there: The update also introduces explanations of passive and active gathering, improves the visual destruction of nodes when gathering resources, changes the balance of gathering tools, and standardizes the size of farms for more balance. More information can be found in the change log. Source: Steam, thanks Keane for the tip! ViewIn the recently released version 1.3 update for Gloria Victis , the developers added new villages to the game, including several new ones which contain new locations to explore. We were able to spend some time in the new Eplai village, which has been one of the most popular ones among players.. Read more about gloria victis wiki and let us know what you think.

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