Someone on the PlayStation community forums asked if people were experiencing this issue and what had been done to fix it. The developers have implemented a lot of fixes in order to make God of War run smoothly, please see below for more information:

The “god of war pc” is a game that has been released for the PS4 and PC. The game requires a lot of memory, so if you have an issue with your computer not having enough memory, there are some fixes that are available to help fix the issue.

God of War Not Enough Memory - What to Know About a Fix

God of War Not Enough Memory - What to Know About a Fix for the Out of Memory Error

God of War is now available on PC, however some enthusiastic gamers who want to join Kratos on his current adventure are unable to do so due to a memory problem.

Some God of War players have reported that instead of the game’s menus and logos, they are greeted with a warning stating that they are out of memory, resulting in a crash to desktop.

God of War Not Enough Memory - What to Know About a Fix for the Out of Memory Error

God of War Not Enough Memory - What to Know About a Fix for the Out of Memory Error

While it’s likely that certain rigs don’t fulfill the game’s system requirements, gamers with high-end PCs have also seen the problem, which has left them perplexed.

It’s frustrating to be unable to play one of January’s most anticipated PC games due to an out of memory problem. Thankfully, a resourceful user has discovered a viable solution.

By deactivating the integrated graphics processor on their Intel rig, Steam user browni- + was able to get around God of War’s not enough memory issue. In their Steam discussion response, they explain how to do so in detail.

A Sony representative is also present in the chat, indicating that the studio is investigating the cause of the problem.

They urge impacted players to file reports along with their DXDiag data so that the team can figure out what’s causing the problem faster.

If you’re an Intel user, browni- +’s cure for God of War’s out of memory problem is highly worth attempting, at least until an official repair or patch is released.

While we wait, here’s everything we know about whether or not God of War will be supported by GeForce Now.

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