GTA Online features a number of properties you can buy, but which are worth the cash? Use this guide to help find your next big investment.

GTA Online: Agency Property Guide

The “real estate agents near me” is a guide that can help players find real estate agents in GTA Online. The guide includes information on the property types, locations and prices of properties.

GTA Online’s new Contract update has finally arrived, along with a fresh new property: the Agency! But what is an agency, precisely, and what can you accomplish with one? What kind of location should you obtain, and what kind of improvements should you get? Is it feasible to earn a decent living from one?

I’ve spent the past two weeks playing the new DLC and am confident in my ability to address all of these and other questions. This guide should cover all you need to know about Agencies, whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran.

So, what do we have to lose? Let’s get started!

What Are Agencies and What Do They Do?

Rockstar Games’ most recent money-making initiative is agencies. One of the most intriguing aspects of this industry is that the people you’re dealing with aren’t simply any regular street criminal. You’ll be working with the legend himself, Franklin Clinton, one of San Andreas’ best hustlers!

20211215112431_1-1024x576 20211215112431_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Franklin, a self-described “hustler who made it,” is now the co-owner and creator of a new celebrity solutions company. This is a gun-for-hire outfit that caters to Los Santos’ upper crust, the affluent and famous who have their own set of troubles. These issues aren’t quite amenable to “legal” solutions…

Whether it’s recovering stolen vehicles, wiping out troublesome gangs, or helping a music legend get back his stolen phone, F. Clinton & Partner does it all. But he can’t do it alone, and he needs your help to REALLY make it in this town.

What is the best agency location for me? Which is the most effective?

We should take a moment to find out a few things before we begin. How many distinct places are there to pick from, for example? Which is the best one to buy? Are there any significant differences between the two locations? It all depends on what you’re searching for, of course.

20211231204311_1-1024x576 20211231204311_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The most affordable Agency home is in Little Seoul and costs precisely $2,010,000. If you can’t afford some of the other options, this is a wonderful option. It also has the advantage of being right in the heart of the city, which is advantageous if you have a CEO Office nearby.

Doesn’t this seem like the ideal location? There is, however, one issue. There are multiple Security Contract missions that lead you down south in Los Santos, which is closer to the Little Seoul area, based on my playing. However, there are just as many missions that take you to the map’s eastern and far-northern regions.

Perhaps it’s simply the luck of the draw, but it seems that Contracts of Security are more numerous outside of the city. I chose Hawick as the site for my Agency. It’s a little more costly ($2,830,000), but it’s typically closer to where the Security Contract missions lead you, in my experience.

What Upgrades Should I Get for My Agency?

Before we get into the money-making parts, we need to figure out which changes are necessary. I’m not going to go into the aesthetic enhancements since they’re just that. You can have them if you have the cash, but it’s always a good idea to put business improvements ahead of cosmetics.

20211231204328_1-1024x576 20211231204328_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross


One of my favorite improvements for this property is the Armory. It’s your own own Ammu-Nation within your company, for all intents and purposes! It has the ability to sell you guns, ammunition, and even body armor. This means that you can get everything you need for missions just inside your Agency, including refreshments, body armor, and ammunition.

Another feature is the possibility to buy certain weaponry. This Armory is the only place to get the Compact EMP Launcher and the Stun Gun. While I personally do not believe either of these guns is worth your time, the Armory is still worthwhile to acquire for the reasons stated above.


This is the update you should absolutely keep until last. The Accommodation upgrade effectively transforms your Agency into a second safehouse. You may set your spawn place in this room so that you always start in your Agency when you return to GTA Online. If you happen to live in a neighboring apartment, this is less useful, but it still saves you time.

You may even change your clothes in the closet in these private rooms. It also has an arcade game to keep you occupied while you wait for assignment cooldowns to expire! It’s good to have, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Workshop for Automobiles

Third and finally, we have the Workshop for Automobiles. This is without a doubt a MUST-HAVE for your Agency property. Not only does it allow you to upgrade and customize vehicles inside of your business, but you can even install special modifications that can’t be found anywhere else in the game! These special modifications are referred to as “Imani Tech,” and are created by the Agency’s tech expect.

In this category, there are only two improvements, although they are both quite valuable. The first is a lock-on missile jammer, which prohibits hostile players from using homing launchers and some armed vehicles to attack your vehicle. This is fantastic for dealing with griefers that use the Oppressor Mk II!

The second update transforms your automobile into a remote-controlled vehicle that can be operated from your Interaction Menu without the need for a driver. It also enables you to explode your automobile from a safe distance, enabling you to blow up hostile players or NPCs. Unfortunately, you can’t have both of these improvements on the same vehicle, so choose your decision carefully!

What’s the best way to finish the new story missions?

The redesigned Agency site places the new narrative missions front and center. The allure of the closest thing we’ll ever get to a single-player narrative DLC for GTA V begins the minute you step through the doors, with new and returning characters, intriguing cutscenes, and the enticement of the closest thing we’ll ever get to a single-player story DLC for GTA V.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I get started with these new missions?” You’ll want to go upstairs to your private office after watching the opening cutscene. You’ll discover a computer here that allows you to start new quests. You must first finish two Contracts of Security, both of which may be started from the same computer.

20211215162659_1-1-1024x576 20211215162659_1-1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

I suggest that all new players at least once finish the Dr. Dre Contract. The plot is well-written and intriguing, and it’s always nice to see Franklin Clinton receive more screen time. The remuneration for this contract is good, and you may make over $1,000,000 if you complete it. It isn’t enough to recoup your whole investment, but it is a start.

What is the best way for me to make money with the agency?

While the major plot missions are an excellent way to recoup some of the money you’ve spent on your Agency, they aren’t sufficient. Fortunately, you may make up for your lost cash by completing a number of replayable tasks. In addition, the Agency provides a technique for you to earn money on the side that is completely passive!

20211215112909_2-1024x576 20211215112909_2-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Contracts of Security

Remember those Security Contract tasks I described a little while ago? You’ll want to repeat those exercises. You may choose from three available Contracts at a time by stepping up to the terminal in your workplace. A random task type and difficulty will be among the three options available to you.

There are a variety of task kinds available in the game right now. You may play Gang Termination, Asset Protection, Vehicle Recovery, Rescue Operation, Recover Valuables, and Liquidate Assets. I suggest that you go through each of these missions at least once to get a sense of which ones you like and which ones you don’t.

Every task has three levels of difficulty: Professional, Specialist, and Specialist+. The amount of money you get after finishing a contract is determined on the difficulty level you choose, with tougher assignments earning more. Higher difficulties don’t make the tasks any more difficult to accomplish, so choose the one that pays the most.

Passive Income is a kind of income that is earned without

Agencies are also one of the few businesses in GTA Online to feature TRUE Passive Income is a kind of income that is earned without. You’ll find a safe in your personal office that will be automatically filled with a small amount of cash every 48 minutes you are playing the game. This starts out small, but it can be increased by doing Contracts of Security.

For every five Contracts you complete, your Passive Income is a kind of income that is earned without will grow by $500. The maximum amount of Passive Income is a kind of income that is earned without you can generate through the safe is $20,000 every 48 minutes! This takes a lot of grinding to get, however. You’ll need to complete 200 Contracts of Security in total to acquire this much Passive Income is a kind of income that is earned without. Be sure to bring a friend with you, as doing so many by yourself tends to get boring!

Be a part of the High Ground

What did you think of our GTA Online property guide for agencies? Were you able to learn anything new? Or did you have any further questions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best agency location in GTA Online?

A: There are many different agencies in GTA Online. However, the best agency location is likely to be your own safehouse or one of the major locations that have a big amount of activity like banks and police stations.

What can you do with an agency in GTA Online?

A: An agency is a location where players can go to sell collectibles theyve found while playing the game. They also provide other services such as buying unwanted items, renting access to vehicles, and selling weapons back at the agency.

Does the agency in GTA make money?

A: Yes. The agency makes money through its diverse range of work, including filming and producing commercials for movie studios, television channels, brands like Coca-Cola and Honda.

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