For the first time since launch in August, 2011, Guild Wars 2 has addressed a meta-mechanic that players had been struggling with for years. Jade Sea turtle mounts are now available to all who can find them and bring down their defenses.

Guild Wars 2 has recently addressed the Jade Sea meta mechanics and siege turtle acquisition. The game’s developers have released an update that makes it easier for players to acquire the new mounts.

Guild Wars 2 addresses Jade Sea meta mechanics and siege turtle acquisition


If you read our story on questionable expansion choices or heard to our End of Dragons-focused podcast this week, you’re already aware of the Guild Wars 2 community’s uproar. In a nutshell, the endgame encounter aimed to acquire siege turtles was not going well at all; the content’s high difficulty, mixed with a large number of casual gamers, as well as hostile trolls, had resulted in a dreadful experience, with many failing dozens of times. It was basically a hardcore vs. casual nightmare.

As of Friday night, ArenaNet has outlined a plan to make further adjustments to the Jade Sea meta event in order to “increase the accessibility of the battle” and offer a another method to get the turtle.

“First, we’ve lowered the frequency with which the Jade Sea Final Boss triggers their ‘Tail’ by around 50%, effective immediately. This will offer players more time to inflict damage to the boss while still dealing with the encounter’s other elements. To be clear, this update does not need the use of a game build.

“Second, with the March 15 update, we’ll provide players a another way to get the Siege Turtle Egg, which unlocks the collection needed for the Siege Turtle ride.” On the Jade Sea map, we’ll be adding a new merchant who will offer the Siege Turtle Egg for 200 Writs of the Jade Sea. The Siege Turtle Egg will continue to be rewarded to players who successfully finish the Battle for Jade Sea meta event, giving players the option of unlocking the collection via a difficult meta encounter or by investing time.”

Our Guild Wars 2 writer thinks the modification is a positive one overall, especially the tail tweak: “[The] 200 writs will still take a long time to acquire, but at least you’re making progress if you fail the meta again.”

Of course, some individuals are worried about a possible drop in participation, while others are just concerned about preserving their previous efforts. Still, we’re just a week and a half into the expansion, and ArenaNet has already begun pivoting in response to player input, and it has pledged to do so in the future.

“We’re excited to see how today’s ‘tail’ change plays out, and we’ll keep iterating on the battle until it meets our aim of being a hard but manageable encounter for the majority of our players,” the studio added. “Achieving that objective will need constant focus on our part, as well as patience and learning on the part of our players. This circumstance reminds me of the release of Tequatl, Triple Trouble, or Dragon Stand, which are all famous Guild Wars 2 encounters to this day.”

We have an update from the #GuildWars2 development team about the Jade Sea meta event (please note that while the post is story spoiler free, it does discuss fight mechanics):

— Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) March 10, 2022


The “metabattle” is a new feature that was recently released in the Guild Wars 2 game. The “metabattle” will allow players to fight against other players with their own unique siege turtles, which can be acquired by participating in the meta-game.

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