Guild Wars 2 is a great example of how the blockchain can be utilized for games. The game has been updated to include a new meta in the Jade Sea, and players will also have chance to earn rewards from WvW battles.

The “guild wars 2 server population 2021” is a blog post by ArenaNet that gives an update on the Jade Sea meta, WvW, and DirectX 11.

Guild Wars 2 gives update on the Jade Sea meta, WvW, and DirectX 11


ArenaNet, the company behind Guild Wars 2, promised more regular communication in its post-End of Dragons strategy, and it delivered on that promise today.

One of the highlights is an update on the Jade Sea meta event, which has been a source of contention for many players since its inception (us included). ArenaNet cites internal statistics indicating that the final boss was only defeated 15% of the time during launch week, but that percentage has risen to 60% after some incremental changes, though without more data, it’s difficult to say whether the changes or the likelihood that players who failed stop trying are to blame for the increase. The developers are also looking at the End of Dragons meta event prizes, and a new Void infusion will be added to the Dragon’s End drop table.

If you play World vs. World, you’ll be relieved to see that ArenaNet is finally working to fix the glitch that causes players to lose their queue position. It also promises additional details on a component of the long-awaited global restructure that will enable guild alliances to participate in matchmaking as a group. Your jade bot will also be able to scavenge from your player kills once again!

If you’ve been waiting for the newer, slicker DirectX 11 implementation to come out of beta before trying it out, May 10th is the day to do so. Many players have already seen some good framerate increases, so keep a watch on that.

Finally, ArenaNet said that as part of its increased commitment to work/life balance, the whole team has been granted this week off to recuperate and recoup from the strains of releasing a new expansion. But don’t worry: the personnel will be back in the office next week in time to release the first batch of remastered Living World Season 1 chapters.

Do you prefer the original Guild Wars? You may be interesting to learn that ArenaNet has lately noted an increase in players of the classic MMO, with the Lunar New Year event generating three times the peak of 2018. After hosting Asian gamers on North American datacenters since 2010, the studio has decided to reactivate its Korean datacenter.


The “gw2 server population na” is a blog post that gives an update on the Jade Sea meta, WvW, and DirectX 11.

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