ArenaNet announced today that the Flame and Frost update for Guild Wars 2 will be arriving on April 19. The update is a return to the first season of Living Story, which had players exploring Tyria while taking part in dynamic events. This time around, new challenges are being added as well as a revamped story arc with more challenging content.,

The “gw2 return to living world achievements” is a feature that will be returning in Guild Wars 2 on April 19. The Flame and Frost update will bring new challenges, rewards, and content for players to enjoy.

Guild Wars 2 preps the return of living story season one’s Flame and Frost for April 19


ArenaNet recently surprised Guild Wars 2 gamers by announcing that, in addition to a post-End of Dragons living tale season and expansion in the far future, the game’s living world season one would be restored in appropriate permanent episodic style over the course of 2022. The first episode, Flame and Frost, will premiere on April 19th, and it’s the focus of today’s studio blog post.

“Because Living World Season 1 wasn’t meant to fit into the Story Journal when it was first launched,” ArenaNet says, “we’ve reorganized the material to seem more natural alongside our current content.” “Because these older cases didn’t have to be performed in any particular sequence, we wanted to make Season 1 seem more linear.” Given these modifications, we’ve also made modest but significant improvements to make the plot seem full and filled out. Our narrative standards have developed over the previous 10 years, so we’ve used this chance to update some of the older content and add some new lore volumes to Episode 1 to fit our current characterisation and storytelling standards.”

It’s worth mentioning that these episodes will be available to all core players for free, which means you won’t have to check in to claim them or pay them if you miss them like we have in the past.

End of Dragons endgamers will be pleased to learn that the difficulty mode for the Aetherblade Hideout attack mission will also be released on the 19th.


The “gw2 living world season 2 rewards” is the return of Flame and Frost in April 19. The game’s developers are preparing for the second season with new content, gameplay changes, and a new map.

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