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Many game developers make their game more difficult when the player levels up. This is an interesting decision, since this usually reflects how hard it is to overcome the enemies that the player must face in that game. So, in the case of the game “Hades”, I’ve decided to list the boons that Hades can give to each of his gods when they level up.

A new god is always a big deal. Each god gets a special boon and a special weakness, and you never know what new god you’re going to get. The best chance to get the newest god is on that god’s turn, but what if you don’t get that god’s turn? Well, there is no harm in doing the best you can with the god you’re stuck with, as long as you can manage to achieve the new god’s power without the new god’s strengths.

Climbing out of Hades will always be difficult. But there’s nothing worse than cleaning a space and not understanding what to look for in terms of boons! Knowing which of the ten Gods to seek boons from may be extremely useful. So, according to God, what are the Best Boons? Which upgrades should you reroll for, and which should you save up for? Let’s take a look and see what we can find out!

Each God’s Best Blessings

These Boons are not guaranteed to occur in every run. In every given room, there are 8 “normal” Gods to be found. Four Gods are chosen from among them to participate in a particular race. By utilizing their Keepsake, you may compel Gods to procreate and join the pool.

Every run will include Hermes, who will spawn towards the conclusion of Tartarus. Chaos emerges from a spawning gate at random, and his boons are also randomized, with a negative and an upside.

Each of these Gods may provide up to 23 boons. Legendary and Duo boons are examples of these, which the Gods may bestow under certain circumstances. For the sake of this essay, we’ll disregard Legendary and Duo boons and focus on the standard boosts available.

We’ll also divide our selection into two categories: Best Upgrade and Best Other. Attack, Special, Cast, Dash, and Call Boons are all upgrades that permanently improve your attack. Other refers to any other blessing that God may provide.


Hades Best God Boons

Best Upgrade: Heartbreak Strike – Heartbreak Strike increases your attack’s damage by 50%… Rarity abounds at Common Rarity! This is a massive boost to your assaults, and the Weakness is just the icing on the cake!

Sweet Surrender is the best other option since it boosts the harm your opponents suffer by 10% or more. Your opponents will melt if you use an Aphrodite upgrade (like her attack). When you receive an Aphro upgrade, look for this!


Ares Boons

Ares’s Aid is the best upgrade since it grants you damage immunity and a high-damaging tornado. Invincible Calls are very powerful since they may be used to avoid harm in an emergency. And on top of that, Ares adds a ton of damage!

Urge to Kill is a basic damage boost that increases your Attack, Cast, and Special by 10% to 19%. And that’s fantastic for any construction! It’s not often that Hades bestows raw damage boosts, but Ares has one. This is a resounding success.


Hades Best God Boons

Artemis’ Aid is the best upgrade. Artemis’ improvements aren’t spectacular, but her Call is. It has a significant probability of being tripled and delivers guaranteed damage. You also get five uses if you want to spam them! Her maximum of ten arrows annihilates bosses and random areas equally. If you want raw damage, it’s a very good game.

Support Fire is the best other option since it allows you to do more damage with each offensive action you take. That means each and every swing, shot, special, and cast may bring in some additional cash!


Athena Boons

Best Upgrade: Divine Dash – While your dash is immune to harm, it is still vulnerable towards the finish. You can deflect missiles while moving if you have Athena’s dash. This is a significant boost in damage in several places, as well as some more protection towards the conclusion of your journey.

Honorable mentions go to Athena Attack and Athena Call, both of which significantly increase your offensive durability.

Other: Holy Shield – This ability protects you from damage for a short time after you absorb it. This Deflection may spare you a lot of life while also giving you a modest damage increase while you’re learning opponent patterns.

Deathless Stand and Last Stand get honorable honors for giving you an extra life when you need it the most.


Dionysus Boons

Dionysus’ Aid is the best upgrade. While all of Dionysus’ Upgrades are situational, his Call isn’t. This delivers heavy AoE damage that lasts long after the call has ended. It’s one of the finest calls to utilize if you don’t have a maximum gauge, and it does the most damage! But there’s no such thing as invincibility.

Other: Strong Drink – This not only heals you completely, but it also gives you a lot of energy. It boosts your damage in a passive way! That’s not something Hades says casually! You’ll always receive a fountain at the conclusion of each section, so you’ll gain some extra damage even if you get it late.


Hermes Boons

Extra dodges can save your life! Best Boon: Greatest Reflex – Extra dodges can save your life! This increases the number of times you can dash out of the path of an attack as well as the number of times you can Dash Strike. Dash Strikes are fast, do excellent damage, and are dependable, so having more is fantastic!

Hermes is a deity who is extremely situational. He possesses Attack, Special, and Cast speed boosts. Select the speed boost that best suits your build! Because Hermes is such a powerful deity, make sure you obtain the greatest boons for your construction!


Hades Best God Boons

Tidal Dash is the best upgrade. Poseidon’s dash is unlike any other. This sprint can clear areas fast and effortlessly, do insane damage to opponents that can be pushed about, and still deal decent damage to bosses. A dash that is both safe and forceful!

Best Other: Razor Shoals – Razor Shoals is required if you have any pushback powers. This provides you with a Damage Over Time effect against both bosses and opponents. After all, Rupture provides a fantastic damage increase!


Hades Best God Boons

Best Upgrade: Lightning Strike — Depending on your build, this may be swapped out for Lightning Flourish. Strike works well with fast-moving weaponry… Which happens to be the case for the vast majority of firearms! Especially when it comes to dash assaults. It’s not as difficult as it seems to add 10 to 20 damage to any strike that may hit several opponents. Ensure Zeus with an Adamant Rail construction and watch your opponents perish!

Best Other: Static Discharge – Jolted is a fantastic state effect that does a lot of damage if you can deliver lightning damage regularly. This is a boss melter that prevents opponents from leaping at you.

God’s Best Boons Unlockable

These two gods, Chaos and Demeter, have prerequisites to be unlocked.


Hades Best God Boons

Frost Strike – Demeter’s Attack is a great upgrade. It applies Chill, increases damage, and works well with Demeter’s other abilities. This is perfect for gun constructions!

Best Other: Ravenous Will – Ravenous Will adds extra damage and durability to your build if you acquire Demeter by chance. Damage boosts all over are uncommon, so we’ll take them! It will also encourage you to utilize your Casts more often.


Hades Best God Boons

Best Boon: There aren’t any boons in Chaos. They have advantages and disadvantages. Make your choice depending on your preferred improvement! Rarity Boosts, general damage improvements, and additional cast ammunition are some of the greatest boons for this deity. However, if you don’t believe you can get past the disadvantage, don’t! These enhancements are great, but they aren’t required. When you enter, just be prepared to absorb some of Chaos’s wrath!

Do you adore Hades as much as we do? Take a look at some of our resources!

Hades is one of the most powerful Gods in the Greek Pantheon, and he’s also one of the most down to earth. His boons are based on his value as a God, which are determined by his divine affinity. These are the boons every God should aspire to.. Read more about hades best gods reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which God has best boons Hades?

The God of the Underworld, Hades has many boons.

Can you have multiple boons Hades?

No, you cannot have multiple boons.

What is the strongest build in Hades?

The strongest build in Hades is the Lightning Strike.

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