Horizon is a new game from the creators of Metal Gear Solid and The Twin Snakes, where players are able to control what happens in this world. With special items called “Seeds”, players can change events like weather or create their own story arcs that will alter the course of history. This video highlights how the use of Seeds creates an incredible sense for immersion because it’s always changing with each move you make.

The “nights of lights code horizon” is a code that can be entered into the Horizon Forbidden West to get free items and discounts.

Horizon Forbidden West Nights of Lights Code

The primary objectives in Horizon Forbidden West require you to visit a variety of locations, including the subterranean where you battled the Tideripper to finish the Nights of Lights quest. You’ll need to discover the code to unlock the door after you’ve arrived. It’s a tough location, so if you need assistance, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how to receive the Nights of Lights code number.

What is the location of the Nights of Lights Code?

Horizon-Forbidden-West_20220226165823-640x360 How to find the Code for the Nights of Lights quest?

You’ll need the Nights of Life code 739135 to unlock the door. After completing a few tiny mysteries throughout the building, you’ll locate it. You’ll get the ornament if you finish it.

The Nights of Lights mission is a sort of errand that may be completed in Horizon Forbidden West. To begin, speak with Stemmur at the Hidden Ember, which is located in the midst of the desert. This quest will only become accessible when you have finished the main quest The Sea of Sands.

The initial portion of the assignment is you travelling underground and locating a certain structure. It’s possible that the specific place will be a bit perplexing, but don’t worry. All you have to do now is keep your eyes peeled for the marker. Once you’ve found the correct building, enter the first room and look for the code to open the door.

Now you must seek for two text data points to discover the Nights of Light code. The code will be broken down into three numbers for each one.

Go to the left side of this area and ascend to the higher half to obtain the first part of the Nights of Lights code. You obtain the “Malfunction” text datapoint on a box, where you read the digits 135. After that, you’ll be in a tiny chamber where you’ll have to move several containers in order to continue.

On the right side of the chamber, there is a little platform where you may leap. You may then use your Pullcaster to move a crate that is separated from the other. You may now remove the other crate. Reverse the procedure, starting on the left side. Pull back the first container you moved, and with both of them free, stack them one on top of the other using the room’s ramp. You can get to a hatch in front of the ramp by doing so.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to use the Pullcaster once more to move a crate in the space in front of the ramp. It’s something you should do before going into the hatch. Once you’ve gotten inside, use the Pullcaster to open a vent and leap into it.

Continue down the path until you reach the exterior of the building. Clear the way by destroying the wall with the Pullcaster, and you’ll find yourself in a chamber containing another Datatext. The final number, 739, is found in this one. To return, just leap out of the structure and land near the entrance.

You should be able to complete the quest with ease now that you have the Nights of Lights code.

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