On Monday, the studio behind Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 released a patch that brought into effect aggressive in-game modding. The update made it harder for players to change game files, which led to some disgruntled gamers complaining on social media about Rockstar’s lack of response.

Rockstar support email is the best way to complain about a game. Rockstar will be able to help you with any issue that you’re having.

How do I complain to Rockstar? |

To speak with a Rockstar customer care person, dial your allocated number. Rockstar’s phone number in the United States is 866-922-8694. The Canadian number is 800-269-5721, and the UK number is 08701 200060.

In light of this, how can I file a complaint with Rockstar Red Dead Redemption online?

Answer: To share your thoughts and experiences with us, go to http://www.reddeadonline.com/feedback.

Also, how can I obtain a refund from Rockstar Games? Digital River’s Rockstar Warehouse shop provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. What is the procedure for requesting a refund? To seek a refund, you must first search up your purchase and then submit your request using the request a refund option.

People also wonder whether they can contact Rockstar Games.

E-mail Correspondence: We may give e-mail addresses or forms via which visitors may send us questions or comments, or seek customer service.

How can I get in touch with Rockstar directly?

To speak with a Rockstar customer care person, dial your allocated number.

  1. Rockstar’s phone number in the United States is 866-922-8694.
  2. The Canadian number is 800-269-5721, and the UK number is 08701 200060.

Answers to Related Questions

How long does it take Rockstar customer service to respond?

If you wish to send the corporation a thorough written note, you may email it to [email protected] and wait around 24 hours for a response.

Is there going to be a GTA 6?

We may expect Rockstar to concentrate on releasing DLC content for Red Dead Redemption 2 now that the game has been launched in October 2018. In light of this, the most likely release date for GTA 6 is late 2020. However, we suspect that GTA 6 will be released until 2021, and maybe not even before 2022.

Is GTA 5 Online unavailable?

GTA 5 Online services are down tonight, according to hundreds of complaints from PS4, Xbox One, and PC users. The GTA 5 Online servers are offline tonight, and players are awaiting the next update from Rockstar Games.

What is the procedure for submitting a ticket?

How to Make a Ticket Submission

  1. Go to the Customer Support website and click the “Submit a Request” link in the top right corner. (
  2. If you haven’t already, you’ll be requested to check in to your “Survive the ARK” account.
  3. After that, you’ll need to fill in the blanks with your information.

Is Grand Theft Auto Online a cross-platform game?

At the very least, between themselves. As of now, each of GTA Online’s five versions is distinct from the other four. Buying the game on a current-gen system and transferring online character progress from a previous-gen version is the closest you can come to cross-platform.

What exactly is a Rockstar?

The Rockstar Games label was established in 1998 with the goal of creating the most inventive and forward-thinking interactive entertainment possible. Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. owns it and it is a completely owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Please be aware that Rockstar Games values feedback from the gaming community.

What is the procedure for canceling my Rockstar support ticket?

What is the procedure for closing a support ticket?

  1. @traviRN » Moon Bear12. return to the top of the page Find the ticket under “MY ACTIVITIES.” Declare it closed.
  2. @traviRN » Moon Bear12. return to the top of the page Find the ticket under “MY ACTIVITIES.” Declare it closed.
  3. traviRN. return to the top of the page Find the ticket under “MY ACTIVITIES.” Declare it closed.

Is it possible to get banned from rdr2 online?

According to RDR2.org, anyone who break the Red Dead Online terms of service, which includes altering that component of the game, may face account suspensions or outright bans. It’s worth mentioning, though, that you’ll only be banned if you’re going to play Red Dead Online using mods.

How can I get the latest version of Rockstar Launcher?

Close any Rockstar games that are currently running before closing the launcher by right-clicking the icon on the Windows taskbar and choosing quit. Then restart it (I usually wait a beat before restarting), and the update should take effect automatically.

Is Red Dead Online going to be fixed by Rockstar?

All sharing options for: Fans think Red Dead Online’s patch for missing animals is ineffective. After a year of animals mysteriously vanishing in Red Dead Online, Rockstar has finally released a patch to repopulate the game’s ecosystem. However, fans claim that the patch has made little difference.

What’s the deal with Red Dead Redemption not working?

The most prevalent reason of Red Dead Redemption 2 not loading issues, according to Rockstar Games, is outdated graphics drivers. NVIDIA and AMD collaborate with game developers to provide updated drivers that improve performance and address issues. Also, check sure your game launcher and Red Dead Redemption 2 are up to date.

Is rdr2 going to be fixed by Rockstar?

Rockstar says that the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be repaired soon. The PC launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn’t without issues, with one blatant show-stopper fault that prohibited some players (including ourselves) from enjoying the game, but that flaw has now been patched — at least according to Rockstar.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, how do you report someone?

Players who are required to report

  1. Navigate to the player’s menu.
  2. Choose the player you’d like to report.
  3. Select the option to generate a report.

Are the servers for Red Dead 2 down?

Since roughly 12:45 p.m. EDT, RDR2 gamers have been having issues with servers being down or unavailable. According to DownDetector.com, the most of the issues are centered in Europe and the United States. Red Dead Redemption users on Xbox One and PS4 are also affected by the server difficulties.

In GTA Online, how can you report someone?

To report a player in-game, follow these steps:

  1. Take a break from the game and go to the “ONLINE” tab.
  2. Choose “Players” and the name of the cheating player.
  3. Select “Report,” and then “Exploit” to validate your report.

What is the procedure for changing my Rockstar Social Club email address?

Change your Social Club moniker or email address

  1. Visit https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/ to join the Social Club.
  2. Select Settings from your profile name in the top right corner.
  3. Click Edit next to the Nickname or Email while the tab is set to Profile.
  4. Replace the old text with the updated information.
  5. To save your changes, click Save Changes.

What is the procedure for linking my Rockstar Social Club?

Go to your Social Club account’s My Linked Accounts area and do the following:

  1. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the Social Club Account Icon.
  2. From the Social Club menu, choose ‘Settings.’
  3. From the tab menu, choose ‘Linked Accounts.’
  4. For the displayed Xbox Live Gamertag, choose ‘Link Accounts.’

Rockstar’s support number is 2021. If you have an issue with Rockstar, you can contact them through the phone number or email. Reference: rockstar support number 2021.

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