Xiangling is a new type of resource that was introduced in Genshin Impact. It can be found by killing monsters, picking up chests and opening treasure boxes, harvesting shrubs for herbs or planting seeds near flowers to grow them.

“How to ascend xiangling” is a game that is played on the Genshin Impact app. The player must get as high up in the rankings as possible.

How to farm for Xiangling in Genshin Impact

Chef extraordinaire, spice connoisseur, and the next character you’ll farm for in Genshin Impact is Xiangling. When employed correctly, Xiangling may be a very successful unit – but you’ll have to go to the farm to get her there. Let’s not spend any more time and get right to work!

For Xiangling’s level ascension, here’s what she’ll need:

Let’s get this war started.

Farming Agnidus Agate pieces may be done in a variety of ways. Prepare to break a lot of Fragile Resin and weep if you really want to farm it all up as quickly as possible. Three Normal Bosses and three Weekly Bosses each drop Agnidus Agate pieces. The frequent bosses you’ll be chasing down include Primo Geovishap (f*ck you), Pyro Hypostasis, and Pyro Regisvine. Wolf of the North Challenge, Beneath the Dragon Queller, and Narukami Island: Tenshukaku are the weekly bouts you’ll have to complete.

Each Normal Boss run will run you 40 Resin on redemption, with each Weekly Boss costing 60 Resin. Be prepared to either use up your Fragile Resin or wait a really long time. You’ll also have to leave the area for three minutes in order for the regular bosses to respawn – it’s a bit mundane, but this is the life you signed up for when you started playing Genshin Impact. It’s a Gacha Game, what did you expect exactly?

If you wanted to be more efficient, you could move from boss to boss in succession, such that after one is finished, the other would respawn. You may create a route between them if you like, repeating the steps in sequence. You may either farm it organically over time or improve the Agate to the next tier using an alchemy table. To upgrade to the next tier, you must have three of the previous tier material – this also applies to other materials with several levels. Alternatively, Dust of Azoth may be used to turn any tier of another gem into an Agate of the same tier.

What an odd assortment of components…

In terms of ingredients, the Jueyun Chilis are very standard. These little creatures may be found at Minlin, Qingce Village, and Stone Gate in the Liyue area. Chef Mao of the Wanmin Restaurant sells them as well, which is advantageous for a variety of reasons. Every three days, you may purchase five chilis from him for 1,000 Mora each. If you’re having difficulties locating them, check out the Teyvat Interactive Map to make sure you get them all.

Screenshot-2022-04-28-at-09-58-41-Genshin-Impact-slime-Google-SearchGenshin Impact Slime Farm They’re so adorable that you almost regret murdering them for selfish gain… nearly. Mihoyo created this image.

When I claimed there were strange substances, I was largely referring to the Slime Condensate. It’s not difficult to get, and you could already have much more than you want – which is fantastic! If you don’t have enough, you’ll be slapping different elemental slimes for their varied fluids as you race from point to point. If you’re having problems with them, you’ll want to consult the map as well. If you simply run about in the woods for a while, they’ll typically appear one way or another.

You can get the Everflame Seeds you need by defeating the Pyro Regisvine. To be honest, you could easily battle the Regisvine over and over again if you were ready to sacrifice some time and Fragile Resin. It would take three minutes between clears, but it would be more efficient than a boss route since you’d be acquiring numerous essential resources at once.

Upgrades to your abilities

Upgrades to your abilities are usually where people realize that they’ll really need to get down and dirty with the farming. Again, if you have a ton of Slime stuff, you’re lucky and safe from further Slime beatdowns.

  • 9 Diligence Teachings
    • 63 Checklists for Due Diligence
    • 114 Diligence Philosophies
  • Slime Condensate (Slime Condensate) (Slime Conden
    • Slime Secretions: 66
    • Slime Concentrate (93%)
  • Dvalin’s Claws: 18
  • If you want to max-level each Talent, you’ll need three Crowns of Insight.
  • 4,957,500 Mora – there was probably a better way to break this news to you, sorry.

In any case, you have 36 Slime Condensate, 96 Slime Secretions, and 129 Slime Concentrate in your Slime collection. It’s not all that horrible since it’s only slime. It’s simple enough to get and shouldn’t take long in any case. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, the Diligence talent books may be purchased at the Taishan Mansion domain. These may be improved at a three-to-one ratio in the same manner as all of the previously mentioned materials. Always take use of your pals, such as the Alchemist’s Crafting Bench! Oh, no, that’s not right.

The claws are next.

I realize that discussing Dvalin’s Claw is technically a spoiler, but you can’t even meet Xiangling without knowing who Dvalin is. As a result, I’m not going to consider it a spoiler.

Dvalin’s Claws may be obtained in two ways. The Weekly Boss Fight – Stormterror Challenge is the first method to get them. The second method to earn these claws is to defeat the weekly boss battle and then use Dream Solvent to convert the alternative drops into claws. That’s truly the best way to go about it; I apologize if I led you astray. On the plus side, you’ve probably become used to this battle and it no longer bothers you. That, or you’ve been playing for a long time and don’t need to farm anything.

Screenshot-2022-04-28-at-10-01-22-dataimagepngbase64iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAABLAAAALQ-1abaedfcaff3c9d53bc03e2e7faeb685Genshin Impact Dvalin Materials I’m not going to mark it as a spoiler since you already know what occurs. Mihoyo created this image.

If you don’t already have everything you need, the Dream Solvent will save you a lot of time. Farming Weekly Boss materials has been a lot simpler since Dream Solvent came out and offered us the opportunity to convert them. That simply goes to show you that you should never miss your weeklies. You never know what you’re going to need or when you’re going to need it. Unless you came here beforehand, in which case you’d know precisely what you’re looking for.

Consume the wealthy.

The last item you need is just a little bit harder to come across. Crowns – as you could probably guess from the name – are precious and hard to come by. Crowns of Insight are currently limited to two methods of obtainment – both of which take time. Both methods can be fairly slow in their own right, but one is more consistent than the other and is available at all times. The main way you can get Crowns of Insight is through hitting certain level milestones with the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma and the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine. The only other way to get them is through certain limited-time in-game events. So be sure to keep up with Genshin events – keep that Crown stock up and you won’t have any problems.

Farming resources in Genshin Impact is infinite, and Xiangling isn’t the only time you’ll have to do it — but perhaps, this guide will make it easier for you. You little pyro, enjoy your new Xiangling and have fun burning everything in sight.

The “venti farming materials” is a way to farm for the rarest of items in Genshin Impact. To farm these items, you will need to find them and kill or knock them out.

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