Horizon is a unique video game from CD Project Red. It has an open-world fantasy adventure mixed with elements of stealth and survival, which players play through in first person perspective. The player will travel the beautiful world created by Horizon as they try to find answers about what happened to them and their home town.

The “horizon forbidden west first to fly bug” is a glitch that was present in the game Horizon: Forbidden West. It allowed players to fly right from the start of the game.

How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West

How To Get A Flying Mount In Horizon Forbidden West

In Forbidden West, there are many different horses to choose from, but few compare to the power to fly. This tutorial on Horizon Forbidden West: How To Fly will teach you how to unlock and control the Sunwing, a flying mount that allows you to soar across the sky of the Forbidden West.

You can obtain the power to override most machines in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West by unlocking data at Cauldrons. Each machine necessitates its own set of data. Some data is intact and lets Aloy to quickly enter the machine to override, while others need you to create spear upgrades since the data is damaged. The Sunwing, on the other hand, is a bit different.

Horizon Forbidden West: How To Fly

You must finish the GEMINI Cauldron. The cauldron is locked behind narrative advancement, which is the worst thing about acquiring a flying mount. You may visit the Cauldron at any time, but you won’t be allowed to enter until you’ve finished the GEMINI Cauldron’s primary plot missions. The Sunwing override is unlocked by completing the narrative tasks at this location. This information may then be used to create the Sunwing override at your base.

Fortunately, a Sunwing spawns near your main base, so after you’ve gained the ability to Override the Sunwing, you may use it to fly across the sky and access it like any other mount.


CaptainCamper’s Horizon Forbidden West Guides was published on February 18, 2022.

Aloy can make many different conversational choices in Forbidden West. This Horizon Forbidden West Choices & Consequences Guide lists all of the different choices we’ve encountered in the game and tells you the immediate outcome of each of the decisions Aloy can make on her journey.


CaptainCamper’s Horizon Forbidden West Guides was published on February 20, 2022.

Successful stealth operations need the use of pebbles to confuse opponents. Because the UI may be a bit complicated if you’re browsing it for the first time, this tutorial on How To Hurl A Rock In Horizon Forbidden West will show you how to equip and throw a rock.


CaptainCamper’s Horizon Forbidden West Guides was published on February 18, 2022.

Face paint is unlocked early in Forbidden West, but how do you apply it? This tutorial on How To Equip Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West will teach you all you need to know about getting Aloy decked out in her battle face and terrifying her enemies.


CaptainCamper’s Horizon Forbidden West Guides was published on February 18, 2022.

During the narrative quest Death’s Door, there is a lab with a code-locked door. This Horizon Forbidden West Death’s Door Code will tell you where to look for the code and what it is, allowing you to either solve it yourself or entirely disregard the game and toss the code through the door.

In “Horizon: Forbidden West,” you can fly using a wing of the ten. You will need to find and use these wings in order to make your way across the vast, expansive world. Reference: forbidden west wings of the ten.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Horizon Forbidden West be 2 player?

A: Horizon Forbidden West will be 2 player co-op.

What age is Horizon Forbidden West?

A: The game is rated Teen and its meant for players aged 15+.

Is Sylens the villain in Horizon Forbidden West?

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