The best way to escape a sinking boat is jumping! But how? This guide will teach you the proper technique, and how to land safely.

The “how to get back on a boat without ladder” is a guide that will help you get out of the boat. It is important to know how to get back on the boat after falling off, as it may be difficult or impossible to get back onto the boat using a ladder.

How to Get Out of a Boat – Guide Fall

The most basic Minecraft watercraft. If you’re near a lot of water, it’ll probably be one of the first things you create in a session. Swimming the old-fashioned manner isn’t going to cut it anymore. It moves slowly, the bobbing might be irritating, you can’t hold your breath for extended periods of time, and it makes you hungry. Instead, the boat provides a pleasant and quick mode of transportation. For a long time, though, the game never taught you how to get off the boat. So, regardless of whatever version you’re playing, we’ll show you how to do it!

In Minecraft, here’s how you get out of a boat.

How-to-get-out-of-boat-640x360In Minecraft, here's how you get out of a boat.

Simply hit the Left Shift key on your keyboard or the right stick on your gamepad to exit a boat in Minecraft. It’s a new feature, but based on the screenshot above, the PC version at least is polite enough to explicitly explain how to do it!

In every version of the game, here’s how to abandon a boat:

  • To play Minecraft on a PC, hold down the Left Shift key.
  • Press the right analog stick inward on every platform, from Xbox to PlayStation to Nintendo (R3 or RS)
  • Finally, the smartphone Pocket Edition features a handy “Leave Boat” button.

That’s all there is to it! You’re now ready to disembark from the boat in Minecraft. We can offer some fascinating facts about this historic automobile while you’re here:

  • With the release of Alpha v1.0.6 on July 16th, 2010, the boat was included. With Alpha v1.0.4, they added the Minecart the week before.
  • Boats used to shatter if they were left out of the water. Within a day of adding the boat, they had it rectified.
  • Between late 2015 and early 2016, they altered the boat controls to force players to paddle the oars by pressing the left and right keys. This was a controversial choice. Just before version 1.9, they altered the controls again.

Do you need further Minecraft assistance? We’ve got a lot!

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