You’re an AI in a video game. You have been playing the same game for years, and suddenly the AI who used to be a god, is now an enemy. You have two objectives: Get rid of the AI that is now your enemy, and win by outplaying the other AI in their game.

I want to talk about how to win in different eras in the games that I love. I am a little bit old and a little bit young at the same time, and I have learned that a lot of things can change in the time. We can’t always count on victory to be in the same condition every time we go to war or test a hero.

Humans are a curious species. We have invented many things that have changed our lives forever. We have changed the world with technology, and we have changed ourselves by understanding our own needs and being able to use them to our best advantage. While we have invented many things that have benefited us, we have also created many problems. Our bodies are starting to feel the effects of our reckless actions, which is where we come in. In this guide we will explain the way we can win and have an advantage in all different eras of our lives.

I’ll show you how to win the game in as few turns as possible in this tutorial. This guide summarizes the main aspects of each period and provides short instructions on how to win the game on a higher difficulty level by waging battles in less turns. Humankind has received excellent feedback from gamers all around the globe, and it is expected to be a huge success this year. Check out my guide on the various periods of Humankind, which should help you out a little bit more with your gaming.

How To Win At Playing Different Eras In Human History

The Beginning of Time

Before deciding on the capital’s site, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each ancient period Civ. As a result, consider the location and Civ combination when exploring the map. For my capital, I found an 11/11 location and a higher food/production location throughout this period. However, I went with 11/11 since it is flanked by four mountain tiles. I choose Zhou as my first Civilization. Another reason is that Zhou can rapidly extend his influence in society by using money. Hunting should be an excellent option at this time, however I was unable to locate any animals.

The Classical Period

ancient era guide humankind

Following this period, you should select Huns as your next Civ and Mongolia as your following era Civ. Attempt to earn 7 stars as soon as possible. Balance your effort among seven aspects of the stars, which is preferable than a single aspect effort. You can enhance your resources more quickly since Zhou is excellent at creating technology. Choose +3 faith above +5 influence for the first society option, since religion is the most essential factor. In the following period, this will be stated. Be cautious while visiting outposts. You’ll see that the cost of influence rises as you go farther away from the capital. Because the Huns’ horsemen need 4 people to activate, choose more food-rich areas.

After you’ve decided on certain output locations, attempt to bring the society to half the outpost influence cost before putting your outposts down. Pay attention to the other players’ choices for the next era Civ before the conclusion of current era (approximately 5 to 10 turns). If no one gets the Huns, you’ll have to use your clout to enlist the Huns’ horse archers. Diplomacy plays a vital role as well. Make one alliance and maintain a positive connection with the other AI players. AI will usually agree to align once three agreements have been inked. Open the map and introduce yourself to the other players.

Era of the Classics

Recruit the horse archers in the initial wave, and choose outputs that are close to other players. Keep one slot vacant in your troops when marching and collect around units to knock down the opposing player’s capital as soon as possible. To conduct a one-on-one chase, use a single unit. When opposing soldiers are defeated or withdraw, remember to use the religious code +10 war desire. This is critical for assaulting the map quickly. You will rapidly get stars after taking down many cities. Ignore the negative impact on income as well. You should now be at the top of the scoring list. Continue to improve your horse archers and be cautious when dealing with huge groups of anti-cavalry units, such as Persia Immortals.

The Middle Ages

To improve your Huns horse archers, you’ll need a lot of cash. Don’t let them perish; destroy enemy towns, and they’ll pay you handsomely after a while. You may now improve your troops and spend your money anyway you choose.

The remainder of the game is now simply a race to the finish. There are no suggestions for the left eras. In the comments area, you may share your thoughts with us. From the Home page, you may see our other recent posts. I hope everyone stays healthy. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best wishes.

Humans are a species that has been trying to be the best for as long as we can remember. We want to be the best at whatever we do and it is a never ending battle. Most of the time, we are in the middle of being the best, we are in the middle of a fight, and we are in the middle of a war. If we can understand the fight itself, we will be able to win in different eras.. Read more about humankind wiki and let us know what you think.

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