As a big fan of strategy games (especially the ancient Greek/Persian variety), some might be surprised to learn that there are absolutely no such games on the App Store. There’s been plenty of talk about the need for such games on the App Store, but none have come to fruition. With that said, we’re happy to announce that the wait is over! Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm has arrived!

Immortals is a game that was released in 2016 for PC, and is also available for Android and iOS. It is a city builder/strategy game, where you build up your village and defend it from monsters. The game is based on a player’s actions in-game, as opposed to the usual “click on event, wait for hours, then repeat” setup of most other games, which I think helps to add to the game’s longevity.

What if the legends of the gods and monsters of another world were real, and they were just waiting for you to join them? When you’re a teenager, your mind is full of imagination, and you’re always looking for something new—usually, comics, video games, and movies. It’s just a matter of time before visions of a world so far away from Earth’s environment start to feel real.

Immortals Fenyx Risingis an impressive game that builds on the success of open world quests likeAssassin’s Creed and environmental puzzles likeThe Legend of Zelda:. Breath of the Wild. When the game was first announced, it was somewhat condemned for being too derivative, but it managed to surprise many naysayers with its well thought out design and story. The second of three planned DLCs,Myths of the Eastern Kingdom, will appear on the 25th. March out, and he’s a little weird. Still, it has the same charm that made the original successful. Like the first DLC, A New God,Myths of the Eastern Realm is a completely self-contained adventure. But instead of setting a new set of quests for the original protagonist,Myths of the Eastern Realm plays almost like a sequel. It introduces a whole new character in a whole new world.

Phoenix immortally reborn Myths of the Oriental Kingdom : review – A beautiful remix

word-image-12094 This time the setting is the myths and legends of China, and you play as Ku, who awakens under mysterious circumstances, as the phoenix. An evil force used a massive pillar of energy to crack the massive mountain and, unsurprisingly, render everything inoperative. Almost all of humanity has been turned to stone, and our hero sets out to restore order. While the controls, combos and special abilities of both characters are pretty much the same, Koo is handled a little differently than Phoenix. He seems a little faster and more agile, he hits faster and softer. You also start the DLC with upgrades that are already there. Immediately after, you can access the double jump, climb faster, heal yourself and regenerate stamina at an increased rate, and your horse has three stamina levels. The advantage is that you don’t have to repeat the basic tutorial of the game, but start with all these skills. Since a significant portion of the base game must be completed before the expansion can be launched, clearing this early hurdle makes the journey to this wonderful world even more enjoyable. word-image-12095 Explore two islands, neither of which is larger than the main area of the base game, and almost all quests are related to the central story. So it will take you about 10 hours to finish the game. To extend that time, there are (again) many collectibles scattered throughout the map, many of which have a slightly different but familiar flavor. Instead of a winch, there are hard-to-reach bells that must be rung in the correct order. Instead of the gates of Tartarus, the gates of heaven. Charon’s coins are jade coins, etc. Even the enemies you fight are essentially repeats of enemies from the base game, but they fit into the Chinese mythology. While the combat and mechanics of this DLC are solid, the story is whereMyths of the Eastern Realm breaks down. It has a lot of beats and even remixes of the same jokes as a base – maybe too many. There’s a character who often disappears while you’re talking to him; your bird friend hates his name; and a mysterious evil force looks exactly like Typhoon. Despite the fact that their constant bickering can be tiresome, Zeus and Prometheus have kept the basic story of the game alive. Without the intervention of deities at key moments, Koo often talks to himself to explain the context of the myths around him. And while Koo’s observations and often sarcastic remarks are carried well (very well) by actor Ricky Hye, the DLC suffers from a lack of real narrative power. Much of the work on Fenyx involves understanding the concept and power of storytelling. The presence of this level (which is returned at the end of the game) adds to the charm of the base game.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Game Review – The Bottom Line



  • Lesser known mythology means more surprises
  • Remixes of known puzzles and enemies
  • A simplified introduction
  • As smart and funny as ever.
  • Good length


  • Similar stories
  • Some elements seem to be stuck together or glued.
  • The structure of the story is not so good
  • It seems more suited to a full sequel than DLC.

It’s odd, becauseMyths of the Eastern Kingdom feels like it was absent for an entire game. Ubisoft may even be aiming for this: I certainly wouldn’t mind newImmortals games based on different areas of mythology every few years, especially if those games went beyond the standard Greco-Roman and Norse sandbox typical of Western video games. Despite its tendency to follow familiar paths, Myths of the Eastern Empire works because it makes good use of unique source material that is little explored in Western games. Even after spending dozens of hours completingImmortals Fenyx Rising, I enjoyed playingMyths of the Eastern Realm to the end. It’s varied enough to keep it interesting and give an idea of what Immortals could be. [Note: Ubisoft made a copy of Myths of the Eastern Kingdom available, which was used for thisreview.]

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