Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online game that has been around for more than 10 years. In December 2018, the company announced it was adding a whole new region in Europe to deal with its massive player counts and other changes incoming.

Lost Ark is adding a whole new region in Europe to deal with its massive player counts. The region, called “Lost Ark: New Continent” will be available for players on the European servers of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is adding a whole new region in Europe to deal with its massive player counts


The enormous launch of Raiders of the Lost Ark this past weekend reshuffled Steam’s records and blew past New World’s top concurrency, with the game reaching 1,325,305 concurrent users. Lost Ark now ranks second on Steam for all-time peak concurrency — and first (by a long shot) for concurrency in the previous 24 hours.

Unfortunately, because of the surge of free players, wait times were at an all-time high during the weekend, especially in Europe. The good news is that Amazon and Smilegate are attempting to resolve the issue. The bad news is that it isn’t ready yet, and the cure is creating a new zone that doesn’t have crossplay with the servers you’re currently on, and since you can only collect your awards once, the new region is mostly for new players.

“The amount of gamers that have joined us in Lost Ark since our debut on Friday has astounded us. We’re working as swiftly as possible to put up a completely new zone of servers in Europe, since Arkesia is bursting at the seams with eager gamers. This is the only method to accept more players in Europe due to the game’s design, therefore it’s a cooperative effort between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG. Rest assured, we’ll be working on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until it’s ready. […] Please keep in mind that this will be a different area from Central Europe, with no cross-region play available. This also implies that features exclusive to the area, such as your Royal Crystal and Silver balances from Central Europe, will be unavailable in the new European region.”

To get your launch prizes, make sure you check in at least once before March 1st.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Belgium or the Netherlands, you’re still unable to play the game unless you’re willing to muck around with VPNs or gift copies on Steam. “We are unable to publish Lost Ark in the Netherlands/Belgium due to regulations regarding paid items containing RNG rewards,” Amazon tweeted, referring to the countries’ gambling statutes pertaining to lockboxes.


We’re working hard to establish up a whole new server area in Europe as soon as feasible. We appreciate that long lines may continue, and we will need more time to assist all players get inside the game.

Read for details.https://t.co/fOMz2rPyiw pic.twitter.com/s2fUKrWxbT

— Lost Ark (@playlostark) February 13, 2022


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