Lost Ark, a top-down shooter game with RPG elements from the Pastry Team is making waves in the gaming community. In this update, players can now visit an entirely new area: The Petrified Forest!

The “lost ark server status” is a patch that was released on February 11th, targeting the area. The patch brings with it new features and bug fixes.

Lost Ark Patch Notes - February 11 Hotfix Targets Area

Patch Notes for The Lost Ark - February 11 Hotfix Targets Area Chat, World Boss Loot Issues

The February 11 hotfix for Lost Ark is set to launch today, with a glance at the patch notes showing a number of adjustments for area dialogue, global boss treasure drops, and more.

Lost Ark’s area chat should operate again when the February 11 update is applied, enabling users to communicate with others who are exploring in the same region. Fusion In order to boost player growth, material prizes gained during the game’s Welcome challenge will be increased.

Patch Notes for The Lost Ark

Patch Notes for The Lost Ark - February 11 Hotfix Targets Area Chat, World Boss Loot Issues

Patch Notes for The Lost Ark - February 11 Hotfix Targets Area Chat, World Boss Loot Issues

World monsters will also drop appropriate gear for those who choose one of the Martial Artist classes, and a voice over option has been introduced to the character choosing screen, expanding the amount of personalization accessible.

As reported by the publisher, here are all the updates and fixes planned to go live with Lost Ark’s February 11 hotfix:

  • Area chat has been fixed, allowing all players in a specific area to communicate with one another.
  • Fusion The Welcome Challenge’s material prizes have been raised to further promote player advancement.
  • Instead of UTC, Mari’s Secret Store will now show the regional server time.
  • On certain 4K displays, the quest dialog UI was fixed to prevent text overlap.
  • In the Voice Chat UI, player names will no longer be shown as “Unknown Player.”
  • When completing a purchase, the terms “Royal Crystals” and “Crystalline Aura” now appear in non-English languages in the Steam overlay.
  • The title “Nightmare” was blank and has to be fixed.
  • The right gear for the Martial Artist classes is now dropped by world bosses.
  • On the Character Selection screen, a Voice Over option has been added.
  • When playing in a non-English language, the Sorceress audio now plays.
  • When utilizing voices 2, 3, or 4 in a non-English language, all lessons now have audio.
  • The quest cinematic “Stronghold Ceremony” now includes VO.
  • Kazeros’ voice has been added to the “With Gratitude” quest cinematic.

If you want to jump in and play as soon as the February 11 hotfix is available, our Lost Ark server status page will tell you when maintenance will start and how long it will run.

The PC version of Raiders of the Lost Ark is now available.

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The “when will lost ark servers be back up” is a question that many players have asked. The February 11 Hotfix Targets Area was released to fix the issue, but it is unknown when the servers will be back online.

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